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Here is a really well made post apocalyptic movie! Denzel Washington plays Eli, who has been wandering since a nuclear fall out some thirty years ago. He is an expert in survival tactics and an amazing martial artist. He displays this many times throughout. I particularly enjoyed the fight under the bridge near the beginning of the movie, it was very savage. It is later revealed that Eli carries with him a very important book, which he reads from every day. He soon enters a town that is being run by a man called Carnegie. It turns out that Carnegie has been sending motorcycle gangs out to look for a powerful book that he desires to control people on earth.

Book of Eli - Following the Trail

Eli is set upon by a gang in a bar and he quickly dispatches them all with his unmatched skills. Carnegie, seeing this asks Eli to join his gang, an offer that is clearly non negotiable. Eli is soon given food and water. Carnegie sends in his mistress’s daughter Solara to seduce Eli, but Eli refuses and instead offers Solara a share of his food.

The Book of Eli

Before eating the food Eli says grace and soon tells Solara of the book and his quest to get it to where it needs to be. However the next day Solara accidentally lets it slip to Carnegie about the book that Eli carries. It so happens to be the last known copy of the bible. This leads Carnegie to go after Eli to get the book for himself to create a new controlled civilisation. This leads to a war between Eli, alongside Solara and Carnegie alongside his mob.

The Book of Eli movie image Gary Oldman


This is a fantastic movie that has it all, great story, cast, characters and some expertly filmed fast paced action sequences. It also has some great subtle clues that lead to a great twist. It actually makes it really interesting to watch a second time and I plan on seeing it again soon, if I find time.



Airplane 2: The Sequel 2/5

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Ok so I really don’t watch comedy very much. That’s not to say that I don’t like it, it’s just I am quite particular about what I like. Having seen the first airplane movie and liking it many years ago I decided to watch the second one. I’m not gonna talk to much about this film as you either like these types of movies or you don’t.

600full-airplane-ii -the-sequel-screenshot

The gags in these movies are ridiculously over the top. It’s all intentional though and part of the fun. However I found this movie to be really lacking something as opposed to the first. Mind you, it has been years since watching the original. The story (what little there is of one,) revolves around a trip to space. It’s basically just “Airplane in space.” The voyage goes wrong and its up to Striker to redeem himself and save the passengers and crew. I think my main problem with this movie is that it just feels kinda pointless and not as funny as the first. Its just the same movie really all over again. Its got a slight charm to it but all in all its just too damn pointless.

Ok so this films title is rather confusing. It’s actually not a Sabata film at all really. This is another example of the studios deciding to change the name to cash in on an already existing popular film title. In fact this film was actually meant to be called “Indio Black.” It’s still an enjoyable movie but is definitely best seen as Indio Black. Yul Brynner plays Sabata/Indio Black, who sets off to steal some gold dust from the Austrian government. However there are other players in this cat and mouse tale.


One thing I really liked about this film was the use of gadget type weapons. The Villain has a model of a ship that actually fires its cannons to kill people when they open the drawer below it. Also Sabata/Indio has a really cool sawed off rifle that loads cartridges from the side. However in the last chamber Sabata/Indio keeps a cigar.


All being said this is a nice entertaining western. Its got some nice action, cool gimmicks and good acting. I enjoyed it but I am now looking forward to watching The return of Sabata which sees Van Cleef return as Sabata in the official sequel to the original Sabata.


Well this here is Lee Van Cleef spaghetti western. He has made some really good ones and I thnk every one I have seen with him in has been really good. In this film he plays Sabata, an extremely fast  gunslinger who foils a bank robbery in a local town. He soon discovers the plot behind it and goes about setting justice in the town. He meets a few interesting characters who help him out along the way. Carrincha is a local fat alcoholic who is good with throwing knifes. Then theres Alley Cat, a native American who is also an amazing acrobat. Also there is a character called Banjo, who wields a rifle concealed inside his musical instrument. you never really know where his loyalty lies.

Sabata.1969. 074

Van Cleef is just a joy to watch in these kind of roles and does the job perfectly. In fact I enjoyed all the characters in this movie. They were all really quirky and interesting to follow, particularly Banjo. The main villain is really cool too who is behind the whole conspiracy and kills people with a dart gun concealed in a cane. He is so sure of himself and has a really huge ego. Watching him and Sabata together was a great.

