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Who saw her die ?

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Film Review

This is another Giallo from Aldo Lado. After watching and enjoying “Short night of glass dolls” I was really looking forward to this. Its set in Venice, which gives it a nice moody setting. It follows the story of Franco who starts a one man investigation after his daughter is murdered. It leads him to lots of different discoveries as he sees a link in the case to a previous murder in France.

Theres some great haunting music in this by the genius Ennio Morricone. It’s also got the stylish look that Giallo’s tend to have and is well filmed. It’s a great mystery who done it, with some great fiendish characters and an interesting conspiracy. I wont say too much more only that I really enjoyed it. On the whole I think I did actually prefer “Short night of glass dolls,” but this is still a very interesting film.

Next up for me from Lado is “Night train murders,” really looking forward to that.


About my blog

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Film Review

Ok, so I have decided that I will no longer write about music. In fact I don’t think I have actually reviewed an album since I have had this blog. My initial intentions were to write reviews on my two favourite hobbies. Movies and music have always been my favourite hobbies, but although I love writing reviews on the movies I have watched, I find writing music reviews to be harder because music is just too varied. I know movies are too but generally music is much more of a personal quest and has so many different layers. I will however finish this post by writing a list of some of my favourite bands/acts that I love just so anyone interested will know the stuff I love:

In no particular order because my favourite today probably wont be my favourite tomorrow! that’s what I mean about music, a lot of it is mood based.

Ayreon (all of Arjen Lucassens music actually)/Rush/Dream Theater/Symphony X/Opeth/Death Angel/Slayer/Morbid Angel/Children Of Bodom/Kalmah/Blind Guardian/Iced Earth/Demons and Wizards/Devin Townsend (ALL his projects are amazing)/Delain/Stream Of Passion/Evergrey/Faith No More/Eternal Tears Of Sorrow/Apocalyptica/Dead Can Dance/Dead Soul Tribe/Disturbed/Ensiferum/Fear Factory/The Gathering/HIM/In Flames/Katatonia/Lacuna Coil/Machine Head/Megadeth/Meshuggah/Mostly Autumn/Muse/Nocturnal Rites/Pantera/A Perfect Circle/Pink Floyd/Primus/Queensryche/Sepultura (early stuff)/Shadow Gallery/Sinergy/Sonata Arctica/Stratovarius/Testament/Tool/Transatlantic/Turisas/Within Temptation. . .

and I’m always discovering more. I also really like some classical music, although I hate opera! So there it  is that’s most the stuff I listen to.


93! Not enough time!!!

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Film Review

This is a really random post. As you may be aware if you follow my blog or know me in person (oh HAI!) then you will know that I love movies! that’s an understatement if ever there was one. Now I also buy a lot of movies and put them in a “to watch” pile. I have been noticing that it has been getting bigger and bigger lately even though it seems that I have watched tons of films lately also. They keep growing I tell ya 🙂 anyways to cut a long stupid story short, I have just counted them. Yes your right I have 2 films left to watch. Nah I’m just kidding I have 93 of the little buggers to watch. I swear I need to find more time in my life somehow, or I could just not buy any for a while. . . . Damn that’s gonna be hard as I have been collecting some Spaghetti westerns lately and really want to try to own the essential top 20 on the Spaghetti Western database. This has proven quite the task I tell ya as some are impossible to find. So I have had to resort to down*cough cough*load a couple. I only have to get 8 more and they are all easy to get hold of, I just need money!! I’m gonna do a bootfair soon and try to raise the cash just to own them 8 films. Man I really do have an addiction!


Posted: August 17, 2012 in Film Review

This is another spaghetti western from Sergio Corbucci, its got a different feel though as its got a lot more of a light-hearted comedic approach. It really works though and is great fun. It stars two of the biggest spaghetti western stars, Franco Nero and Tomas Milian. In fact it was the only film these two starred in together. Both are fantastic in this movie, each trying to out do the other in evry scene. Milian plays El Vasco who one day starts a revolt in his town by killing the army colonel in charge. Soon after this the rebel leader gerneral Mongo arrives and hires Vasco into his gang.

Soon Yodlaf Peterson (Nero) arrives on the scene to sell guns to general Mongo.Yodlaf is a very smart suit wearing mercenary. He is at times very confident and cocky and Vasco takes an instant dislike for him.

