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Well I definitely feel that slasher films are full of the same old clichés. Having said that; it can be part of their charm. This is a very typical slasher that has a lot of clichés, but still has some fun sequences. It also has quite a few cameos from franchise favourites.


The plot is quite simple in that a bunch of people end up getting slashed to death. It’s funny to say that but that’s basically it. The soon to be victims are all on a haunted swamp tour and soon cross paths with Victor Crowley. Victor is a deformed killer who stalks anyone that comes near his home. We have seen it all before, but there are some good laughs and some inventive killings. Also I have to give credit to the special effects team, as there is no CGI in this film at all. Well there’s not much else to say really, it’s a fun slasher that brings nothing new to the genre but can be fun in moments.


Well this was definitely a huge disappointment. It started off quite well, with a huge fast paced frantic chase scene that really got my interest. Unfortunately though it just became very flat feeling and I lost interest pretty quickly. The story is your basic zombie apocalypse story line that really offers nothing new or exciting. It stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane who used to work for the united nations as an investigator. He is forced back into investigating when he is asked to find a way of stopping the pandemic.


He is forced to leave his family and go out into the world. The film then jumps all over the place as he travels searching for the answers. It all just gets very boring though and even with some really nice ideas and a very cool set piece it all just feels empty. It’s a shame really because this film probably could have been really good. It had all the ingredients but just not the flavour!


The acting and direction were not even bad, I think the problem was in the script. However its a nice looking film with lots of locations and effects, but other than that I havent got many good things to say about it. Definitely a missed opportunity!

Yet another of Mark Kermodes top 10. The devil is an extraordinary film that left me speechless. It’s also based on a true story and a strong statement on the union of church and state. Oliver Reed plays Urbain Grandier who is a Roman Catholic priest in the town of Loudon. At the start of the film he is quite Promiscuous as he doesn’t believe in remaining celibate. Elsewhere Cardinal Richelieu is influencing Louis XIII in an attempt to gain further power. He convinces Louis that the fortifications of cities throughout France should be demolished to prevent Protestants from uprising. Louis agrees, but forbids Richelieu from carrying out demolitions in the town of Loudon, having made a promise to its governor not to damage the town.

The-Devils vaness

The deformed sister Jeanne is sexually obsessed with the priest and when she finds out that he has married, she goes nuts at his wife and attacks her. Her jealousy coupled with the cardinal’s plans to tear down Loudon set a horrific scheme in motion that will risk the very life of the priest and the town itself.


This is certainly a very powerful film with a deep religious and political message. It hosts fantastic performances from its actors, superb direction and cinematography. The set pieces designed by Derek Jarman are amazing and give the film a real nice look. I have the BFI recent dvd of this film and I am sad to say that it isn’t the full directors cut that Mark Kermode helped put together. It’s a real shame that you just cant see the film the way it was intended. That being said it’s a fantastic dvd set and includes a nice set of extras. You can blame Warner Bros for not allowing the extra footage back into the film. It is the best dvd available though and doesn’t damage the film too much. You can read a lot of the history of the censorship on Wikipedia.


I absolutely loved this movie, it hits hard and shows a very brutal period of time within religion. I feel that this is a very important film and needs to be seen. I am praying for the full directors cut. Sometimes they show the full version at certain cinemas, I for one would go along. Amazing thought-provoking movie that needs more attention.

Yet another David Cronenberg movie here and this is a fantastic movie. It’s a multi layered film that hits you with emotion. It follows the story of Seth Brundle who is an extremely gifted scientist. He meets Veronica Quaife who is a reporter for a science magazine called particle. He takes her back to his place where he shows her his invention, a teleportation device. He has two “telepods” that are functioning and an older model. Basically he can teleport objects from one telepod to another. Although they don’t seem to be able to teleport living things at the moment, which is shown in a rather gross experiment on a baboon. However Seth and Veronica soon fall in love and start a relationship.


She inspires him to tweak the  computer to allow for living beings to be teleported and soon enough he masters it. However she is not around to watch the other baboon come through unharmed. So Seth has his own little celebration and gets drunk. While under the influence he decides to put himself through the teleportation process. However he doesn’t notice a small fly gets in the telepod with him, and this leads to disastrous events.


