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Great 80’s cheesy zombie film! This is a must see for any 80’s or zombie film fans, it mixes action, horror, comedy and cheese all together in a delightful hour and half. It pays homage to George Romero’s masterpiece “Night Of The Living Dead.” It even includes that film within this film in a rather clever way. It basically follows the story of two employee’s who work at a medical supply unit, who accidentally release a deadly gas into the air which causes the dead to reanimate.

All sorts of hilarity takes place, Zombies learn to call for cops and paramedics. And they just love eating “BRAIIIINNSSS.”

There  isn’t much more to say about this movie really, the plot is simple but effective. But what makes this movie so great is the mix of comedy and great horror. The zombies are actually quite scary as they can run quite fast and solve problems. This really is a must see if you like these kind of films, Highly recommended.


Okay so I havent watched a lot of films lately and sat down just last night to watch this Giallo. It was really enjoyable and had some really good plot twists. It basically follows the story of  Julie Wardh and her husband Neil who arrive in Vienna to live happily ever after. There is a nasty serial killer on the loose though and things soon get ugly. Julie bumps into her former sadistic lover Jean who tries to reignite a love affair with her. She resists but soon meets George who is the cousin of her friend Carol and he pursues her. She starts a love affair with George but soon starts to suspect that one of the men in her life is the serial killer as she starts to become the next target.

This film had some great tense moments and some really good weird music to accompany the scenes. I have always really enjoyed Giallo’s and have been a huge fan of Dario Argento’s work for years. I thought I would try investigating some different Giallo directors and was really impressed with Sergio Martino.

This is a very good Giallo that I would recommend to any one that likes the Giallo style. I am looking forward to watching more Sergio Martino films and will be getting more soon.

Death Wish 3

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Film Review

Awesome! that word doesn’t do this movie justice. I now remember why I loved this movie so much as a kid. This movie just reeks of complete badassery. Now don’t get me wrong I love the first 2 Death Wish movies just as much, but this one really does raise the bar with the non stop action. It’s a very different movie to the first 2. Its more cheesy in a lot of ways, but it is just so damn badass!

I mean just look at the badassery of the weapons in this movie!

The first 2 movies were dark, depressing and very serious. This movie is like the complete opposite. Paul Kersey travels back to New York to visit his friend Charley. When he arrives he finds Charley dying on the floor of his apartment after just being attacked by a local gang. The police bust in and arrest kersey on suspicion of the murder. The detective recognises Kersey and decides to secretly set him free to clean up the streets for him. Kersey agrees and sets to work cleaning the scum from the neighbourhood. The climax of this movie was so damn enjoyable! its non stop gunfights and fast paced action that is relentless.

I love this movie a lot, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re expecting a film similar to its predecessors then this isn’t it. I’m glad it took a different style as the 2nd movie was very depressing. It was nice to see a lighter tone used. Brilliant! I’m really excited about getting Death Wish 4 and 5 soon on DVD.

Death Wish 2

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Film Review

Well after enjoying the first movie I was expecting to like this one and was not disappointed. It’s basically similar to the first movie but a lot darker and more grindhouse. Charles Bronson plays Paul Kersey who is now living in Los Angeles and has a new woman in his life. His daughter is still deeply disturbed after what happened to her in the first movie and still under psychiatric help. Paul takes his daughter out for the day with his new woman and soon he is mugged of his wallet. The gang members get away but later use Pauls wallet to find his address. They break in and viciously attack his housekeeper, and on his return they also attack Paul and kidnap his daughter.

What follows is some really upsetting scenes that are quite hard to watch if I’m honest. Pauls daughter commits suicide after her ordeal which leads Paul to once again take up his one man fight against crime. The cops in New York start to panic when they realise that if caught Paul may reveal that they set him free from New York. They send detective Frank Ochoa from the first movie to try to get Paul to stop.

On the whole this is a very dark, violent movie that is really entertaining. I would recommend this film but with a warning, it is quite shocking especially the violence at the beginning. I will be watching part 3 this week and will review that also. I remember really loving part 3 as a kid but havent seen it for years, so it will be interesting to see how I feel about it now.

Play Misty For Me

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Film Review

Well this is a film that my dear mother has been trying to get me to watch for years. It’s quite an interesting little movie that basically follows Clint Eastwood’s character as he is harassed by a crazy fan. He plays a radio DJ who has a fan called Evelyn. She likes to phone the station and request that he play the same song “Misty.” Now his character is certainly no saint and we soon find out that he is a real womanizer. Evelyn basically turns up at a bar where he goes after work, things go from one thing to another and they end up sleeping together.

What follows is Evelyn’s complete obsession’s and delusions with David. She turns up at his house without an invite, basically acting as though they are a long married couple. She’s obviously mentally ill as she can go from rational to complete bat shit crazy in a second. Now he starts to try to rekindle a love with an old girlfriend and becomes desperate to get rid of Evelyn’s unhealthy obsession which leads to all sorts of jealous rage from Evelyn.

This movie was entertaining and fun. I couldn’t help but feel that David (Eastwood’s character) somehow deserved it for being such a man hoe though. Oh and I can’t talk about this movie without mentioning “That Punch.” I wont give anything away in case anyone reading wants to watch this movie. But man there was the most awesome punch ever in this movie, Oh my god I laughed at the awesomeness of this punch.


Posted: May 4, 2012 in Film Review

I have been getting into vigilante movies lately and I thought I’d start with “Vigilante.” Yeah simple title right? This is directed by William Lustig who has not let me down so far! He really is a great director and should definitely direct some more movies.

This film follows the character Eddie who works at a local garage in a violent city. His friend and co-worker Nick leads a group of vigilante’s whoo are sick of the criminals getting away with crimes in their neighbourhood. Theres a lot of corrupt cops and judges in this city where it seems only crime pays. Things go from bad to worse when Eddie’s wife and child are attacked at their home while Eddie is out.


Eddies child is shot dead and his wife is left in a severe coma. They take the gang member to court responsible for stabbing his wife and he is let off with a 2 year suspended sentence. Eddie is furious and starts trying to attack the guy and the judge, who then sends Eddie to jail for contempt of court. On his release Eddie turns to his friend Nick for help in trying to kill all responsible for attacking his family. This is a fantastic movie, with great characters, great acting, great music and great stunts. This is a must see if you are a fan of these types of movies. I’m going to be watching and reviewing the Death Wish series soon. I remember seeing Death Wish 3 on video years ago and absolutely loving it. I recently watched the first movie and that was great also. I highly recommend all William Lustig movies, he’s a really underrated  gritty director.