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Dolls 3/5

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Film Review
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Well this movie was everything I expected it to be, Cheesy 80’s fun. It’s a fantasy horror film in which a family end up spending time at a mansion where the toys come to life.  Judy is our main character who unfortunately has a life with her selfish father and rather disgusting stepmother. When they enter the mansion after their car breaks down Judy starts a friendship with the toy maker and his wife who own the mansion. She also befriends the rather innocently nice guy called Ralph, who also came to the mansion after breaking down. Ralph had a couple of idiotic hitchhiker punk girls who are also with him at the mansion. It’s so obvious early on who is going to die in this movie and to be quite honest after 5 minutes of watching certain characters on-screen, you are wanting them to die anyway.


To be honest there isn’t much of a plot here, but that’s its appeal in a way. Its simple and quite fun in a quirky kind of way. The special effects actually surprised me as to how good they were. Sure they are a little dated but for its time it’s really well executed.


dolls punch attacks

Its good fun, if you like cheesy 80’s movies. It’s surprisingly short though, running at about 1 hour 15, but feels like it was as long as it needed to be so im not too worried. I am going to try to watch all of Stuart Gordons films if I can. Really cant wait to re watch Reanimator again in the new year as I remember loving that movie.


Ok so this is the film that I was most excited to see this year along with “The Dark Knight Rises.” I am a huge fantasy fan and the lord of the rings trilogy is my all time favourite trilogy. I have to say that I was not let down by this amazing movie. Its set 60 years before the first part of LOTR and follows a younger Bilbo who goes on a quest with Gandalf the grey and a bunch of dwarves. Their objective is to reclaim the lost dwarven city of Erebor and a huge stash of gold from Smaug, a huge fire-breathing dragon.


The acting is fantastic in this movie, and I feel I have to mention Martin Freeman as Bilbo. He really was amazing and brought a real touching performance to Bilbo. Gandalf was superbly executed again by Ian McKellen, and it was nice to see more of Gandalf the grey taking a more light-hearted approach. Gandalf seems more relaxed than in LOTR as he hasn’t got the weight of the return of Sauron laying on his shoulders yet. The film as a whole is a lot lighter than LOTR and I loved it for this reason. Theres a lot more comedy in this movie and it really works. I loved the dwarves (even if it is hard to remember all of them.) Some of them don’t have as much screen time as others but I’m sure this will change in parts 2 and 3. Thorin Oakenshield was awesome and you do actually really feel his pain and burden that he carries for his people.



Of course the scenery and special effects are absolutely amazing and it really pulls you into Middle Earth. I feel like I could talk and talk about this movie but feel I really should leave it there. In my opinion its an amazing movie that links so expertly to LOTR. I am so excited to see parts 2 and 3. I’m feeling quite impatient and wanted to see the whole story in one lump. There is already talks of extended Blu Ray editions and man I will totally be getting them! I know some people have thought that making the Hobbit into a trilogy was just a money-making ploy but so far it’s expanded really well by using the appendices from LOTR. I personally think it was a good move so far, it gives the story and characters the time it needs to flesh out properly. Not once did it feel slow or boring.

Invasion U.S.A 4/5

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Film Review
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Cheesy, over the top, comedic, bad ass. These are just a few words I can use to describe this Chuck Norris action film. It was made by Cannon films and they were really good at this genre, and after seeing the Death Wish movies I have fallen in love with them. Now their films definitely arent for everyone and I’m not trying to be sexist at all but I can mainly seeing men enjoying these kind of flicks. Chuck Norris plays Matt Hunter who is a one man walking army in this film as he kicks ass and blows people away at every turn.

Invasion USA Chuck Norris Alligator

Matt has settled down in Florida where he spends his days wrestling Alligators and basically being bad ass. He is soon called upon by his former associates to go and kill a man named Mikhail Rostov. Rostov is planning to invade the US and basically start a reign of terror. Rostov and Hunter have history as Hunter could have killed Rostov years ago but had to bring him in alive. Rostov is actually quite terrified of Hunter and decides to take him out first before he invades the country.


He fails of course and this leads Hunter to agree to take Rostov out. Yeah I know that the plot is extremely simple, but you don’t need a great plot in these kinds of movies. this movie is all about Norris going around being super bad ass. I loved some of the lines in this film :- “If you come in here again, I’ll hit you with so many’ll beg for a left!”  So if you like your movies filled with explosions, gun fights and cheesy one liners then you are gonna love this. I know I did

Thor 4.5/5

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Film Review
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I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while as I want to watch the Avengers. I got round to it the other day and man I loved this movie. It has everything you have come to expect from a marvel comic book adaptation, great characters, great action and a superb fantasy story. I really loved the fact that it is tied to Norse mythology and it really does fit well into the marvel universe. Chris Hemsworth does a great job as Thor who is a very hot-headed and over-confident. He is also the prince of Asgard and son to Odin the King. Odin is very unforgiving when Thor makes a big mistake so he banishes him to earth and strips him of his power.

thor-movie-images-14 thor-movie-anthony-hopkins-1

There are some really funny scenes on earth when Thor meets some humans. Among them is Jane Foster who is an astrophysicist and soon becomes a love interest. I’m not going to talk too much about the plot but I will say that i thought the script was great, with some brilliant lines and great story overall. This has actually become one of my favourites of all the marvel films and I’m really looking forward to the Avengers.


Another thing I have to mention about this film is the absolutely stunning visuals. The scenery really is quite special whether its Asgard, Jotunheim or our own planet earth. Its shot with a real care and its lovely to watch. I think this movie would really benefit from Blu-Ray. well thats about all Im going to say, if you love marvel comic movies or Norse mythology then you are gonna love this.