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Well this is a film that I haven’t seen in years. I remember really liking the fact that this drama has a lot of heart. It follows the life of Gilbert grape and his family. Gilbert has a lot on his plate, to say the least. His mother is so morbidly obese she can hardly move and spends her days watching television. She hasn’t left the house for 7 years and is battling depression after her husband committed suicide.


Gilbert has a job at a local small grocery store and also is the main person looking after his mentally handicapped brother Arnie. His sisters spend most of their days in the kitchen providing meals for the family. You can see the strain and pressure the family is under. The acting in this film is simply wonderful. Johnny Depp is brilliant, but I think its Leonardo DiCaprios role as Arnie that really does stick with you. He is so convincing t in this early role, it was obvious that he would go on to be the great actor that he is today. The chemistry between all the actors in this is very good; they feel like a real family and suffer everyday problems.


This is a film that isn’t complex, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a really good movie that is just about life in general and the pressures it can bring which are something we can all identify with at some point in our lives. I really enjoyed watching it again.


Wow, this one really floored me. This is seriously one of the best Sci fi films I have ever seen. It’s an incredibly emotional ride and I was really quite affected and choked up by it. Its set in the future where mankind has destroyed the planets resources and all plant life no longer exists. This is except for some biodomes which have been placed aboard giant spaceships for preservation. The idea is that eventually these remaining forests will eventually be placed back on earth for reforestation. We are on board one of the ships where our main character is a very caring individual and personally tends to the gardens and animals aboard.


The other crew members aren’t as caring as Freeman and when they all are told from headquarters that they must abandon the mission and nuke the domes, they are more than happy to do it and return to their families. However Freeman is deeply affected by this and I might add so was I. He seems so different from their selfish ways and really understands the deep connection to nature. He decides to take matters into his own hands and kills the three other crew members when they threaten his forest. He then flies off leaving just himself and three service robots called drones.


He then tries to stop himself feeling lonely by programming the drones to be more human and teaches them how to play cards and tend to the gardens. The film is genius in that the drones are so believable in being human that they become their own characters. It is such a sad film and the music is absolutely perfect for the tone of the film. The music stayed with me for days after viewing this film. It’s a heartbreaking deep emotional film that is put together in a beautiful way that makes you want to re watch it straight after viewing it. This is probably my second favourite science fiction film after Blade Runner and one of the best films I have ever seen. Absolutley beautiful, a masterpiece.

Ok so its been quite a while since I have last posted about any films. I have been quite busy with writing essays for college and just generally finding it very difficult to find any spare time in my life for movies. Yes this does suck! still I have seen a few movies and got a heap of films for christmas so hopefully I will find time to get this blog going again. So this is a film I watched some time ago. Danny Boyle’s 127 hours tells the true story of Aron Ralston who ends up in a life or death struggle while out adventuring. Through this struggle he goes through many emotional and spiritual changes and comes out of it a changed man.


James Franco does an excellent job depicting Aron as we see him living life in the fast lane without a care in the world. This all changes when he falls down a canyon and a boulder falls behind him and lands trapping his right arm against the canyon wall. So here he is stuck in the middle of nowhere with hardly any supplys and only his camera for company.


Danny Boyle gives this film a huge amount of energy, with its hard driven soundtrack and fast paced cutting. I loved James Franco’s performance, he was really good in this role. It’s quite a spiritual film about survival and the human condition. I really enjoyed the film and lobed the close knit up front way it told its story. Boyle is a very good director and knows how to deal with its claustrophobic feel. I have really enjoyed every film I have seen from this director and will always watch his movies.

Well seeing as it was Halloween the other day I decided to re watch this masterpiece. This is undoubtably one of, if not the best horror films ever made. It is every bit still as powerful as when it was released back in the early 70’s. For all its horror, it actually has amazing depth and great character development. Its got a few storylines going on in it. The main one is obviously the demonic possession of a young girl. But we also have the plot about father Karras who has lost his faith. He also loses his mother in the film prior to being asked to help the possessed Regan.

The Exorcist (1973)

As Regan is slowing being “taken over” by the demon we see some pretty harsh medical tests that she has to go through. When the doctors come up with nothing they suggest drugs and a psychiatrist. However Regan’s mother Chris knows something deeper and darker is going on here and she is becoming more and more upset.


Things get worse and worse and Regan’s mother is at her wit’s end. When things get extremely supernatural she seeks out Karras who at first is reluctant and thinks that it’s in Regan’s mind. However he is proven wrong pretty soon and goes about organising an exorcism. Father Merrin is experienced with this demon and is brought in to help.


