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Well this is a pretty awful movie by Tobe Hooper. Tobe Hooper is responsible for the masterpiece “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” That film is one of the most gritty, tense and terrifying masterpieces ever filmed. How the hell did he end up making a shitty film like this? Its got a few fun bits in it, which is why it scores a 2 but over all, its pretty lame to be honest. Its full of the clichés that we all recognise, stupid kids go about being irresponsible and end up being stalked by a maniac. Yeah we have seen this kind of stuff before and done way better. It centres around a small theme park and after its closed down for the night, the kids decide to sneak in to a ride called the funhouse.



It is here that they accidentally witness a murder by the parks “Frankenstein” mascot. They end up being pursued by this guy who is actually a freakishly deformed monstrous looking guy. On the whole there is a couple of interesting sequences, but this film doesn’t really grip your attention for long. The acting is pretty terrible too and there’s nothing stunning in the visual department either.


Ok so I am a huge fan of the original movie, and also I am a massive John Carpenter fan. I had heard some pretty bad things about this sequel and I have to say that I was disappointed. The reason for my disappointment is just that it is a very pointless film. The reason for that is because it is just a  rehash of the first film. There is nothing really new to add at all to the characters or the story. Which does seem a huge shame because if they really put some effort in, this could have been great. The plot is almost identical in that Snake Plissken is called upon once again and given a deal to save his life. He is in trouble with the law again but they say they will give him his freedom if he goes and rescues the presidents daughter, who has joined a freedom fighter in the cut off island of L.A. She has also stolen a super weapon that can destroy electronics anywhere on the planet.



Snake is still fun to watch as are some of the action sequences. I hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed the ridiculous surfing scene, its just silly and hilarious but somehow fun. This is nowhere near as good as the original but on the whole just comes off with enough fun stuff to make in an average film. It really is a shame that they didn’t take more time to make a more original idea than just remake the first movie. Having said that, its still worth a watch. On its own its a decent movie but because of its un originality compared to the first its kind of a disappointment.

I was a bit disappointed by this movie. For one, I personally felt it was definitely more of a wolf man movie than a crossover. It seemed to me to take ages to get Frankenstein’s monster involved. Its pacing is quite slow and the characters are starting to feel tired to be quite honest. Its starts with some grave robbers who accidently release the wolf man. Talbot ends up in a hospital and escapes to leave Britain and find Dr Ludwig Frankenstein in the hope that the doctor will help him end his life. Ultimately though he accidently sets Frankenstein s monster free and they end up duelling.



The script seems really weak and it just feels like they were coming up with any old idea to get the monsters to meet up and its feels weird to say it but it felt far-fetched. That sounds crazy considering the content, but it really does. Yeah this one definitely doesn’t have the magic that the previous movies had.

When you are really into film, like I am. There are some directors that you just simply have to look into because they are considered the best of all time. Alfred Hitchcock is one of these “top-tier” directors. I have only seen the magnificent film Psycho before this one, but I felt it was time that I start watching this guys movies. I got this movie and I have to admit that this is a superb film. It’s not only a really interesting idea, but its full of  tension, which Hitchcock is the master of. Also its got some brilliant twists and turns. It’s a really clever idea that follows a character who has been in an accident and is confined to a wheelchair in his apartment. He is a photographer and passes the time of day by using his big lens to watch his neighbours going about their daily life’s.



One night he hears a woman scream “don’t!” and a glass break. He gets his lens out and starts watching as a neighbour across the courtyard then starts leaving his apartment several times carrying a sample case. He also observes him cleaning a large knife and a handsaw. He notices hat the guys wife is nowhere to be seen. Thus he is now convinced that the guy has murdered his bedridden wife. He obsesses about it and his girlfriend at first doesn’t seem to share his theories and even questions whether he should be spying on people.


The film is clever in many ways. We are left in the room with the main character for practically the whole movie. So we feel as secluded as he does and also we become voyeurs just like the main character. We simply aren’t sure if the guy has committed murder at all. There is evidence supporting both sides. Did he commit murder or is the main character just a tad paranoid? it’s a really great concept and some of the sequences towards the end are so tense, I was on the edge of my seat. This is a fantastic film that probably deserves 5 out of 5 but I would like to revisit it at some point. Great movie, by a very clever director!

Wow its been ages since writing a review. I have been so busy lately, with college and working two jobs, it’s just hard to get the time to watch any movies, let alone write about them. This is another venture into the David Cronenberg filmography. I have to admit that I didn’t like this film that much to be honest. It’s an interesting idea but I found it incredibly hard to connect to any of the characters. It basically follows a billionaire as he drives across town in his limo to get a haircut. Yes its bizarre and along the way there are a few things that happen that cause his empire to come crashing down around him. There are a few characters that seem interesting but the film is very talkie and the characters are extremely cold.



I have to say that the acting and direction are top notch of course and I was surprised by how good Robert Pattinson was in this movie. On the whole this is a very cerebral kind of movie that is often too cold to connect to. Most of the movie actually takes place in the limo, which helps us feel cut off from the world. This is probably done o purpose as the main character seems cut off from reality, living the high life for too long. Overall its a pretty interesting film but at times feels too talkie and much too cold. I much prefer Cronenberg’s earlier gorier mind bending attempts. This is definitely a change in direction for him.