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The great silence

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Film Review

Now if you have been reading my blog regularly you will find that I am a huge spaghetti western fan. Now this film is absolutely fantastic, and in my opinion is as good as the likes of Sergio Leone’s “Dollars trilogy.” It’s directed by Sergio Corbucci, also known as “the second Sergio.” (Next to Leone,) His style is different to Leone’s though, Leone’s film are all beautiful looking and very grand scale. Whereas Corbucci’s are more dirty and gritty and in your face, wobbly zooms and not so polished looking. Now that style fits in perfectly with this movie. Its set in the snowy Nevada mountains as opposed to the sandy deserts we are used to seeing. It’s a really bleak, grim and dark feeling movie with a storyline to fit the feel.

They story follows a mute gunslinger known as Silence. He is an extremely fast and efficient killer who only kills out of self-defence, never drawing his weapon first. He basically preys on the rather nasty bounty hunters who kill with no remorse. Bandits are left hiding in the mountains starving and freezing. One of the main bounty hunters is the rather nasty Tigrero (or Loco in the english version) and he thrives on killing and claiming the bountys and seems to enjoy it.

Tigrero is played wonderfully by Klaus Kinski who is so chilling and evil. He kills a man leaving his wife a widow, she vows revenge and sends for silence to come and avenge her husband. There is also a new sheriff in town who genuinely wants to clean the town up of the corruption and pardon the outlaws. What he meets is a dirty run town where bountys and death are a way of life. This is an absolutely fantastic spaghetti western that is so amazing I want to watch it again right NOW. Oh I can’t mention this film without a little mention on the ending. The ending is one of the best endings to any film I have ever seen. I’m not going to say what happens but it completely blew me away and my jaw was on the floor. This is a must see and one of my all time favourite spaghetti westerns, and one of my all time favourite films! You can not watch spaghetti westerns without watching this one. What a film!



Rosemary’s baby

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Film Review

This is one of them films that I have been meaning to watch for years. In fact I did watch some of it years ago, but the VHS (yes that’s how long ago it was) ran out before the end. I remember being so annoyed that I didn’t get to find out what the hell was going on. Any way a few days ago I got chance to attempt this classic again. Firstly it really is a classic of the horror/suspense genre. Directed by Roman Polanski it tells the story of Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse who move into a new apartment block.


Everything at first seems fine until Guy starts struggling with his acting career. However they soon meet neighbours Minnie and Roman Castevet who seem really nice people, if not a little over bearing. Soon Guy’s career seems to get better as he is offered a role in a play, after the actor has mysteriously gone blind. Guy and Rosemary soon decide to have a baby and are happy, but Minnie and Roman seem to be very over bearing now in a really creepy way. Rosemary starts ro become paranoid that her baby is in danger and that something is just not right with the neighbours. I’m not going to say too much more about the plot for fear of spoiling it for those that havent seen this movie. I will say though that this is a great movie and is very clever. You are never really 100% sure what is going on right up until the end. That is what is so clever, you feel as much in the dark as Rosemary.

The acting, story and direction are all fantastic in this movie and it is rather creepy in parts. Creepy in a very mind F**k kinda way as opposed to scary. I really enjoyed this movie and would say its a must see for the genre.

All the colours of the dark

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Film Review

This is a rather psychedelic style giallo from Sergio Martino. It is a film filled with mystery and suspense that is done very stylistically. It’s about a woman called Jane who lives with her husband Richard. She is constantly terrorized by very surreal nightmares of a killer with pale blue eyes stalking her. Soon things get worse when she starts to actually become stalked by the man in real life. Theres a very clever sense of mystery about what is real and what isn’t in this film and it works to make you feel as confused as Jane is. Jane has a lot of emotional issues to deal with from her past, and is under a psychiatrist.

She meets a neighbour and soon opens up to her. Her neighbour is a little mysterious and tells Jane that if she takes part in a black mass all her fears will disappear.

However this just makes things worse as after the mass is over they claim that they now own her. They also have some pretty big revelations about Janes past. I really liked this movie for a few reasons. The style Martino creates is really great and fits the surreal feel of the story. I enjoyed the story a lot too especially how it unfolds towards the end. It feels like a film that I will revisit again and enjoy even more on a 2nd viewing. A great Giallo!

