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Dellamorte Dellamore

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Film Review

Well seeing as I have been watching Michele Soavi films lately I finally got round to watching this. There is still the “Soavi style” in this movie, but this film is very different to the other 2 that I have reviewed. Francesco Dellamorte works at a cemetery that is quite unlike other cemeteries. He has to kill the dead a second time when they come back as “returners” a few days after being buried.


He and his assistant Gnaghi go about their lives at the cemetery, sweeping leaves and burying the dead, then shooting the dead when they return. Francesco seems a little bored until he meets a widow at the cemetery and they fall in love.

Things start to go wrong when she is killed and he has to kill her when she returns. After this he starts a downward spiral of not knowing if he is losing his mind or not when his love seems to be appearing all over again several times even though shes dead. Theres a lot of weird symbology in this movie and on the whole I think this film is very original. I can’t remember seeing a film like it before. I really did enjoy it and all of Soavi films i have seen do far in fact.


Death Rides A Horse

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Film Review

Wow this is one fantastic movie! in fact this is up there with Sergio Leone’s masterpieces. I loved every minute of this movie it just grips from beginning to end. It’s a classic revenge tale about a child who witnesses his mother and sisters murder at the hands of a gang. Fifteen years later he has trained himself with guns and is seeking revenge. He ends up crossing paths with Ryan an old outlaw who has just been released from jail. Ryan is played by Lee Van Cleef who is absolutely fantastic in this movie. It seems Ryan also has issues with the same people Bill is trying to kill. They end up forming an unusual partnership and often argue and try to out do each other.

The script is really well thought out and there are some great plot twists. This film also inspired Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” films.  Every time Bill finds one of the gang, he has a flashback and the screen pulses red.

To sum it up, this is now one of my favourite spaghetti westerns and I am really looking forward to watching more as it’s a genre I just can’t get enough of.

The Church

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Film Review

Well if you’re looking for style, then look no further than Michele Soavi’s “The Church.” This is without a doubt one of the most stylistic films I have seen. The music, the lighting, camerawork and story are all top form! This is one of the best Italian horrors I have ever seen. The story starts in the 12th century and shows soldiers massacring a group of people believing them to be devil worshippers.

They dig a huge mass grave and decide to build a church on top to stop the evil. Jump to

and a young librarian accidentally unleashes the evil within by removing a rock in the catacombs. From here the church almost takes on a life of its own, and starts possessing people who get trapped inside. It’s a great idea for a movie and you almost feel the church coming to life as the strangeness takes over.

What really makes this film so wonderful to watch though is definitely the style. I can’t praise it enough and Soavi is definitely a master director. There is also some really good special effects in this movie, it looks like they had a decent budget. I can’t praise this enough its a must see!

Stagefright aka Aquarius

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Film Review

This is an Italian slasher directed by Michele Soavi who was Dario Argentos protegé. It really is a fantastic and often brutal slasher/thriller. There are some great gore effects and the film has a really nice style to it. You can see that Michele knows how to create tension and atmosphere. It’s set in a theatre where some struggling actors are rehearsing for a play. One of the actresses injures her ankle and sneaks out the back door to seek medical attention. She and her friend end up going to a local asylum to get the medical attention. Whilst they are there one of the patients escapes his cell and ends up going with them back to the theater.

When they get back the director (who is a bit of a jerk if you ask me) goes nuts and locks everybody in. Of course that means that he has locked them all in with a serial killer! The killer starts picking them all off one at a time and this makes for great death scenes.

Some of the death scenes really are quite inventive and very brutal. This is a really good fun, stylish Italian slasher, superbly directed by Michele Soavi. In my mind Soavi is up there with Argento. This shows even more in his next film “The Church,” which I have also just watched and will review later. Must see for any Italian or slasher fan!


Any Gun Can Play

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Film Review

Guess who was in this spaghetti western? . . . yep George Hilton, I swear that guy is stalking me. He plays a character simply known as “stranger.” (yeah Clint Eastwood inspired me thinks) saying that this was a damn fine spaghetti western. It did have the strength to have a lot of originality to it and the action is really well-directed. It’s directed by Enzo G Castellari, who is a big name in Italian films. This is his first attempt at directing and it shows that he really has a great style even on his first movie.

A train is robbed by a bandit named Monetero and his gang. Stranger has been pursuing Monetero for a while as he wants the bounty on Moneteros head. Stranger is also on the train, knowing that Monetero will likely try to rob it. There is also a very nervous banker on the train called Clayton who fears the train being robbed as his boss has entrusted the gold on the train to him. After the robbery one of Moneteros men betrays him and runs off and hides the gold. When Monetero catches up to him to ask for it, the guy is hot dead by a lawman and Monetero is arrested.

The rest of the film sees Stranger, Monetero and Clayton all trying to find the gold. A lot of double crosses and switching allegiances happen in this movie and there is some great twists in its plot. This really was thoroughly enjoyable, I really loved the opening scene, it flips your head. Also I have to say that the action is really well put together by Enzo. At times it is deliberately slapstick but not too silly that it isn’t fun. I loved the bath house fight scene, amazing choreography for its time. Cant wait to watch more Enzo films and more spaghetti westerns in general. They are fast becoming one of my favourite non horror genre’s.


Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Film Review

Death Wish 4 is the first Death Wish movie without Michael Winner directing. I have to say that I really have enjoyed all the films in the series so far, including this one. Paul Kersey has moved on with his life and is now living with his new girlfriend Karen and her daughter Erica. He takes up his guns once again when Erica dies of a drug over dose. He also takes up an offer from a newspaper owner to wipe the streets clean of 2 rival gangs in the city. He is given all the information he needs and any weapons needed to take out the scum. He quickly starts to pit each gang against each other while sneaking in places to set up situations.

This film has some great action and some genuinely good twists in its plot. I really loved this movie and am looking forward to completing the series with “Death Wish 5: the Face Of Death”, later in the week.

The Killer Must Kill Again

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Film Review

This is a fantastic Giallo Directed by Luigi Cozzi. I am a big fan of Giallos and this did not disappoint. It’s a little different from most Giallos as you know who the killer is from the very beginning. I just have to say that it seems every Italian film I put on at the moment features George Hilton, its bizarre. He is very good though and in this film he plays a serial adulterer who does a deal with the killer to have his wife murdered.

Now this film has some really great plot twists that keep you really glued to the action on-screen. Two reckless teenagers manage to steal the killers car unknowing that it contains a body in the trunk. The film then kind of becomes a part road movie for a while and I really enjoyed the fact that it was a good mix of stuff.The killer spends a lot of time chasing the teens in order to get the body back.


This is seriously one of my favourite Giallos now, I think its because it’s not afraid to be different. It has a great style to it as well, you can see the great direction by Cozzi. I’ve even wanted to watch it again, which shows how much I loved it as I only watched it the other night. I will revisit this movie sooner than some movies I think. Really great movie that tries a bit of everything. Highly recommended.