At first he feels great, he experiences increased speed and strength and also a high sex drive.  He soon believes this is due to him being purified by the teleportation process and tries to convince Veronica to go through. When she refuses he starts getting more and more manic and indulges in all sorts of crazy shit. Veronica becomes very aware that something has gone very wrong with Seth and soon enough she is proven right when Seth begins mutating rather disgustingly into a fusion of human and fly.


This is such an amazing Sci-Fi, Horror, tragic love story. It’s completely heart breaking and that is an amazing feat for such a disgusting body horror movie. It really is a very touching film and I have shed a tear over it before. It’s an absolute masterpiece of science fiction and is a must watch if you like Sci-Fi or horror. Its my faveourite Cronenberg film so far in this run. Amazing.

Another great movie here from Cronenberg. A really strange movie as well I might add. It follows a guy called Max Renn who is the president of CIVIC-TV. They show sleazy late night TV programmes and Max is looking for something new for his channel. One morning he is called to talk with Harlan. Harlan operates a pirate satellite dish which can intercept international broadcasts. He shows Max Videodrome which is just a seemingly staged snuff torture show. Max immediately falls in love with it and asks Harlan to start recording the show. Meanwhile Max is appearing on a TV show to defend his station. It is here he meets Nicki Brand, a sadomasochistic Psychiatrist. The two of them end up sleeping together whilst watching a recording of Videodrome.


After Max finds out that the show is actually being broadcast from Pittsburgh and not from Malaysia where he and Harlan thought it was coming from. He tells Nicki and then she decides to go try audition to be on the show. When she doesn’t return Max goes investigating the origins of Videodrome himself. This is where the film becomes really mind bendingly  trippy.


Max starts having some really strange hallucinations. He soon finds out that Videodrome isn’t what he first thought it was. No its much more dangerous than just a TV show.


Yet again this is very intelligent film making. Lots of twists and themes happening here, as it all revolves around such weird imagery. You can tell Cronenberg had a bigger budget this time, and he uses it to full effect. This is definitely a weird movie and probably his strangest film so far in my little run of his movies. James Woods and Deborah Harry give great central performances. The special effects are great and really quite fun. It’s a very in your face movie that doesn’t really hold back. Its visceral and haunting at the same time. It’s really great and gets you thinking long after it has finished. Up next in this run is The dead Zone!



A really great David Cronenberg movie here. I think his films seem to be getting better and better. This one was made after he went through a tough time with his marriage ending. This leads to inspire a lot of the events in this movie. The plot revolves around a father and daughter who start to experience strange goings on in their life. The mother of the girl is mentally unstable and is under the care of Psychotherapist Hal Raglan. He runs the Somafree Institute where he performs a technique called “psychoplasmics”, encouraging patients with mental disturbances to let go of their suppressed emotions through physiological changes to their bodies.


The parents are caught in a custody battle for their daughter and frank, the father believes that the mother is harming her daughter when he finds bruises on her back. This leads him to try to stop Nola, the mother from even having her weekend visits. This causes tension between Frank and the psychotherapist. Things start to get a little stranger when some deformed dwarf child starts attacking and killing people that are around the young girl. Frank investigates Hal’s methods and he soon uncovers some very strange findings.


I really enjoyed this movie, its got a lot more going on in it than his previous works. The characters are really interesting and there is some shocking moments of brutal gore and violence. Oliver Reed is fantastic as the Psychotherapist and gives a rather chilling performance. Next on my Cronenberg list is Scanners, so look out for that one soon.

Well this is another entry into my David Cronenberg collection. This has a few elements in it that are similar to his previous film “Shivers.” It still stands by itself as well though bringing us something fresh and just as bat shit crazy. This time we follow a young woman who has just had a motorcycle accident. She is taken to a nearby plastic surgery where they treat her burns using an experimental technique. At first all seems well but soon the woman starts to need to feed on blood.


She feeds from a orrifice in her armpit that hides a stinger. Yeah this is a messed up weird movie but it was great fun! It had great tension and interesting characters. Good direction and nice effects. Cronenberg showed even in his early movies that he had something really interesting to offer.


It’s quite clever thinking back at the themes in this film. You have got body horror, vampirism and zombie themes running throughout. You could even argue that it is an argument about not dabbling too much in science.


rabid woman

I love how Cronenberg’s films have a lot going on beneath the surface. It’s clear he is an intelligent director that knows how to make interesting horror movies. I am trying to watch his films in order and reviewing them in this way is great to see him grow as an artist.