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I was very disappointed with this film, considering i had heard good things about it. I think my problem with it is that it focuses too much on horny young guys that just what to bed the main character. I mean these teens are annoying as hell. It’s also extremely baggy and takes ages before it does anything remotely interesting. The story is just so “teeny” if that’s a term I can use. I think it just reminded me of a show like Dawson’s Creek or something along those lines, which is so crap its unbelievable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know that there are teens in slashers but these teens are just so boring! I love stuff like Friday the 13th because behind it all there is a depth to the story and especially the villain. In this there is no depth to anything, it’s so one-dimensional.


The plot is just this: a group of guys are obsessing about a girl called Mandy Lane who has a best friend called Emmett. All the guys wanna have her and they often invite her to parties. At the beginning Mandy and Emmet go to a party and Emmet convinces a guy to jump off a roof which leads to his death. I mean come on! this is just so dumb!  Nine months later Mandy is invited to another party at a ranch where the guys are gonna compete to bed her. And revolving around this night at the ranch they are all set upon by a murderer. The killings are even kind of boring in this.


Theres a couple of twists to the plot, one of which is actually quite good, which is why I gave this 2/5. But apart from that this film is boring, very baggy and drawn out and really dumb! It’s a really poor slasher that fails on nearly every level!


This is David Cronenbergs first movie. It’s what some have called “Body Horror” as it themes around your body turning against you. It’s a very interesting film and very disgusting in places. It takes part in an apartment building where a scientist has been dabbling in parasites that can be used in transplants. However he is also a bit of a psycho and believes that humanity has lost contact with its flesh and its instincts. The organism he has created actually causes uncontrollable sexual desire in its host. Well soon enough the parasite escapes and starts to attack people and spread itself throughout the building.


The doctor St. Luc tries his hardest to help the situation but it soon spirals out of control. This is definitely a gross kind of horror movie, with some rather disgusting but clever effects work.


I definitely enjoyed the film and it’s definitely a very brave first movie for Cronenberg. I have quite a few of his movies and will be watching them soon so look out for more from this director.

This is a really stylish Giallo style film from Brian De Palma. It focuses around a series of brutal murders and the links between a Psychiatrist and his patients, who seem to be the targets. Kate is a frustrated woman and during one of her sessions she tries to seduce her Psychiatrist. He stays professional and refuses her. She soon goes to a local art museum where she seduces a man and goes to his apartment to have an affair. Things don’t go too well for her though as she is soon slashed to death in an elevator by the killer.


Liz Blake, happens upon the body. She catches a glimpse of the killer, therefore becoming both the prime suspect and the killer’s next target. She soon teams up with Kate’s son, who is an inventor and he son uses time-lapse cameras and home-made listening devices to try to solve the mystery and get revenge for his mothers murder.


I really liked this movie, it has such a great style and shows real genius directing from De Palma. I really loved the use of split screen and really clever camera angles and movements. The story is great and very suspenseful. I particularly loved the museum sequence, its genius, not one word is spoken for about 10 minutes. It’s very clever. The characters were rich and interesting and acted very well. This is just a very well crafted piece of cinema and has one of the best murder scenes I have ever seen.

Well it was nice to see Lee Van Cleef back as Sabata in this sequel. Of course I don’t personally count “Adios Sabata” as a Sabata film. If you are wondering why then you should check out my review of that movie. This movie sees Sabata returning as he is taking place in a carnival! yes that’s pretty shocking! It just didn’t feel right to me, after the first movie impressed me so much.


The story is simple enough, Sabata comes to a town and tries to rid it of its corrupt leaders. Theres a definite quirkyness to the movie but on the whole it does come off a lot more average than the first movie.  Theres not a great deal more to say really, it’s quite forgettable to be honest. It’s still worth a watch though, just doesn’t hold a candle to the original. Van Cleef still does a great job as do the other actors. The main theme song was hilarious though and makes it hard to take the film seriously, but gets stuck in your head!

This is a spaghetti western movie directed by Sergio Martino. He uses a really nice style in his work and I have come to be a big fan of his. The film opens with a very surreal sequence in a misty swamp. There is a chase and a violent encounter as our anti-hero Blade captures a bandit. This is a great opening moment and it really reminded me of Martinos giallo film “torso.” Blade is a bounty hunter and soon takes the bandit to the nearby mining town of Suttonville and soon gets noticed by the local mayor and his head henchman Voller.


There are some psychedelic style scenes of Blade’s back story that you are given a piece at a time, much like Harmonica’s back story in Once Upon A Time In The West. Blade soon uncovers a devious plan of Vollers to overthrow his own mayor and Blade gets caught up in a war as he makes enemies with the evil Voller.

600full-mannaja -a-man-called-blade-screenshot

This is a really enjoyable film that has great style thanks to Martinos direction. I really liked it. It’s a lot like Keoma in its approach to surrealism. Some say its a knock off of Keoma, but I don’t agree. This still feels fresh but just shares its surreal feel with Keoma. Both are great films and must see if you like spaghetti westerns.

Well this series certainly went out with a bang! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and am glad that it ended on such a high. In this last movie of the series we see Itto go up against a secret branch of the Yagyu clan who can burrow under the earth. We also get some really nice secrets revealed about Retsudo which I really enjoyed. All in all though the story is a lot simpler than some of the other films in the series, but it works really well. It’s basically Retsudos last assault on Ogami and Daigoro and its great.


As with all the films, the action is superb and really well shot. Its fast paced and very violent, and very stylish. It again features a huge end fight that is just beautiful with the snowy setting.


This film also has the biggest body count performed by one character ever! That’s pretty impressive, I believe that the official count is 150 kills. Itto is the man! The only thing that is a little sad with the series is that it is left un concluded. I would have loved to see it come to an end. Still these films have been such good fun I have thoroughly enjoyed them and will definitely watch them again some day!

Ok so after absolutely hating Superman 3 with a passion, its fair to say that I was expecting to hate this film. How surprised I was then to find that although it has its flaws it’s nowhere near as bad as S3. In fact this film was even hated by Christopher Reeves! Anyway the story is quite basic this time around as it sees the return of Lex Luthor as he and his nephew steal a strand of Superman’s hair. They use the hair to make a genetic matrix and attach it to a nuclear missile that Superman throws into the sun. This causes the creation of the most ridiculous super villain ever, Nuclear Man.


This guy is so damn cheesy! He has Luthors voice and a really weird costume, and also has cat-like claws that he uses to scratch. I mean he’s awful but there’s something quite fun about him as well. One other aspect I liked about this film is the whole nuclear weapons disarmament. Superman basically decides that he will rid the earth of its nuclear weapons after reading a letter from a young kid who asks him to do so. It was quite an interesting factor and it was played nicely by Reeves.


So on the whole then, although this is no masterpiece it was watchable enough to still be fun. I only have to watch the Lester cut of S2 now to finish my box set and then that’s Superman wrapped up until I get the Man of Steel movie on dvd.