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Well this is a film that I haven’t seen in years. I remember really liking the fact that this drama has a lot of heart. It follows the life of Gilbert grape and his family. Gilbert has a lot on his plate, to say the least. His mother is so morbidly obese she can hardly move and spends her days watching television. She hasn’t left the house for 7 years and is battling depression after her husband committed suicide.


Gilbert has a job at a local small grocery store and also is the main person looking after his mentally handicapped brother Arnie. His sisters spend most of their days in the kitchen providing meals for the family. You can see the strain and pressure the family is under. The acting in this film is simply wonderful. Johnny Depp is brilliant, but I think its Leonardo DiCaprios role as Arnie that really does stick with you. He is so convincing t in this early role, it was obvious that he would go on to be the great actor that he is today. The chemistry between all the actors in this is very good; they feel like a real family and suffer everyday problems.


This is a film that isn’t complex, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a really good movie that is just about life in general and the pressures it can bring which are something we can all identify with at some point in our lives. I really enjoyed watching it again.


Wow its been ages since writing a review. I have been so busy lately, with college and working two jobs, it’s just hard to get the time to watch any movies, let alone write about them. This is another venture into the David Cronenberg filmography. I have to admit that I didn’t like this film that much to be honest. It’s an interesting idea but I found it incredibly hard to connect to any of the characters. It basically follows a billionaire as he drives across town in his limo to get a haircut. Yes its bizarre and along the way there are a few things that happen that cause his empire to come crashing down around him. There are a few characters that seem interesting but the film is very talkie and the characters are extremely cold.



I have to say that the acting and direction are top notch of course and I was surprised by how good Robert Pattinson was in this movie. On the whole this is a very cerebral kind of movie that is often too cold to connect to. Most of the movie actually takes place in the limo, which helps us feel cut off from the world. This is probably done o purpose as the main character seems cut off from reality, living the high life for too long. Overall its a pretty interesting film but at times feels too talkie and much too cold. I much prefer Cronenberg’s earlier gorier mind bending attempts. This is definitely a change in direction for him.

Ok, so I wanted a small break from Spaghetti Westerns and thought I would rejoin my David Cronenberg season. This is the first David Cronenberg movie that has been a huge disappointment. Its a period drama with its story revolving around the lives of Carl Jung, Sabina Spielrein and Sigmund Freud. Its got a lot to do with the beginning of Psychoanalysis. Sabina is first brought in to the care of Jung because she is suffering from hysteria which he later finds out is due to sexual repression. He and Freud become friends at first but soon start to disagree with each others theories.Especially when Jung gives into temptation and starts an affair with Sabina.



There’s not a huge amount else to say about it really. It is a rather dull movie that didn’t really capture my interest. Saying that, it is very well acted and directed and is a really nice looking film. The music is excellent and the costumes are fantastic.



I am rather disappointed really, it had a lot going for it but just feels way too “talkie” and baggy if I am honest. This is now my least favourite Cronenberg movie and thats sad. I still think its worth a watch because he is such a good film maker. I will be watching and reviewing “Cosmopolis” tomorrow, all being well.

So this is one of the more well-known Spaghetti Westerns and falls into the “Zapata” category. This means its story revolves around the Mexican revolution. To be honest it is probably the best in this category, even better than Leones “A Fistful of Dynamite.” The story follows two main characters who become friends and entangled together in a bunch of weapons stealing. El Chuncho Munoz is the leader of the gang and is shown early on robbing a train with his bandits. Riding the train is Bill Tate who is an American. He manages to join the gang when he steps in and helps them rob the train. He and El Chuncho soon become friends and go about stealing weapons for General Elias to help the Mexicans in the revolution.



This is a real emotional story and the characters all have a lot of depth to them and some change and find themselves along the way. This I really liked. It still has some great action sequences and some top music but its the journey of the characters that is most fascinating.



The acting in this film is marvellous and I couldn’t help but really like El Chuncho, who grows so much as the story progresses. There are some twists in this film so I don’t want to spoil anything for those that haven’t seen this film. This is a must see Spaghetti and one that definitely needs to be re watched.



So you have interesting characters, great direction, great story and top action. What else could you ask for from this genre?

