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My Top 10

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Film Review
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Ok so I have been thinking about doing this for a while. These are my personal top 10 movies. I refuse to order them though as it’s just too hard. It was hard enough to name the 10 best films. Of course this list is personal and is open to change. I might do a post in the future where I break down my favourite films of particular genres. But here you have it my 10 favourite movies.


The first part of the best trilogy of all time.


The second part!

Return of the King

You guessed it! The epic conclusion to the most amazing story!


Simply the greatest samurai movie ever made. Still as epic as ever!


Sergio Leones epic masterpiece!


Such an amazing journey! This is a very personal film for me. I remember falling in love with it when I was very young and didnt know much about native Americans.


Del Toro’s masterpiece. His best film and such an amazing film. This has it all.


The second part of the second best trilogy ever filmed. Stunning piece of work that still blows me away!


As good as, if not better than the “dark knight.” That is an astonishing feat.


Fantastic Science fiction film. This has only recently come into my top 10. A deep brilliant visually moving work. Ridley Scott’s best work!


So there you have it my 10 favourites. It will be interesting to see if anything can knock any off in the future.


I don’t know how to feel about this Cronenberg film. It’s weirdly interesting and very well made albeit extremely bizarre. It’s very controversial as well. It’s about a married couple who, at the start of the film have sexual encounters with other people and then come home and tell each other about it While having sex with each other. It gets even weirder when James is involved in a car crash. The crash leaves the other driver dead and James in the hospital having a brace fitted to his leg. He soon starts an affair with the dead mans wife. With her he discovers that he is now aroused by car crashes.

Crash (1996) 1

They soon go and watch a performance where a guy called Vaughan is recreating famous car crashes. He is recreating the crash that killed James Dean. It soon gets broke up though and James runs off with Vaughan and is now opened up to an underground group of others that follow Vaughan in their sexual fantasies revolving around car crashes.


Ok so I don’t like this film anywhere near as much as I like Cronenbergs earlier works but there are definitely things in the movie that are interesting. Particularly the fantastic score from Howard Shore. It leaves you not knowing how to feel about the characters at all. Which I heard David Cronenberg say is the feel he wanted to convey in this movie. It’s a dangerous, dark and very depressing film where obsessions become dangerous.


You have to admire Cronenberg though. No matter the subject matter he will take it on and make it work. Its brave and that is one of the signs of a true artist. I am looking forward to watching eXistenZ, which is one of the films next in the David Cronenberg season. I know there’s a couple of films I havent watched in the perfect order. I will be watching M Butterfly on you tube as I am not sure it will be to my taste as this wasnt completely either.

Well seeing as it was Halloween the other day I decided to re watch this masterpiece. This is undoubtably one of, if not the best horror films ever made. It is every bit still as powerful as when it was released back in the early 70’s. For all its horror, it actually has amazing depth and great character development. Its got a few storylines going on in it. The main one is obviously the demonic possession of a young girl. But we also have the plot about father Karras who has lost his faith. He also loses his mother in the film prior to being asked to help the possessed Regan.

The Exorcist (1973)

As Regan is slowing being “taken over” by the demon we see some pretty harsh medical tests that she has to go through. When the doctors come up with nothing they suggest drugs and a psychiatrist. However Regan’s mother Chris knows something deeper and darker is going on here and she is becoming more and more upset.


Things get worse and worse and Regan’s mother is at her wit’s end. When things get extremely supernatural she seeks out Karras who at first is reluctant and thinks that it’s in Regan’s mind. However he is proven wrong pretty soon and goes about organising an exorcism. Father Merrin is experienced with this demon and is brought in to help.


Well seeing as this is an absolute masterpiece there’s not one thing wrong with it. Its got an amazing deep story, fantastic special effects that still hold up to this day. Great direction and lighting and a great soundtrack. Also a fantastic cast who give amazing performances. This is actually Mark Kermodes favourite film of all time and he has seen it over 200 times! It is a stunning piece of work that will leave you shocked and emotionally drained. I love this film and have always loved it, but always feel a little uneasy watching it. That says a lot because I don’t really get that effected by movies. This film does everything it set out to do.

