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Well this film is a really great drama film. Its set around the theme of mixed martial arts tournaments and involves the story of 2 brothers and their father. They are all suffering on some level to do with issues from their past. The father, played by Nick Nolte is a recovering alcoholic and would like nothing more than to redeem himself and make it up to his sons. The theres Tommy, played by Tom Hardy who is one of the sons. He is carrying a lot of anger and emotional trauma from his experiences at war.


Then there is Brendan who is the other brother. He is a school teacher and former UFC fighter. He and his wife are struggling financially and are in danger of losing their house. He decides to enter the Sparta competition where the best fighters in the world will face off and the winner will take away a fortune.


This is a real roller coaster of an emotional journey. It pulls no punches with its superb acting. All the actors are absolutely fantastic in this movie and some scenes are completely heartbreaking to watch. The action is brutal and realistic and you are left on the edge of your seat a lot.


There are so many layers of emotion and back story going on in this film. It is really well written and grounded in reality. I loved every minute of it and therefore it gets the stellar 5 star rating. I have been lucky lately with movies, giving quite a few 5 stars out!