Four of the apocalypse

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Film Review

This is a spaghetti western directed by the great Lucio Fulci. He is more well-known for Italian horror and Giallo’s rather than spaghetti westerns. I have to say that he done a great job with  this movie. I really liked this movie for many reasons, the story was interesting and you really grow attached to the characters involved. Basically four criminals meet in a prison one night and as they meet, the town gets attacked by bandits. They manage to escape the slaughter, probably as they were in jail when it happened. After the madness of the town getting slaughtered they decide to hit the road together as amigos.

The Four friends consists of a card swindler, an ex prostitute who is pregnant, a drunk and a psychic. Things soon go very wrong for them though as they meet Chaco, who is a very sadistic bandit. He helps them at first as he is a really good hunter. Soon though they are terrorized by Chaco as they fight to survive.

There is some quite graphic gore in this, which looking back isn’t surprising when you know who directed it. I really enjoyed it, the story and characters are all well written. It’s well-directed by Fulci, who always makes interesting movies in my view. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes spaghetti westerns.

Q The Winged Serpent

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Film Review

After hearing good things about this movie I was looking forward to it. Got to say though that I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. In fact I found it so boring I fell asleep watching it 3 times. To me there is nothing really special about it, it seems like a missed opportunity though as the ideas are good, but it just fails to work well with the good ideas. Theres basically 2 storyline threads happening in this movie. The first follows the character Jimmy Quinn, who is played superbly by Michael Moriarty. He is a bit of a crazy criminal who accidentally discovers the monsters nest at the top of the Chrysler building. I have to say that he was the best thing about this movie, but it still isn’t enough to make the movie enjoyable. The second story arc follows David Carradines character Shepard, who is a detective hunting down a serial killer. The serial killer is no ordinary one though, he is performing rituals to try to resurrect the winged serpent. This is obviously successful as Quetzalcoatl the flying serpent is now loose high above citizens and starts feeding on them.

Reading this back it really does sound like a great idea for a movie, but it’s really not enjoyable at all for me. It also seemed really rushed in parts, the editing seems very shoddy too, it will occasionally just seem to cut off too quick before more could be explained or lengthened. I know this is a B movie and isn’t trying to be anything more, but it was just so dreary and boring to me. I know this film has a lot of fans, and each to their own, but for me I certainly wont be watching it again and may even sell the DVD!

The Dirty Outlaws

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Film Review

Well this is one of my favourite spaghetti westerns! this film is amazing, I loved every minute of it. It’s about an outlaw known as the “Desperado” who after escaping his own hanging learns from a dying soldier the whereabouts of his family’s gold. The gold is with the dead soldiers blind father. Desperado (whose real name we later find out is Steve Blasko) then sets off to the ghost town to pretend he is the blind mans son so he can steal the gold.

Things don’t go according to plan though, soon a gang enters the town to wait for a shipment of gold that is due to come through so they can rob it. The woman in the gang recognises Steve and soon he is brought on board to join them. Things go from bad to worse and Steve starts to have feelings for the blind man and his housemaid and vows to protect them against this sadistic gang.

This really is a wonderful movie with a great story that has plot twists a plenty. This is also one of Quentin Tarantinos favourites of the genre and is now also one of mine. Everything was great in this movie and you really do care for the characters. Well recommended!

King Boxer

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Film Review

This is a really good Kung Fu movie that actually found success in America before the more well-known Enter the Dragon. It’s quite unique for its time in that it started certain trends that would continue with these kinds of movies. Like the dust on the floor spreading when someone would impact it to heighten the blow. they would even use this on the clothing so punches would look more fierce. Its story revolves around a student named Chi-Hao who leaves his beloved teacher and love interest behind to go and learn with another master who can advance his skills.

however there is a rival gang out to attack the school where he is under instruction and one day a warrior named Chen Lang comes in and attack all the students. Chi-Hao gets angry and goes for revenge, eventually defeating Chen Lang and earning great respect from his master. His master then decides to teach Chi-Hao his most deadly secret, the iron fist.

There is some great action and surprising violence in this movie that makes it extremely entertaining. It’s a really great movie that is quite fast paced and just as good as some of the films that followed it. I don’t like it as much as some Bruce Lee movies but it’s definitely a great genre movie that’s up there with some of the best.