Superman 3 0.5/5

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Film Review
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Well after a really great run of film watching experiences I was bound to hit a turkey sooner or later. Oh my god what a turkey this is. It is absolutely awful!  I have no idea what the hell they were thinking when they made this pile of shite! This is a travesty, especially after the first two movies are so good. Now I completely understand why people have a problem with Richard Lester. He made this film campy and comedic throughout. There is no depth to anything here at all. The sight gags in the credits sequence at the beginning of the movie were just too much to bear and I actually felt angry at the screen. The story is ridiculous and follows Gus Gorman as he goes about stealing money with his computer. He is soon employed by Webster who is a guy that wants to basically rule the world and uses Gus’s hacking skills to try to accomplish it. The characters are boring and stupid! the film desperately tries to be funny and fails on every level!


There is a side story that follows Clark as he goes back to Smallville and ignites some passion for a former friend Lana Lang. This is also boring and pointless! The tiny part of this film I did slightly enjoy was the dark superman vs good superman fight scene. But still this scene makes no sense and isn’t fully explained as to why he split. I understand why he turned evil, but the split and fight is probably symbolic but still comes off as stupid even if the fight was a little enjoyable. This was so disappointing and only gets the .5 for Reeves portrayal as dark Superman. It’s such a shame looking back at the firing of Richard Donner, as I feel he could have made some great sequels without the stupid comedy elements that just don’t work.


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