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This is my last film of the year. I have been wanting to go right back in history to the beginnings of horror. This is the 1931 version of Frankenstein starring the legendary Boris Karloff. Now I have never seen these classics so this was very new for me. I have to say that this film is so hugely enjoyable and was definitely ahead of its time.


It starts out with Henry Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz the hunchback performing grave robbing. They are collecting body parts for Henry’s experiment, which is to create life. He has a lab situated in a tower where he has constructed all sorts of electronical devices. Henry’s fiancée is worried about him being locked away so long with his experiments so she and her friend Victor go to see Dr Waldman who id Henry’s old medical professor. He tells them what Henry is up to and this leads them all to go up to the tower on the night that he will launch his experiment.


The monster is born and unknowing to everyone has received the wrong brain, due to a mistake by Fritz. At first the creature seems quite docile but when the creature sees fire it goes berserk through fear. Of course they all think the creature is now dangerous and actually misunderstand what is wrong with the creature. All sorts of mishaps happen which eventually lead to the creature being pursued by an angry mob towards the end.


I really enjoyed this movie and one thing I particularly liked is the fact that you can tell this was filmed on a set. You can make out the curtains in the background often but this just adds to the charm of the movie. Its kind of like going to see it on stage at a theatre. I am so glad I have decided to pick these old movies up because if it wasnt for these classics horror wouldnt perhaps be what it is today. I will be watching and reviewing the entire series of these films so look out for these in 2014. 


on another note, I will be writing my top 5 films of 2013 tomorrow, all being well. Its been a fantastic year for movie watching for me and I have given out a lot of 5 stars, so it will be a hard decision!


Ok so I saw this film with family on christmas eve. This has now become a tradition in my family. Last year we all went and saw the first Hobbit movie and next year we will see the concluding part. We have all also decided that this wont end with the Hobbit movies. We will pick a film to watch every christmas eve. So after waiting a year its fair to say that I was pretty excited about seeing this movie and man! it didn’t disappoint. It’s a far superior movie than the first in every aspect. Its faster paced, more characters and places and has a nice dark feel and danger that I loved. I have to say that since owning the extended cut of the first movie I have enjoyed the first movie a lot more, each time I view it. Me and my family re watched the extended cut of the first movie before seeing this.


So the action continues straight on from the first movies ending. It is so fast paced that you can barely catch your breath. Gandalf, Bilbo and the company of dwarves are on the run from the orc pack and also from a huge bear. Gandalf leads them to Beorns house. Beorn is a skin changer and it was he who was in bear form. He helps them out by offering shelter and ponies to take them to Mirkwood. From here the company have to split. This is because Gandalf receives a psychic message from Galadriel telling him to investigate Dol-Guldur and the necromancer.


As I said the movie is extremely fast paced with some amazing set pieces. The Mirkwood sequence was fantastic and the escape sequence with the barrels is one of the most fantastic action sequences I have ever witnessed. The story is much deeper and the characters all evolve in one way or another. We are also introduced to a few new places which were absolutely brilliantly done.


Of course I think everyone was really excited about seeing Smaug. We have waited a year patiently to see him and he is more fantastic than you can imagine. The ending scenes to the movie were absolutely flawless. In fact I can’t actually say a bad word about this movie, it is a 5 out of 5 on every aspect. I urge you to go see it!

Well this was definitely a huge disappointment. It started off quite well, with a huge fast paced frantic chase scene that really got my interest. Unfortunately though it just became very flat feeling and I lost interest pretty quickly. The story is your basic zombie apocalypse story line that really offers nothing new or exciting. It stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane who used to work for the united nations as an investigator. He is forced back into investigating when he is asked to find a way of stopping the pandemic.


He is forced to leave his family and go out into the world. The film then jumps all over the place as he travels searching for the answers. It all just gets very boring though and even with some really nice ideas and a very cool set piece it all just feels empty. It’s a shame really because this film probably could have been really good. It had all the ingredients but just not the flavour!


The acting and direction were not even bad, I think the problem was in the script. However its a nice looking film with lots of locations and effects, but other than that I havent got many good things to say about it. Definitely a missed opportunity!

Ok so its been quite a while since I have last posted about any films. I have been quite busy with writing essays for college and just generally finding it very difficult to find any spare time in my life for movies. Yes this does suck! still I have seen a few movies and got a heap of films for christmas so hopefully I will find time to get this blog going again. So this is a film I watched some time ago. Danny Boyle’s 127 hours tells the true story of Aron Ralston who ends up in a life or death struggle while out adventuring. Through this struggle he goes through many emotional and spiritual changes and comes out of it a changed man.


James Franco does an excellent job depicting Aron as we see him living life in the fast lane without a care in the world. This all changes when he falls down a canyon and a boulder falls behind him and lands trapping his right arm against the canyon wall. So here he is stuck in the middle of nowhere with hardly any supplys and only his camera for company.


Danny Boyle gives this film a huge amount of energy, with its hard driven soundtrack and fast paced cutting. I loved James Franco’s performance, he was really good in this role. It’s quite a spiritual film about survival and the human condition. I really enjoyed the film and lobed the close knit up front way it told its story. Boyle is a very good director and knows how to deal with its claustrophobic feel. I have really enjoyed every film I have seen from this director and will always watch his movies.