Well seeing as this is an absolute masterpiece there’s not one thing wrong with it. Its got an amazing deep story, fantastic special effects that still hold up to this day. Great direction and lighting and a great soundtrack. Also a fantastic cast who give amazing performances. This is actually Mark Kermodes favourite film of all time and he has seen it over 200 times! It is a stunning piece of work that will leave you shocked and emotionally drained. I love this film and have always loved it, but always feel a little uneasy watching it. That says a lot because I don’t really get that effected by movies. This film does everything it set out to do.

I have been extremely fortunate lately in that I have watched some fantastic films that I have given full marks to. I really do try to only give a 5/5 if it’s a special film, so I have seen some real special movies. This is another 5/5 and man it deserves it. It’s possibly my film of the year so far, it just blew me away. The basic story, (without spoilers) is that we follow a group of astronauts on a mission to reignite the sun. They are carrying a huge nuclear bomb, the size of Manhattan on their ship, and the idea is to fire it directly into the sun which will bring it back to life. The earth has turned into a non stop winter as the sun has been dying, so the mission is mankind’s last hope.


However this is the second and last attempt as a previous attempt was made but the ship and crew from the first mission mysteriously got lost as no one heard anything from them. Soon into the mission, the crew of Icarus 2 discover the signal from Icarus 1, the ship from the previous attempt.


They decide that they will go and investigate the ship because there may be a chance of taking the previous bomb from Icarus 1 to give them double the chance at their mission. However things start to go rapidly wrong for the crew and the tension is phenomenal. This is one hell of a white knuckle ride. Its a visual feast and also combines it with some fantastic music.


It grips you from very early on and refuses to let go. Its nail-biting, edge of your seat danger and drama. Such a fantastic blend of drama and horror, all set in space. The acting is absolutely perfect, the crew of the Icarus 2 are completely believable. This film really had my jaw completely dropped and the ending is really thrilling. This is one of the best films I have seen this year and might just be my favourite so far. This year has been great for movie watching and I am going to really struggle when it comes to my end of year round-up.


Well I think I actually can’t decide which is my favourite Cronenberg film between this movie and The Fly. I had forgotten a lot of this movie from seeing it many years ago. This is a fantastic film with so many sub plots going on to keep you interested. Its based on a Stephen King novel of the same name and brought to the screen by David Cronenberg. Christopher Walken plays Johnny Smith  who suffers a severe car accident which causes him to sink into a 5 year coma. After waking up a lot has changed in his life. Not only has his fiancée moved on without him and built a new life. He also discovers accidentally that he has acquired a psychic ability whenever he touches someone.


This enables him to see someones future or past. This brings him some media attention after he helps save a little girls life who has been caught in a fire. After a while a local sheriff decides to ask Johnny for help solving a murder case. At first Johnny doesn’t want to get involved but eventually comes around to using his new-found gift in a lot of situations.


Theres a lot more going on in this story but I wont say much else for fear of ruining some amazing plot twists. The acting and direction are just superb in this film. Theres a lot of heart and morality to the story, which I really connected with. I liked the characters and could really sympathise with Johnny after he wakes up from his coma.


I know a lot of people feel Stephen Kings stories and movie adaptations have terrible endings, but this is certainly not the case here. This film has an awesome and powerful ending that will leave you thinking for a while. Well there’s not much more to say really, this is a wonderful film and is my equal favourite Cronenberg film so far.

Well this film is absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed this, in fact it literally blew me away.  Its full of sentiment, comedy, charm and just great fun. It focuses on Carl Fredricksen who is an elderly widower living in his beloved home. Before we see him as elderly though, we are treated to one of the most beautiful montages I have ever seen. It shows Carl growing old with his beloved Ellie. This is seriously one of the most touching and heart warming passages of time you are ever likely to see in any film. I was moved emotionally so many times in this film, it is that beautiful. So anyway Carl wants to live out his promise he made to Ellie and that is to live in Paradise Falls. He is sick of the workmen trying to buy his home and plough it down so he ties thousands of balloons to his house and they lift him and his whole house off the ground. He uses his house as the airship that will sail him to his dreams.


However he has a stowaway with him, Russell who is a young wilderness explorer has accidentally come aboard for the ride. They soon hit a storm which forces them to land. Luck would have it though that they are now facing the falls and Carl says that they can walk the house to the correct position quickly before the balloons deflate.


They meet new friends and also start a new adventure when they meet up with Carl and Ellie’s inspiration for their dreams of living in Paradise Falls – Charles F Muntz. This is one of the best films I have seen this year. It moved me to tears in some scenes. It really balances its deep meanings well with some great comedic moments. I loved every minute of it and would have easily put it straight back on. That to me means it’s a clear masterpiece and a 5 star film. Great animation with some deep philosophy.