This is a very weird movie from Cronenberg. It deals with drug use, writing and hallucinations. William Lee is a bug exterminator who is also using the bug powder to get high. His wife is also using the powder. He comes home one day to find her having sex with one of his friends. He doesn’t seem bothered though as he and his wife play around and try to reenact the William Tell routine. This involves her placing a glass on her head and him trying to shoot the glass. However he accidentally shoots her in the head and kills her.


This leads him to have more and more hallucinations. This leads him to a place called Interzone where he sets about doing what his Clark Nova tells him to do. His typewriter is a big talking bug! I will be honest this is my least favourite Cronenberg movie so far. It’s just so weird that its hard to make head or tail of any of it. It’s probably his weirdest film as well and that is really saying something. I found it quite hard to connect with this one I have to be honest. It’s still really well made though but I just struggled to connect with it. I prefer his older movies I have to say.

This is where David Cronenberg started to move away from science fiction and fantasy quite a bit. This is definitely more of a drama based film. It follows the story of identical twins who go on to become highly successful Gynecologists working at their own practice. Eliot is the more aggressive brother and often seduces women who come to the clinic. He then passes them off to his brother Beverly who pretends to still be Eliot.

Dead Ringers (1988) 4

Things start to change for them both though when they meet an actress by the name of Claire Niveau. Eliot seduces her and passes her on to Beverly just as they have always done. Only this time it brings complications when Beverly falls in love with her. This causes an interesting tension between the twins and they struggle with this new rift.

Dead Ringers_1988_twins

This is definitely still a very well made interesting film. I don’t like it quite as much as Cronenbergs earlier efforts though. Having said that it has an amazing performance from Jeremy Irons who plays both twins. Its pretty amazing considering this wa made in the 80’s. A good film, but not a great film. It does deal with drug use and depression really well though and I say again that Irons is great in both roles. You are completely convinced that there are twins on-screen as their different personalities are made very clear. There are times though when you aren’t 100% sure who is on-screen and I have read that this was intentional.

This is a re watch and I have to say that I am learning more and more about how my perceptions of films can change with time. Now I remember watching this film many years ago and not liking it one bit. In fact I swapped my then dvd of it for something else with a friend. I then re watched it about roughly 2 years ago and to be honest my opinion hadn’t changed much. I do have to say though that when I watched it for the second time there was a lot of emotional turmoil in my life at that point. Now I decided to buy the “Final cut” of it for myself and give it another go. It completely blew me away so strongly that it is now in my top 10 films of all time. I can’t believe how amazing a film this is and how I missed it before.


Both visually stunning alongside with a fantastic soundtrack, Blade runner is set in a dystopian future in Los Angeles. We meet Rick Deckard who is a burnt out blade runner which means his job was to hunt down escaped replicants and “retire” (kill) them. Replicants are androids that are so human like it is hard to tell them apart.


Deckard is sent to track down 4 of them who have escaped and come down to earth. He visits the Tyrell corporation which is where these Nexus 6 models had been made. Whilst there he meets Rachael who Deckard discovers is a replicant with implanted memories who is unaware that she is not human. He begins to understand that these are no ordinary replicants and are so human its scary.
Theres so much going on in this movie. Theres the absolutely stunning visuals and soundtrack. A fantastic bleak and dark storyline. Fantastic performances from all the actors and a mesmerizing and heart breaking stream of deeper meanings. This is without a doubt my all time favourite Science fiction movie. It is an absolute masterpiece on every level.


I think this is a film that you can get something more from every time you watch it. I certainly will treasure this film for the rest of my life. I have to add that I think its important to acknowledge the Final cut as the definitive version of the film. I know its Ridley Scotts favourite version and as he is the director, who are we to argue?