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Set in Texas, this thriller from the Coen brothers intertwines between a few main characters. Tommy Lee Jones plays an aging sheriff who is close to retiring. He introduces us to this violent story with a speech. Trouble starts to happen when a hunter called Llewelyn Moss stumbles across a drug deal gone wrong. Rather than report it to the police, he decides to take the cash that was left behind in the carnage. He runs off with his 2 million dollars and this then brings his attention to a psychopathic killer called Anton Chigurh.


This guy is a cold-blooded killer, and is superbly played by Javier Bardem. He will stop at nothing to get the cash back and a relentless game of cat and mouse ensues between Chigurh and Llewelyn Moss, who tries to hide the cash in any inventive way he can. I really did enjoy this movie, it has some great acting, particularly by Bardem who is amazingly believable as Chigurh.



There is quite a bit of nasty violence in this movie and its executed really well. One of the rather unique things about this movie is that it has little to no music in it. It gives it a rather surreal like feeling and works quite well. I have to mention the ending though, I really don’t know how to feel about the ending. It kind of slightly irritated me as it feels like a bit of a letdown. Although I have given it some thought and I kind of understand why they did it. It just comes off very anti climatic. Well all in all though, this is a very good movie which is directed wonderfully. I feel like I will enjoy it more and perhaps enjoy the ending a little more is I re watch it though, so I will have to do that some day.


Well I have to say that the spaghetti western genre has so far never let me down and this film is yet another great example of what the genre has to offer. It starts when an amnesiac called Chuck Mool escapes from prison with 3 other convicts.  He has lost his memory and wants to find out who he is and start piecing his life back together. There is some really great action sequences early on in this film which set it off on a really fast pace.


The four eventually arrive at a village where they find that two warring families recognise him as a very fast gun. Things start to go wrong though when the enemies family use Chucks memory problem to their advantage and tell him that he is part of their family. There is some really well thought out scenarios in this movie and some great plot twists that surprised me toward the ending. All four of the friends are interesting enough and there is some good scenes where they get their characters developed further. The main focus is on Chuck though and Leonard Mann does a great job of bringing the character to life. This is a great movie. If, like me you love spaghetti westerns, then this will be for you.


Well this was certainly a disturbing watch. It’s basically an Italian rip off of Wes Cravens “Last House On The Left.” But I have to say that I actually enjoyed this film much more than Cravens. The story is simple enough, following two high school friends as they travel over night on a train from Germany to Italy, in order to spend Christmas with one of the girls parents. They soon end up in all sorts of bother when they meet and flirt with two young lads, Blackie and Curly. Things go pretty bad for the girls from here on out as soon enough through a series of unfortunate events the two punks sadistically terrorise the two young girls whilst being egged on by a truly psychotic bitch.


The films theme is almost exactly the same as Cravens “Last House,” only delivered through different occurences. I think this movie works better because of the claustrophobic feel that a lonely train carriage gives. Also the music is quite haunting in this film, and Curlys harmonica becomes an eerie signal for madness.


You have to watch something nice after watching a movie this disturbing. Quite frankly I really don’t enjoy torture of any kind when it comes to films and I found parts of this movie very hard to watch. I have to give it credit though for being a well made shockingly, grissly tale of torture, depravity and revenge.


I have been really excited about seeing this movie for quite some time now and I have finally got around to watching it. This is such an entertaining movie which combines so many different themes. It’s primarily a spaghetti western mixed with the theme of black slavery, and its also really quite funny in places. It’s the story about Django who starts the film as a chained up black slave being moved through a desert. He is soon freed by a German bounty hunter by the name of Dr King Schultz. Schultz is a really great character in this movie who you almost instantly fall in love with. He is witty and honourable and after freeing Django the two soon become friends. Django must first help Schultz identify two men that he needs for a bounty collection.


After helping Schultz Django partners up with the Dr and they spend the spring together collecting bountys. In this time Schultz trains Django in the art of bounty hunting and speedy shooting skills. Soon after Django tells Schultz about his missing wife being held as a slave the two discover her location. It turns out that she is being kept at Candyland, which is a huge plantation owned by the sadistic Calvin Candie. Candie is played wonderfully by Leonardo Dicaprio. Schultz and Django come up with a plan to infiltrate Candyland and save Django’s wife.



This film really is fantastic, it’s so entertaining you just don’t want it to end. It will have you shocked, tense and laughing your head off in places. I particularly loved the gags about the masks, that had me in stitches. I honestly can’t say there was anything bad with this movie, the acting, script and direction are all amazing. To be honest I don’t think there was a chance in hell of me not liking this movie though. After all, it was inspired by a few spaghetti westerns. It even takes its name from Sergio Corbucci’s fantastic “Django.” Franco Nero, who played the original Django is even in it, in a particularly fun moment. Well I feel I could go on about this movie all night but I better leave it there. I urge everyone to see this fantastic movie!

After being a fan of the first movie and the game franchise, it’s no surprise that I liked this movie really. Although it seems as though quite a lot of people wouldn’t agree with me. It continues on from the first movie, following Christopher and adoptive daughter Sharon Da Silva as they try to make a new life for themselves in a new town. They soon change their names and become Harry and Heather Mason and Heather soon gets drawn into a world she has yet to understand. Things start to go very weird and Heather is drawn into Silent Hill, just after learning that a huge part of her true identity has been kept from her.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D

She meets a few characters along the way from the games, which were really good actually. Yes there are some changes but I think it all works really nicely. I think the actress for Heather was perfect and she did an amazing job. The special effects are top-notch and really well put together. I can’t really complain at anything in this movie as it captured the spirit of Silent Hill perfectly and had a really good story behind it. I think maybe the hardcore fans were upset at the slight changes and that’s why this film has been so badly received. But you can’t think like that, I mean, the games are amazing and the films are their own versions of the games and should be treated as separate. If you think of them like that what you end up realising is that this film is very entertaining.

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So if you are a horror film fan, or fan of the games, trust me you will enjoy this movie. As long as you treat the movies separate from the games. I really enjoyed it anyway!

After being ill and going through some tough times I have finally got time to write a review of this movie. I have watched a few movies lately and am only just now getting around to writing them up. The first movie I watched is the really creepy Session 9. This one is a very unsettling movie that delves deep into the human psyche. It’s a very clever movie in that you are never quite sure what is really going on.


Almost all the movie is set in an extremely creepy abandoned mental hospital. It follows a small crew of men who have been hired to clear the asbestos from the place. They are given quite a small amount of time to do the job in, but are promised a nice pay packet at the end. This adds a bit of stress to the situation and things in their personal lives become increasingly difficult for them to manage. The situation gets a little worse when one of the guys starts exploring some recordings of a former patients counselling sessions. The patient in question had multiple personality disorder and a very shocking story to tell.

session9_1 session9

The movie works so well because it really works on tension. It’s a mix of an extremely creepy place, people under stress and a really creepy past history that all adds up to make a really effective psychological horror movie. The music and overall feel just makes you feel extremely uncomfortable throughout. I had to watch something lighthearted after watching this movie, which is quite unlike me. even after watching this movie it really stays with you for a while. In fact even while writing this review I can still feel slightly tense when thinking back over this movie, it is just that unsettling.