The Woman 4.5/5

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Film Review
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This is a tough film to watch. It hits hard on many levels and is really well executed. It starts off with some very trippy scenes of a feral woman living in the woods, in a cave. We are then introduced to the Cleek family, who from the outset just don’t sit quite right in your stomach. The father is Chris, who is a lawyer and likes to go hunting. One day while out hunting he notices the woman and decides to go back later to capture her.  He restrains her in his cellar and soon shows his family and directs them in the job of civilising her.


Things start to unravel in a very dark mean-spirited way. You soon get a true picture of the personalities of the family members. The son is clearly a very disturbed boy who seems to enjoy watching the pain of others. The daughters pain and withdrawal from life are just heartbreaking to watch. The mother is clearly controlled completely by the father who is perhaps the darkest character in the film. And caught up in the whole mess is the youngest daughter.


This is a really interesting film where you are never quite sure of the issues beneath the surface. It’s very dark and brutal in its very realistic approach and that is what makes it scary. It’s the behaviour and damage of the family that is the true horror to watch and its very uncomfortable at times.

  1. Great review, this has made me want to give this film a chance. Having read Jack Ketchum’s source novel on which the film is based, I had been somewhat avoiding the film, as it was one of the most harrowing books I have ever read and the idea of translating it to film seemed very dark to me. It is good to know to be prepared, so thank you for that.

    • voidagger says:

      Thanks for your comment. It was a hard film to watch at times, very shocking and depressing. Very well made though and I did enjoy it. Its not the most harrowing film I have seen but would be up there somewhere. Give it a shot.

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