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well the last two weeks have been rather annoying for me as I have been practically deaf. I’ve basically got a huge build up of ear wax and am having my ears syringed next Wednesday. I really can’t wait because this has recently arrived at my door. . .

I really cant wait to hear this album! Arjen is one of my favourite artists and I always enjoy his stuff. I think it will be one of the first things I do after my ears are sorted. I usually listen to new stuff straight away but it seems I need to learn to be more patient this time.


City of the living dead

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Film Review

I meant to post this some time ago but got way laid with other things. City of the living dead is directed by Italian gore-meister Lucio Fulci. I really love his films for many reasons, the main being the brutal gore moments he creates so well. This film is a lot of fun, it’s basically about a priest who commits suicide in a quiet town. His death opens up one of the seven gates of hell.


Zombies start rising from their tombs, people’s eyes start bleeding, a woman vomits up her own intestines and a whole room fills with maggots. This is just some of the crazy stuff that starts happening when the gate is open. However it’s up to a psychic and a reporter to travel to the town and somehow shut the gate before it’s too late. (Yeah, sometimes I’m a poet.) This really is a fantastic Fulci film, it has great music, great atmosphere, great gore and a really fun story. However if anyone on the planet can explain the ending to me I would love to know. It’s a real WTF? moment I tell ya. Any Italian film lover or Fulci fan will most probably have seen this movie anyways, but I would suggest it to anyone wanting to get into Italian horror as a first Fulci watch.

Night of the demons 3/5

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Film Review

Well this is a cheap and cheesy film that has 80’s written all over it. I kept thinking that it was heavily inspired by the first evil dead movie though. I mean compare the scenario’s: this film is basically about some teenagers who go to party at a creepy house. They end up releasing some demons who take over their bodies and start killing the others. Not only did the scenario remind me of evil dead, there was even camera work where the camera zoomed through the house that so reminded me of the shots in evil dead where the camera zooms through the woods. That being said though it was still enjoyable, the characters are interesting enough even if the acting is sometimes damn awful.

One complaint I have with it though concerns the awful lighting. It’s so damn dark there are some scenes where you can hardly see who is who. I know it was set in a dark place but we really do need to be able to make out whats going on, on-screen. It also did take quite a while for the horror elements to kick in, but when they did it was worth the wait. I have the uncut trilogy dutch box set, so hopefully tonight I will watch part 2. So although it wasnt all that original, it was still enjoyable enough that had a cool 80’s vibe to it that I love so much.

Basket Case 3 1.5/5

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Film Review

Oh dear . . . It all went a bit pear-shaped here. Now it’s not as bad as some people bitch about, but it’s not great either. Frank Henenlotter himself hates this movie and often refuses to talk about it. It isnt all his fault though as he was rushed to write the script “on the spot” he says. He also originally wanted to take part 3 back to the spirit of the first film, but was told to change his original idea by the studio. My problem with this movie is that it feels more like a kids movie. Im not kidding, some of the stuff in this is just too ridiculous. It’s basically a continuation of part 2. Belial is now a father and Granny Ruth takes all her freaks on a kind of vacation to her ex husbands house. They manage to get in trouble with the police, who steal Belial’s children. What follows is basically a war between the freaks and the cops.


To me the film feels very rushed. There are some cool moments, like Belial in a robot suit. I actually liked the inventions in this movie. That’s about it though, disappointing end to the series.

> What the hell is this? Basket Case or Loony Toons?

Basket Case 2 3.5/5

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Film Review

So the sequel to Basket case is quite a different type of film. It’s definitely more of a comedy,but still has some good grotesque horror moments too. It basically follows straight on from the first movie. Duane and Belial have survived their fall out the window and have been moved into hospital. They wake up and escape the hospital, to avoid their murder charges. They are then aided and taken in by granny Ruth and Susan who basically run a secret house of wayward freaks. This is where the movie feels more comedic, I mean there is no way you cn take some of these freaks seriously.

On the whole this film is definitely enjoyable, although it’s definitely not as good as the original. Again Henenlotter puts together a really shocking scene towards the end of the movie, where Belial and his new-found love get it on. Oh my god this scene is so wrong! so if you like over the top, crazy sequels then give this a try. I will be watching the third and final basket case film some time this week at some point.

Basket Case 4/5

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Film Review

WARNING : SPOILERS, (its one of them movies that’s hard to talk about without giving stuff away)

Well after watching and thoroughly enjoying “Brain Damage,” I thought I’d go back and watch Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case. Now this is a really low-budget movie. the things they manage to do though so simply are just fantastic. Now as with Brain Damage, this is a very twisted, bizarre movie. It’s basically about a guy called Duane who comes into New York carrying a wicker basket with him everywhere he goes. “Whats in the basket?” well that’s a question that is asked throughout the movie. Basically the basket contains Belial, Duane’s separated Siamese twin. Now Belial isn’t what you’d call an average person, hell I don’t know if he is even human. He’s basically a lump of bulbous flesh with a face.

Their mission in new york is a simple but dark one. To kill the doctors responsible for their forced separation when they were children. This film is very violent, but in a kind of darkly comical way. The characters are well written. The acting is a bit dodgy in places, but that just adds to the low-budget atmosphere that this movie creates. Now the effects are really well done considering its a low-budget movie. It’s all done using puppetry, which is so simple yet effective. This really is a great movie, but I think it’s not to everyone’s taste. I just love odd ball movies being the weirdo that I am.

Just like in Brain Damage, there is a scene in this movie that is very shocking. apparently it was so shocking at the time that some of the crew walked off the set in disgust. I think that to this day that scene is cut in the U.K. I am lucky enough to have the uncut region 1 disc. Frank Henenlotter really seems to like pushing the envelope. Great movie this, like I said, only if you like this sort of thing. I have the optimum release of Basket Case 2 and 3 on DVD that I will hopefully be watching today at some point. I think Basket Case 2 on the optimum DVD is a longer version as well, so I’m glad I got that release.

The Thing (2011) 4.5/5

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Film Review

Well I went into this one with mixed expectations, seeing as its connected to one of the best horror sci fi’s ever. The original “The Thing” was released in 1982, directed by John Carpenter who is one of my all time favourite directors. It was a ground breaking film for story, music, and great special effects. It remains one of my all time favourite horror sci fi’s ever. So to suddenly make a film set before that, meant there was a colossal bar to reach.

I have to say I really, really enjoyed this film. I think they did a great job actually and were really faithful to Carpenters masterpiece. As I said its set before the 1982 events and follows a team of scientists who discover an alien space craft under the ice. They also discover an extra terrestrial species, which they extract and take a tissue sample of. Now of course it doesn’t go good, the creature escapes and does what it does best, Kills its prey and perfectly replicates them. The one thing that is different in this one is that they use CG effects instead of practical, like the original. Now this does not spoil the film at all, like some people seem to be bitching about. Yes I agree that practical effects are better, that was one of the things that makes the original so damn clever. But it still works and they did do a good job to use CG alongside with practical so it isn’t all just CG all the time.

One of the themes I love about this movie and the original is the fact that it can replicate, and you have no idea who it is! The paranoia makes people crazy! It makes for great suspense and drama. I’m gonna wrap this up by saying that it was a really great film and they done the original proud. Fantastic!