Now I will start this review by saying that I have already seen this movie before. I really felt like watching it again and when spending a saturday with my lady and Gaibrow and her fella. We all decided we would re watch it after going out.  Now Christopher Nolan is one hell of a director and story writer. In fact he is probably the best director making films today. Every film he has done has been amazing and thought-provoking. This is a multi layered, complex heist story where a team of dream stealers are hired to perform Inception. which means that instead of stealing an idea or secret, they are asked to plant one. Leonardo Di Caprio plays Dom Cobb who is an expert at dream stealing, but has issues of his own. He is not allowed to enter the US as he is facing a murder charge of his wife.  He is offered a clean slate by a very powerful businessman called Saito, if he can perform Inception on a rival businessman  Robert Fischer, to get Fischer to disintegrate his father’s company.


He starts putting together a team of people. He needs an architect, who is someone who can design the layers of dreams they need to use to plant the seed that will ultimately make Fischer think he had the idea himself. This is an extremely complex movie but by god it works so well. The acting, action, story, special effects and direction are awesome.


I love how this movie deals with emotional issues and the subconscious. It’s such a clever movie that requires repeat viewings. You will feel at times a little lost within it all but I think that’s part of the journey. The overall look of the movie is absolutely beautiful, top class cinematography.


I don’t often use the word masterpiece unless it’s deserved, but this is definitely a masterpiece. I just don’t get how Christopher Nolan can be so consistent. Every film I have seen of his has just been a great cinema experience. I look forward to every project he is involved in. This is definitely a must see.





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