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Well there’s not much that hasn’t been said about this film. It’s widely considered to be one of the greatest films of all time, and for good reason. The standard of storytelling, character development and acting is absolutely first class. Its tells the story of the comings and goings of a big gangster family. The family are the Corleone family and we are introduced to them on the daughter’s wedding day. There is much celebration but behind closed doors Vito “The Don” Corleone is doing business.


Things start to get stressful however when a Vito refuses an offer to help the drug trade. This starts off a vicious war within the five families that starts to spiral out of control. The other element to this is Vito’s youngest son Michael, who is played by Al Pacino. He has recently returned from World War 2 and has never been involved in the families “business.” However through the events that take place during the war of the five families, he soon sees no other option than to protect his family, and he changes dramatically as the story progresses.

Godfather 7 Vito Michael

This is definitely a wonderful film that really is very clever and really well executed. You get a sense of the real chemistry between the actors and they really feel like a real family. The only reason I didn’t give this a 5 out of 5 is because I do feel that it is slightly baggy in some scenes, especially the wedding. Fantastic film though and I was glad to watch it again. I am looking forward to part 2 because I think that used to be my favourite.


This look into David Cronenberg’s career has been one hell of a ride. He has proven to me that he can direct any genre with style and fantastic storytelling. This is his second film working with the fantastic Viggo Mortensen. Its another crime based drama, this time focusing on the Russian mafia. It also stars Naomi Watts who plays a midwife who gets caught up with the Russian mafia. Her journey begins when she find a Russian diary on the body of a 14 year old girl who died in childbirth. She also find a card for a local Russian restaurant. She sets out to try and find the girls family so she can find a home for the baby.


She meets with the restaurants owner Semyon who appears friendly. However her Ukrainian uncle and self-described former KGB officer, Stepan urges caution when she asks him to help translate the diary. She soon meets other Russians Kirill and his driver Nikolai Luzhin, superbly played by Viggo Mortensen. Viggo is so convincing in this role that you really believe that he is Russian. As the story goes on the tension rises as Semyon wants the diary back at any cost as it has evidence of terrible crimes committed against the 14 year old girl.


Yet another 5 star fantastic movie from Cronenberg. A thrilling spectacularly tense ride with twists along the way. Viggo proves he is one hell of a brave and awesome actor as he leaves us with a fantastic fight sequence in which he fights for his life while completely naked in a bath house.


This is one hell of a film with yet another fantastic performance from Viggo.

Another awesome David Cronenberg movie here! It is a little different in theme to his previous stuff, but man is it one hell of a movie. Not only is it one of his best films, it’s also one of Viggo Mortensens best roles too. Cronenberg is on top of his game here and proves he can do any genre with style and great storytelling. Viggo plays Tom stall who is a mild-mannered family man who owns a local coffee shop. His life changes dramatically when one night he kills two men in self-defense as they come to rob his shop and murder his waitress.


This act makes him an overnight celebrity and brings much unwanted media attention his way. Soon things take an unexpected turn for the worst when a scarred gangster by the name of Fogarty comes into his shop with his henchmen. Fogarty keeps calling Tom by another name claiming Tom to really be a gangster called “Joey Cusack.” Tom seems really confused and says that Fogarty is confusing him with someone else.

large history of violence5

However Fogarty is convinced and thus begins stalking Toms family. This of course puts huge strain on Tom and his relationship with his family as they start to doubt their husband and father. This is an amazing film which is so well acted. Viggo is just simply amazing in this role and proves his is definitely a fantastic character actor. Although it is quite a different type of film from Cronenberg, it does have a lot of the same themes running through it from previous works. You have the extreme violence, and believe me it is very violent! and at the heart of it you also have the character in a struggle with his personality.


This one really floored me. I cant wait to finish my David Cronenberg run so I can then do a post with my top 5 Cronenberg movies listed!