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Well here we have another fantastic Enzo G Castellari movie. It’s the sequel to “The Bronx Warriors” which I really enjoyed. I think I even liked this movie more than the first. The story is a little simpler but the action is amped up through the roof. Trash, the leader of the biker gang from the first movie is now a loner who goes about trading stolen ammunition. The gangs have been pushed underground by the evil GC corporation who are basically starving and killing off the people left behind in the Bronx.


When Trash’s parents are killed he joins up with a psycho explosives expert and his freaky son. The gangs hatch a plot to kidnap the president of the GC corp and wage war on the evil Disinfestors that are being leg by the cunning Floyd Wrangler, who has double-crossing plans of his own.



I really can’t praise Castellari enough here. I mean it’s quite obvious that this film had practically zero budget, but Enzo makes it work so damn well. This is one trashy B movie that is full of bad acting, ridiculous over the top action. But god damn I loved it. I really do enjoy Italian trash and this is just brill. It’s definitely not to be taken seriously, it’s just a really entertaining action movie with a futuristic twist.


This is a Sergio Leone spaghetti western that is actually part of a trilogy of movies. The first part being “Once upon a time in the west” and the third part being “Once upon a time in America.” This film follows Juan Miranda who is a Mexican bandit who leads his own family into raids and missions. Juan is played by Rod Steiger and man! he is amazing in this film. he really draws the audience into a few different emotions throughout.


He and his family soon meet  John Mallory, played by James Coburn. Mallory is a member of the I.R.A on the run for crimes in the UK. He is also an explosives expert and wears a coat full of dynamite. Juan sees an opportunity in John and they form a un-easy alliance to go and rob the Mesa Verde national bank. Mallory has plans of his own though and tricks Juan into freeing lots of prisoners that are locked up in the bank. Juan then accidentally becomes a hero and is named “great, grand, glorious hero of the revolution.”

James Coburn A Fistful of Dynamite

They both end up being involved in the Mexican revolution and slowly through a series of events become real friends. This is a very enjoyable movie , although it definitely isn’t as good Sergios earlier westerns it’s a very strong film in its own right. The directing, acting and music is all on top form. I feel that I will enjoy this movie even more with more viewings. I find that often with Leone’s work though, best viewing more than once.


I wanted to watch this movie for a few reasons, the first is that it stars Charles Bronson. He is one of my all time favourite actors. If you have been reading my blog a while you may have seen me rant about him in the fantastic “Death Wish” movies. Another big reason I wanted to see this movie is because its Walter Hill’s first movie. I have seen a few Walter Hill movies before and have always really enjoyed them. He directs a lot of “tough guy” movies and this movie definitely fits that bill.

Hard Times

Bronson plays Chaney, who starts the movie as a drifter getting off a train. He witnesses an illegal bare knuckle fight that’s run by gamblers. He follows one of the fight organizers called “Speed” and asks him to set up a fight. He bets what little money he has on the fight and wins with just one punch. Speed then realises he is on to something good and soon becomes Chaneys manager. Speed is played by James Coburn and he is really good in this movie. Chaney and Speed form an alliance and go  about making big money, until Speed gets himself into some trouble with some gangsters and its soon up to Chaney to help him.

Hard Times Bronson fighting

This is a fantastic movie that I really enjoyed. It’s quite funny in places and there is some great action. I really enjoyed the fact that it was set in the great depression, it gives the film a certain feel that really worked. I’m definitely gonna collect more Walter Hill movies now as I do quite enjoy a good “tough guy” movie.

This spaghetti western was a lot of fun. It had some pretty colourful characters and some nice pacing and a good story. Now it definitely isn’t the most original spaghetti western but it’s still very enjoyable. It follows three friends who get caught red-handed selling guns to the union. They are then sentenced to death via a firing squad. At the very last-minute they are given a second chance by the general, who orders them to get back a fortune in gold which has been stolen by general Loyd.


They go after General Loyd only to find out that they aren’t the only ones in the game for the gold. I did really enjoy this one, yes its got similarities to other “stolen gold” stories, but the characters really are quite fun. Some bits were quite funny, which is quite nice. Nothing really to complain about here a good solid spaghetti western.


Well this is my first viewing of a so-called “Nunsploitation” movie. I’m not all that impressed to be honest! It’s extremely trashy and not all that entertaining. From the start we are told that it is based on a true story and my immediate reaction was “Bullshit!” But I was actually wrong on this occasion. I watched an interview on the disc from the main actress Anita Eckberg and she states that in fact it is loosely based on a true story. Oh well, it doesn’t really help this movie at all. The plot is fairly simple, it revolves around sister Gertrude who is in recovery from having neurosurgery. Shes not really all that well and suffers from terrible headaches. She is also quite a wild woman who is addicted to morphine and often escapes the hospital she works at to go score some by cashing in ripped off jewelry.



There is also a killer on the loose at the hospital and Gertrude becomes the main suspect. The trouble with this movie is it is so damn predictable and very boring and slow. The killings aren’t even all that inventive. None of the characters are that interesting and I really can’t belive this was a video nasty. I was really unimpressed with this  one I have to say, and I don’t think I will be hunting down any Nunsploitation movies any time soon.

This is the directing debut of Enzo G Castellari. He is one of my all time favourite directors, in fact he may be my favourite Italian director. He tends to direct action the most and he is so damn good at it. This is a quite average spaghetti western to tell you the truth. It’s about a colonel called Thomas Blake who seems to want to continue his violent streak even after the war has finished. I found it hilarious that he went around in the beginning part of the movie shouting “Kill them, kill them all” in a very cheesy way. We soon meet Stuart who teams up with Blake and his men saying that he knows where there is some hidden buried treasure.

3973 blood2

This is definitely very average and probably the weakest spaghetti western I have seen. It’s not awful or anything, it just never grips you like others do. Still for an opening film, it’s not a bad effort. Enzo did go on to make some magnificent spaghetti westerns though like “Any gun can play,” “Kill them all and come back alone” and “Keoma.”

In the fourth part of the Lone Wolf and Cub series, we see Ogami being hired to kill a highly skilled female assassin. She has tattoos on her front and back and strips to the waist when killing men. In order to find her he seeks out the tattooist that inked her up. In between the main plot of this movie there is a very small segment which fleshes out Daigoro’s character a bit more. I really liked this aspect and liked the fact that he got a little more screen time than usual. There is also a nice bit of back story added that we have never seen before involving the plotting behind the Yagyu clan and their hatred of Ogami.

Lone wolf and Cub - Oyuki


As always the fight scenes are amazing and the blood comes in waves. Its well made and thoroughly enjoyable but I have to admit it is starting to feel a little tired at this point. It’s still a great film though but is definitely the weakest of the 4 I have seen. I really did enjoy the female assassin Oyuki. I found hers and Daigoros scenes the most enjoyable in this movie. I am really looking forward to the next part though as on the whole the series has been phenomenal.

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