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So Superman Returns is directed by Bryan Singer and is an alternative sequel to Superman 2. Superman has been gone for 5 years from the planet. He has been searching for the remains of his home planet Krypton. When he gets back he finds that life has moved on quite a bit. Lois has got married and has a child. He also discovered that she won a Pulitzer prize for her article “Why the world doesn’t need Superman.” Also he learns that Lex Luthor was freed from prison because Superman was not there to give evidence at his trial.


He soon goes about saving lives again as the superhero, as Lex goes about his own plans of world dominance again. Lex steals some Kryptonite from the fortress of solitude in an attempt to recreate his own land mass, which would kill billions. This is a very entertaining film with a good story and great direction. The special effects are top-notch and there are some really great sequences. Particularly the plane rescue scene. The actors all do a good job, especially Kevin Spacey as Lex, he was surprisingly great.


One of the things that is a little strange in this movie is that it definitely changes its tone. This is a darker tale and to be honest, it takes some getting used to. Brandon Routh does a pretty good job as Clark/Superman but at times is just a little too sad-looking. I always loved Christopher Reeves’s take on the character and Brandon, although looks a lot like Reeves, doesn’t quite get it to match. That being said it doesn’t spoil the over all film. This is still a very well made film and is definitely a much superior sequel to the dreadful “Superman 3.”