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So back in the 80’s there was a run of revenge movies. You had stuff like Death Wish 2,3,4 and the lesser known vigilante. All of which I have really enjoyed. So I do enjoy a good trashy revenge fueled film. It’s no surprise then that I enjoyed this movie. It follows similar themes to the above mentioned films but does it a little differently. It follows a music teacher Andrew Norris who has just started a new job at a rough school where kids have to walk through metal detectors to get in the building in the mornings.


He soon meets the main gang of the school who are led by Peter Stegman. He is a complete and utter psychopath. There is even a scene in this movie where he completely beats the shit out of himself in  a toilet room to claim the teacher attacked him. He is a bad kid and Andrew tries really hard to get through to him and his cronies, but sadly these kids are just too way gone, which you find out as the film goes along. It leads to a part in the film where they do something that makes Andrew come face to face with them in a no holds barred war.


So yeah this film is super trashy and gritty. But I like these types of movies and this is a really good one. I really did get quite angry at the kids in this for their inexcusable behaviour and really wanted Andrew to get his revenge. I like the gritty trashy style in these movies. It is well acted throughout and directed nicely. I really want to see the sequel now “Class of 1999.”


Well after a really great run of film watching experiences I was bound to hit a turkey sooner or later. Oh my god what a turkey this is. It is absolutely awful!  I have no idea what the hell they were thinking when they made this pile of shite! This is a travesty, especially after the first two movies are so good. Now I completely understand why people have a problem with Richard Lester. He made this film campy and comedic throughout. There is no depth to anything here at all. The sight gags in the credits sequence at the beginning of the movie were just too much to bear and I actually felt angry at the screen. The story is ridiculous and follows Gus Gorman as he goes about stealing money with his computer. He is soon employed by Webster who is a guy that wants to basically rule the world and uses Gus’s hacking skills to try to accomplish it. The characters are boring and stupid! the film desperately tries to be funny and fails on every level!


There is a side story that follows Clark as he goes back to Smallville and ignites some passion for a former friend Lana Lang. This is also boring and pointless! The tiny part of this film I did slightly enjoy was the dark superman vs good superman fight scene. But still this scene makes no sense and isn’t fully explained as to why he split. I understand why he turned evil, but the split and fight is probably symbolic but still comes off as stupid even if the fight was a little enjoyable. This was so disappointing and only gets the .5 for Reeves portrayal as dark Superman. It’s such a shame looking back at the firing of Richard Donner, as I feel he could have made some great sequels without the stupid comedy elements that just don’t work.

Now I will start this review by saying that I have already seen this movie before. I really felt like watching it again and when spending a saturday with my lady and Gaibrow and her fella. We all decided we would re watch it after going out.  Now Christopher Nolan is one hell of a director and story writer. In fact he is probably the best director making films today. Every film he has done has been amazing and thought-provoking. This is a multi layered, complex heist story where a team of dream stealers are hired to perform Inception. which means that instead of stealing an idea or secret, they are asked to plant one. Leonardo Di Caprio plays Dom Cobb who is an expert at dream stealing, but has issues of his own. He is not allowed to enter the US as he is facing a murder charge of his wife.  He is offered a clean slate by a very powerful businessman called Saito, if he can perform Inception on a rival businessman  Robert Fischer, to get Fischer to disintegrate his father’s company.


He starts putting together a team of people. He needs an architect, who is someone who can design the layers of dreams they need to use to plant the seed that will ultimately make Fischer think he had the idea himself. This is an extremely complex movie but by god it works so well. The acting, action, story, special effects and direction are awesome.


I love how this movie deals with emotional issues and the subconscious. It’s such a clever movie that requires repeat viewings. You will feel at times a little lost within it all but I think that’s part of the journey. The overall look of the movie is absolutely beautiful, top class cinematography.


I don’t often use the word masterpiece unless it’s deserved, but this is definitely a masterpiece. I just don’t get how Christopher Nolan can be so consistent. Every film I have seen of his has just been a great cinema experience. I look forward to every project he is involved in. This is definitely a must see.




