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Ok so I am a huge fan of the original movie, and also I am a massive John Carpenter fan. I had heard some pretty bad things about this sequel and I have to say that I was disappointed. The reason for my disappointment is just that it is a very pointless film. The reason for that is because it is just a  rehash of the first film. There is nothing really new to add at all to the characters or the story. Which does seem a huge shame because if they really put some effort in, this could have been great. The plot is almost identical in that Snake Plissken is called upon once again and given a deal to save his life. He is in trouble with the law again but they say they will give him his freedom if he goes and rescues the presidents daughter, who has joined a freedom fighter in the cut off island of L.A. She has also stolen a super weapon that can destroy electronics anywhere on the planet.



Snake is still fun to watch as are some of the action sequences. I hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed the ridiculous surfing scene, its just silly and hilarious but somehow fun. This is nowhere near as good as the original but on the whole just comes off with enough fun stuff to make in an average film. It really is a shame that they didn’t take more time to make a more original idea than just remake the first movie. Having said that, its still worth a watch. On its own its a decent movie but because of its un originality compared to the first its kind of a disappointment.


Logan’s Run 4/5

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Film Review
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Well this is an interesting science fiction movie from the 70’s. Its got quite a bit of cheesiness to it but an underlying theme of government control that shadows our own lives. Its set in the year 2274 where the human civilisation live under a sealed off dome city. All of their life is controlled by computers and as they are born they are implanted with a crystal in their hand that changes colour as they grow older. When reaching the age of 30 the crystal will tell them their time is up. When this happens they will undergo a ritual called “carrousel” where they will be vaporised. Most of the residents accept this, but some do try and run away. To catch the runners the system has sandmen in place, whose job it is to track down and kill the runners.


Logan 5 is a sandman who one day finds an ankh on one of the runners. He takes it to the head computer where he is told that it is a symbol of a secret group who help runners find sanctuary. He is asked to track down sanctuary and destroy it, however the twist is that the computer sets Logan’s life crystal off to flash four years too early. This then forces him to become a runner and he runs with Jessica 6 who seems to know more about sanctuary as she herself has an ankh symbol.



I don’t want to actually talk more about the plot as halfway through something really interesting happens and makes the film feel like a completely different movie. Its like a rebirth and works brilliantly. Logan’s run is a very trippy, cheesy looking sci fi but I really enjoyed it. It has interesting characters and set designs and features a pretty serious undertone. I feel this movie will get better with each watch and do want to re visit it some time.