Sabata.1969. 194


This was really enjoyable throughout and a must see for any Spaghetti western fan. In fact any with Van Cleef in are good films to watch for any one interested in this genre. If I had to introduce someone to spaghetti westerns I would probably show them all the Van Cleef ones. After the obvious Sergio Leone ones!

Now this here is one amazing movie! its one of John Carpenters first and indeed one of his very best films. The setting, the tension, the acting and the music all come together so nicely that it grips you to the edge of your seat and doesn’t let go. I really couldn’t find any fault in this movie at all so I had to give it a full marks rating, it’s a masterpiece.


It basically follows a few characters who all end up arriving at the same destination and then have to fight for their lives to escape a ruthless gang that has waged a blood oath fuelled war. The first sequence involves a new officer of the law who has been assigned to take charge of a decommissioned police station that is near enough closed down. The second scenario follows the ruthless gang who have stolen some weapons and are now on the hunt to kill anyone after they lost some of their men in a shoot out with the police. They end up mercilessly killing an innocent little girl which leads the girl’s father to kill one of the gangs leaders in revenge.

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)

The father then ends up being pursued by the gang until he ends up in the very same police station that is now closing. Also ending up at the police station is three prisoners on their way to a new prison who have ended up having to stop at the same station as previously mentioned in order to gather medical supplies for one of the prisoners who is sick. things now kick into overdrive as the silent gang outside wages war and cuts all communication into the station.


The mismatched characters at the station must now pull together if they are gonna survive the night and fight back against an unstoppable foe. Well I can’t praise this film enough its all so well executed. It’s a perfect example of what you can do with a limited budget. In fact sometimes smaller budgeted pictures do often come out to be great because you can’t rely on anything other than your story and the acting. Its got a bit of a night of the living dead feel to it which I really liked. If you like thrillers or action movie then this is most definitely a must see.


Ok so as I have been getting into Euro crime films, I thought I’d give Umberto Lenzi another shot with “Almost Human.” Man I am pleased I did because this is one hell of a great movie! It’s very fast paced throughout and barely gives you a moment to catch your breath as you follow the extremely psychotic Giulio Sacchi. Sacchi is played wonderfully by the awesome Tomas Milian and I’d say that this is the best performance I have seen of his so far. He’s basically a low down criminal who is quite looked down upon by his associates and the crime boss he works for in the beginning of this movie. He soon hatches a plan to kidnap the daughter of a rich businessman and he becomes more and more psychotic and violent as he sets his plan in motion.



This guy will stop at nothing to get what he wants and he soon ends up killing absolutely anyone in his way. He has a lot of fun doing it too while often being off his face on drugs and sadistically torturing people. Yes this film is quite nasty, but it just adds to the tension. You are never quite sure what this guy will do next as he becomes more unpredictable. The action is so well-directed as well. Lenzi definitely knows how to do action really well. On Sacchi’s tail is Walter Grandi who is a tough cop who knows he must stop this psycho soon. He is played by Henry Silva and he too does a great job. Theres not really anything bad to say about this movie, its tense and fast paced and very unpredictable, with great acting to help it along.



This is a great Euro crime film that has it all in spades. I am really blown away by Lenzi’s style in this genre and am looking forward to seeing some more.

Well this Walter Hill movie is quite an odd mix of stuff. It like a mix of rock and roll, other worldly futuristic,1950’s, action, love story. Yes I know that might sound strange but it all works really well. Walter Hill is such a tough guy director and his lead in this film is Michael Paré who plays the tough soldier Tom Cody. He sets out to save his ex girlfriend singer who has been kidnapped by a street gang on motor cycles.


Theres some interesting characters to help Cody along the way like the tough McCoy and Billy Fish who is now romantically involved with Cody’s ex and is also her manager. The action scenes are really well done, theres explosions and gun fights, motorcycles and some good hand to hand combat. All is wonderfully directed by Hill.


It definitely comes off as cheesy and camp in parts but that just kind of adds to its appeal if you ask me. The soundtrack is fun and is screamingly 80’s. Willem Dafoe does a great job as the gang leader Raven who will stop at nothing to fight Cody.



This is a really entertaining movie that kicks ass in the action department. Its definitely got a similar feel to Hills “The Warriors” but still seems fresh. I really loved it and look forward to seeing some more Walter Hill movies.