Well I have been really enjoying some older films lately and I thought it would be a good idea to watch some of the classics. This film is regarded as one of the best films ever made and in every sense of the word, a true classic. I have to say that I really did enjoy it and got swept up in the magic of it. So much so that I had to give it full marks, because there is nothing really to complain about in it. The story is set in 1941 and follows our main character Rick who is an expatriate now running a nightclub and gambling den. He seems quite a stern kind of guy who says he is neutral in all matters.


One night a petty crook shows up and tells Rick that he has killed two German couriers and has obtained two letters of transit. These papers will allow whoever carries them the right to leave Casablanca and get to neutral Poland. So they are quite important documents with the war going on, and any refugee in Casablanca would pay dearly for them. Before the crook can sell them however he is pursued by the local law enforcement. He is killed soon after but before it he had time to pass them on to Rick.


Ricks life is turned upside down when not long after an ex lover walks into his bar with her husband Victor Laszlo. She and Rick were deeply in love and spent some time in Paris together until we see in flashback how she just up and left him without explanation. This is quite a mysterious plot point and for that reason I am not going to talk anymore about the plot.


This is a fantastic movie! It has a really nice style, which it uses with foggy atmosphere and in another scene heavy rain. The acting is top-notch Bogart and Bergman are great as the lovers. I really did get swept right up in it. There is definitely a magic feel to this movie and this is why it has stood the test of time. The characters are not always what they seem and all have a lot of depth to them. You actually feel like you are there with them in the bar scenes. Great film, timeless masterpiece!

This is a fantastic film! It’s also one of Mark Kermode’s top 10 so I was looking forward to it. It’s directed by the great Ingmar Bergman and has been massively influential throughout the world. It explores deep themes underneath the surface and it really stays with you a while after watching. The film interweaves very cleverly both its characters ad its plot points. The main plot we see is that of a disillusioned knight Antonius Block. He and his squire Jons are back in Sweden after fighting in the crusades. Block is playing chess with himself when he is visited on the beach by death. Block challenges death to a game of chess so that he may live a little longer to do one good deed before his demise. Death agrees and they start a new game.


On their way home to Blocks castle they meet some interesting characters and also see the ravages of the plague. They meet Jof and Mia and their baby son who are travelling with their actor manager Skat. Jof and Mia are actors and are presenting shows across the country. They soon all become friends and join up as a travelling company. This films is full of despair and darkness and all of the characters have to face dark moments in this movie. There is the plague which is wiping people out left, right and centre but also there are the religious fanatics who go about burning people at the steak and marching while flagellating themselves.

seal look into death


One of the most interesting themes for me was the feeling of the absence of god. This is mostly portrayed by the chess playing knight. He is a deeply troubled man who just wants proof of gods existence. He struggles with this a lot in the movie and gives him some real depth. In fact all the characters in this film have a lot of depth to them.



This is a truly magnificent movie that really gets you thinking. I thought about this movie for a long time afterwards. Its really stylistic and captures the despair of the times wonderfully. It definitely requires more than one view because of its great depth. I myself am itching to watch it again and am left fascinated by it. It definitely has made me want to check out Ingmar Bergman’s movies, which I will look forward to doing.

So I feel like I must have missed the point here. Its one of Mark Kermodes top 10 and up until now I have loved all of his selections, but I really struggled with this one. It’s a really nice idea, well acted and nicely presented, but I couldn’t help feeling that it was just pretty average. Which is astounding, because if you look it up many people adore this movie and lots say it’s the best movie ever made. Well it certainly isn’t even close to that in my opinion. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it, I just thought it wasn’t as good as the hype surrounding it. The story follows a pilot who jumps out of his damaged plane without a parachute, just before doing so he talks with June, a radio operator. The next morning he is washed up on the beach nearby and soon actually meets face to face with June. The two soon fall in love and things seem to be fine apart from the face that he was actually meant to die that night. The afterlife is presented in black and white and we learn that they have made a great mistake in the fact that Peter should have died. They send conductor 71 down to retrieve him and clear up their mistake. However when he turns up and literally stops time to talk with Peter, Peter argues his case and wants to live as he has fallen in love.



Meanwhile on earth a local doctor thinks that Peter is having delusions and wants to help him by performing brain surgery. This makes us question what is actually happening to Peter and is somewhat of an interesting point. The movie just didn’t really work for me, I found it actually way too over the top and rather too whimsical. I couldn’t take it serious at all and found some of the characters quite shallow and annoying. Its a nice idea but in the end just didn’t work for me and felt actually quite boring in parts.