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The Hunger Games 4/5

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Film Review
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I have very mixed feelings about this movie and I’m gonna say why straight away. It’s basically just Battle Royale, but set in the future to be more sci-fi. There now that’s out-of-the-way I will continue. I did enjoy the film for what it was, it had a good story and strong characters. But I just can’t ignore the fact that I have seen it all before and much better. This film isn’t a patch on Battle Royale. It follows the story of  16-year-old Katniss Everdeen who volunteers herself for the hunger games in place of her younger sister. The hunger games is basically a televised survival show where the representatives have to fight to the death and leave one person alive.

There is quite a lot of time before the games start where the representatives are prepared mentally and physically. They are pranced around the rich places of this dystopian future, where it is clear that evil people with money are running things and not giving a crap about the poor. This element of the movie I liked, especially its digs at the reality Tv shows that are constantly rammed down our throats these days.

I couldn’t help but feel that the violence was really watered down on this movie. I actually saw the uncut version too, so I was disappointed on that aspect. It was clearly made for teenagers and it was also clear that they were aiming for a younger certificate. This frustrates me somewhat as it doesn’t feel as gritty and realistic as the situation is clearly meant to be. On the whole though I did enjoy it for what it is, but just don’t go expecting to see anything new here. If you want my advice I would say to watch it, but after watching Battle Royale, which is far superior in every way.


Last of the dogmen 3.5/5

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Film Review

I was excited to watch this movie as the native american ways are very close to my heart. I watched this on TV (something I havent done for years.) It’s an enjoyable movie that is set in a modern (ish) time that follows a tracking expert, mountain man Lewis Gates. Gates is quite a troubled man, he is a heavy drinker with a past he is struggling to come to terms with. He is “persuaded” to go out on the trail to find three dangerous fugitives who are on the run from the local sheriff Deegan, who has his own issues with Lewis. Upon tracking the fugitives down something very strange happens to them, when they are set on and killed by what seems to be an invisible force in the forest. The only evidence left behind is an arrow, which seems to be of native american origin. Lewis then becomes completely obsessed with solving this mystery and soon meets anthropologist Lillian Sloane who examines the arrow and declares it is a genuine Cheyenne arrow. Soon they set off to track down this mystery and are stunned when they stumble upon an ancient civilisation who have survived in secret for years.

This is an enjoyable movie, even if it’s quite unbelievable. I enjoyed it enough though and am always fascinated by the natives. Its well acted and directed and the scenery is really nice too. However, do not go in to this movie and expect it to live up to the epic “Dances with wolves.” It doesn’t come near to that masterpiece. Still if you like native american ways then this is a film to watch. I always prefer it when they get the natives to speak in their native tongue, which was one of the things I really didn’t like about “bury my heart at wounded knee.” That film was a major let down for me! This isn’t a let down though and is definitely worth seeing.

Prometheus 4.5/5

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Film Review

Well i seem to be watching less and less films lately. It’s mainly down to Guild Wars 2 taking up a lot of my time and also being so busy. Finding time to write about the films is a task in itself. Well I watched this the other day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel that this movie has been rather unfairly put down. Now I think the reason for this is that people have gone into this movie expecting a direct “Alien” prequel with xenomorphs and facehuggers galore. Now I will say that this film is definitely an Alien prequel but it is its very own story, with just the little links to thread the 2 franchises together.

As to be expected, its visually stunning and really well paced. It follows the story of two scientists who find a link between ancient civilisations that points to our own creation from other worldly beings. Now when they get there all does not go according to plan and they unveil a shocking plan to destroy mankind. Now I know that there are a few plot holes here and there, but to be honest they really don’t spoil the film. Its well acted and superbly directed and leaves you really wanting more.

The links to the “Alien” franchise are really nicely thought out and I really enjoyed the way they came together. There is going to be a sequel, which you can tell from the way that so many questions are left unanswered. I really enjoyed this movie and can’t wait for the second installment.