However Mongo wants to open a safe in town which is full of cash, but nothing seems to be able to open it except for gaining the combination. However the only person that knows the combination is professor Xantos, but he is locked up in fort Yuma. Mongo tells Yodlaf and Vasco to join forces and break Xantos out and bring him to open the safe. This leads to a great adventure and a growing love hate relationship between the two characters as they each try to out do each other along the way. Jack Palance is also in this movie, playing John, a wooden handed ex partner of Yodlaf. He seeks revenge after Yodlaf left him crucified to a tree to die. John has a pet Hawk who helped John escape the crucifixion by eating off one of his hands. He also uses the bird to help him spy on certain events. Palance has a great evil presence when he plays bad guys and is great in this film.

So to sum it up, this is a really good fun movie, with some great performances. As I said before, its got a light-hearted feel to it which makes it feel a little different from Corbucci’s other work. But it really works in this film and I really enjoyed it. I think Corbucci is my second favourite director in the spaghetti western genre next to Leone.



Posted: August 15, 2012 in Film Review

Well I have got mixed feelings on this film for a few reasons. Firstly I was really excited to watch this as I have really loved Sergio Martino’s Giallo’s up to this film. I have to say that I feel this is the weakest of his Giallo films. Which is odd as so many people consider it his best. My problems with it are that the first third of the film is a little confusing. It’s hard to tell who is who and it is all paced very slowly.

It’s about a killer on the loose, who is killing off young female college students. The first half of the movie really is boring if I am honest, even the effects are rather silly. Four young women retreat to an uncles mansion where eventually they are set upon by the killer. Now comes the good stuff. The last half hour or so of this movie was really cool. In fact you can tell it has inspired some well-known american slasher movies. There was this last fight scene though that made me laugh so much! It was like watching a scene from “Bottom” with Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall. It was hilarious.

So on the whole I would say that it is worth watching especially if you like Giallo’s. But personally if I was to recommend a Sergio Martino movie then I would say “The strange vice of Mrs Wardh” or “All the colors of the dark.”


Posted: August 15, 2012 in Film Review

This was very average to me. I can’t get that excited over it to be honest, it’s just a ton of rehashed ideas that just comes off quite boring really. Some of the imagery was quite nice and the direction was good. But really, we have seen it all before, and done better in my opinion. It follows the story of a family who start to experience strange happenings in their house. Dalton who is one of the sons goes into the attic one day and slips off a ladder. Shortly after the fall he slips into a coma that the doctors can’t explain. Weird happenings continue even when the family move house, so eventually they call in a psychic. She then talks about astral projection and that Dalton is really good at it. So good at it that he has strayed too far into a place called “The further.”

She then explains that his soul is lost and a demon wants to possess his body. There really is nothing new to see here, it comes off as very flat and clichĂ©. Its well acted and directed, just disappointing in the fact that it’s all been done before. I was disappointed! it isn’t scary at all either.

They try to surprise you a couple of times in the film too, but the surprises are not surprising! (see what I did there? lol) Oh well I have seen worse I suppose!


This viewing started when I was at the cinema watching Dark Knight rises. They were showing the trailers and a trailer for the new 2012 version of  “Total recall” comes on. Man this is one movie that definitely does not need a remake. In fact in seriously sick of remakes! Theres no imagination left in the world these days I swear. Any way I decided to re watch and show my Fiancee the original and it was as great as I remember it.

It was a real trip down memory lane for me as I grew up watching and collecting Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. He is such great fun to watch, I mean, he is more often than not unintentionally funny! that accent! I do really enjoy his work though, he is damn good at what he does! The film’s plot revolves around Douglas Quaid (Schwarzenegger) who is troubled by dreams of being on mars. It drives his every thought and eventually leads him to go to “Recall.” Recall is a company that gives you a memory implant holiday, where you can even choose who you want to be. Things go horribly wrong when he reacts badly to the implant and the staff at recall believe that he has actually been on mars and has had his memory erased. When he leaves recall he starts to question his own identity and thinks his life has been a lie.

He ends up going to mars and gets caught up in the civil war amongst the people. This film is amazing! I loved it as a child and still love it now. The direction is great, the music is good. But the main appeal is the great story! Yes the effects are a little dated, but there really is no need to remake this movie! I really would urge people to see this rather than the remake. As I said before remakes are pointless, they add nothing new really and need to be stopped. I rant too much on this subject but it really does drive me crazy!