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So I finally got around to watching this movie last week, after being very busy and just not having the time. So my thoughts are a little mixed with this one. There are some parts of this movie which are really fun. Mainly the parts where the Avengers are all together and squabbling and fighting. The rest of the movie for me was just very, very average. The story is pretty simple, revolving around Loki trying to basically subjugate earth. His plan is to use the Tesseract to open a portal to allow passage for the extraterrestrial race known as the Chitauri. The Chitauri warriors have been promised to Loki to help him in his quest by a being known as The other.


With this global threat, Nick Fury puts together a group of heroes to defend earth. Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron man and also black widow and Hawkeye. The story is pretty simple, but that’s not actually my problem with this movie. One of the main problems for me with this movie is the really slow pace in between the action sequences. Some scenes just seemed to drag on much longer than they needed to and really slowed the movie down and killed the fun.


As for the character development, I enjoyed most of the characters but found Black Widow and Hawkeye pretty pointless I have to say. My favourite scenes in this movie were definitely the “Hulk smash” scenes. The green guy was on top form throughout the whole movie actually and for me was the most entertaining aspect. So for me, I was a little disappointed in this movie. It had so much to work with but just ended up feeling kind of flat. Perhaps if it was shorted and got to the point a little quicker it may have worked better for me, I don’t know.