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After seeing the first film in this series I was really excited to see what happens next. This film certainly didn’t let me down. It is just as good as the first film and manages to bring something fresh to the story, at the same time. Set just after the events of the first film, it follows a SWAT team and a medical Dr, who enter into the sealed off building. The SWAT members all have cameras on their head-gear and this gives us individual viewpoints and you get to see the action from different angles. This is so cleverly done as the tension and action builds, I was once again on the edge of my seat.


We do get quite a lot of answers to some of the underlined mysteries surrounding the events of the first movie. In fact it is all tied in together really nicely and you soon find out things aren’t exactly how they first appeared. The gore effects are great just as in the first film and they are used to full effect. I dont want to talk about the plot too much as there are some brilliant plot twists that are really well executed.


REC 2 Image 3

Yet again this film ends with a pretty huge jaw dropping moment. I couldn’t believe that they managed to “jaw drop” me again. It leaves you wanting to know whats going to happen and wanting more [Rec] straight away. These first 2 films have been absolutely amazing movies. “Found footage” has never been so well made before these movies. They are tense, they make you jump and the story just keeps you completely addicted. Brilliant film making.



If you are looking for something genuinely creepy to watch then I would definitely RECommend [Rec]. This is the best “found footage” film I have seen. It works on genuine tension and really throws you right into the situation. It follows a television reporter and her cameraman, who are filming a documentary series. The series is about jobs people do while everyone else is sleeping. They are filming some firemen and soon are thrown into the first call out of the night. The call out is about a woman who is trapped inside her apartment building.


However all is not as it seems as they are about to find out. When they get into the womans apartment, she becomes extremely aggressive and bites a policeman. The fellow residents are gathered downstairs listening to the chaos. Things soon get worse as everyone is sealed inside the building from outside.


The characters really grow on you and you really feel for their safety as the situation becomes more and more dire. This film really is tense and I must admit it had me genuinely tense in quite a lot of scenes. I havent felt this kind of tension since watching Japanese horror.


I have to mention the ending of this film. It is a fantastic ending that is both terrifying and very clever. One of the best endings I have seen for a long time. This is overall a fantastic horror movie that really knows how to scare without coming off cheesy. Theres nothing cheesy or lighthearted here, it’s a pure terror ride.

Well I have a task ahead of me now, as I want to watch every Bond film. I am going to watch them in the order they came out in to get a feel for how things change and differ. I might add that I will watch the 2 non Eon productions, but only after watching all the Eon ones. Well the first one is a really impressive film. Sean Connery plays the secret agent in this first outing and he is really good in the role.  He is called in to investigate a recent disappearance of a british intelligence chief in Jamaica. When he gets to Jamaica he soon meets other agents and starts to link the murder of the intelligence agent to a mysterious island called Crab Key.


After a lot of behind the scenes danger and investigating, Bond eventually gets himself to Crab Key and realises that he is now in serious danger as he comes across the deadly Dr No. I really did enjoy tapping into all the little quirks that this series has come to be known for, and I have to say that for its time the action scenes were really well done. I really did enjoy Sean Connery in this role and I am interested to see which actor will become my favourite as I get through this long running series.


Well every Bond film has its Bond woman and in this one its Ursula Andress in the role of Honey Ryder. She plays the role really well and makes for a good sidekick for Bond, if not a bit silly at times. She is on Crab Key collecting shells when James finds her and they soon end up in trouble, leaving it up to Bond to save the day. Yeah I did really like this film, it’s actually played out quite serious and I’ve heard that this isn’t the case for all of the movies, so I shall have to see . . .