Well this film is a really great drama film. Its set around the theme of mixed martial arts tournaments and involves the story of 2 brothers and their father. They are all suffering on some level to do with issues from their past. The father, played by Nick Nolte is a recovering alcoholic and would like nothing more than to redeem himself and make it up to his sons. The theres Tommy, played by Tom Hardy who is one of the sons. He is carrying a lot of anger and emotional trauma from his experiences at war.


Then there is Brendan who is the other brother. He is a school teacher and former UFC fighter. He and his wife are struggling financially and are in danger of losing their house. He decides to enter the Sparta competition where the best fighters in the world will face off and the winner will take away a fortune.


This is a real roller coaster of an emotional journey. It pulls no punches with its superb acting. All the actors are absolutely fantastic in this movie and some scenes are completely heartbreaking to watch. The action is brutal and realistic and you are left on the edge of your seat a lot.


There are so many layers of emotion and back story going on in this film. It is really well written and grounded in reality. I loved every minute of it and therefore it gets the stellar 5 star rating. I have been lucky lately with movies, giving quite a few 5 stars out!


This is an interesting take on the slasher movie. It follows a camera crew around who are shooting a documentary with serial killer Leslie Vernon.  Leslie models himself on the cult killers from movies we all know so well. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. It is shot on documentary footage mostly and only occasionally changes to standard film when you need a different viewpoint. He goes about showing and explaining to the camera crew in detail his plans for a night of terror at a spooky old house.


It seems at first that the crew are not really sure whether to take this serious or not, but are soon shown that Leslie is completely committed to his plans.


From start to finish this is just one hell of a ride. Its got everything for die-hard fans, including Robert Englund who plays the guy that wants to bring Leslie down. There are a lot of in jokes and cameos from other well-known horror actors which adds to the fun. I loved the concept, it really did work nicely in this film and is one of the best examples of “found footage.”


If you are a fan of slasher films or horror in general, then I urge you to give this a shot as it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

So Superman Returns is directed by Bryan Singer and is an alternative sequel to Superman 2. Superman has been gone for 5 years from the planet. He has been searching for the remains of his home planet Krypton. When he gets back he finds that life has moved on quite a bit. Lois has got married and has a child. He also discovered that she won a Pulitzer prize for her article “Why the world doesn’t need Superman.” Also he learns that Lex Luthor was freed from prison because Superman was not there to give evidence at his trial.


He soon goes about saving lives again as the superhero, as Lex goes about his own plans of world dominance again. Lex steals some Kryptonite from the fortress of solitude in an attempt to recreate his own land mass, which would kill billions. This is a very entertaining film with a good story and great direction. The special effects are top-notch and there are some really great sequences. Particularly the plane rescue scene. The actors all do a good job, especially Kevin Spacey as Lex, he was surprisingly great.


One of the things that is a little strange in this movie is that it definitely changes its tone. This is a darker tale and to be honest, it takes some getting used to. Brandon Routh does a pretty good job as Clark/Superman but at times is just a little too sad-looking. I always loved Christopher Reeves’s take on the character and Brandon, although looks a lot like Reeves, doesn’t quite get it to match. That being said it doesn’t spoil the over all film. This is still a very well made film and is definitely a much superior sequel to the dreadful “Superman 3.”

The Woman 4.5/5

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This is a tough film to watch. It hits hard on many levels and is really well executed. It starts off with some very trippy scenes of a feral woman living in the woods, in a cave. We are then introduced to the Cleek family, who from the outset just don’t sit quite right in your stomach. The father is Chris, who is a lawyer and likes to go hunting. One day while out hunting he notices the woman and decides to go back later to capture her.  He restrains her in his cellar and soon shows his family and directs them in the job of civilising her.


Things start to unravel in a very dark mean-spirited way. You soon get a true picture of the personalities of the family members. The son is clearly a very disturbed boy who seems to enjoy watching the pain of others. The daughters pain and withdrawal from life are just heartbreaking to watch. The mother is clearly controlled completely by the father who is perhaps the darkest character in the film. And caught up in the whole mess is the youngest daughter.


This is a really interesting film where you are never quite sure of the issues beneath the surface. It’s very dark and brutal in its very realistic approach and that is what makes it scary. It’s the behaviour and damage of the family that is the true horror to watch and its very uncomfortable at times.