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Well this is a film that I haven’t seen in years. I remember really liking the fact that this drama has a lot of heart. It follows the life of Gilbert grape and his family. Gilbert has a lot on his plate, to say the least. His mother is so morbidly obese she can hardly move and spends her days watching television. She hasn’t left the house for 7 years and is battling depression after her husband committed suicide.


Gilbert has a job at a local small grocery store and also is the main person looking after his mentally handicapped brother Arnie. His sisters spend most of their days in the kitchen providing meals for the family. You can see the strain and pressure the family is under. The acting in this film is simply wonderful. Johnny Depp is brilliant, but I think its Leonardo DiCaprios role as Arnie that really does stick with you. He is so convincing t in this early role, it was obvious that he would go on to be the great actor that he is today. The chemistry between all the actors in this is very good; they feel like a real family and suffer everyday problems.


This is a film that isn’t complex, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a really good movie that is just about life in general and the pressures it can bring which are something we can all identify with at some point in our lives. I really enjoyed watching it again.


Well this film is absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed this, in fact it literally blew me away.  Its full of sentiment, comedy, charm and just great fun. It focuses on Carl Fredricksen who is an elderly widower living in his beloved home. Before we see him as elderly though, we are treated to one of the most beautiful montages I have ever seen. It shows Carl growing old with his beloved Ellie. This is seriously one of the most touching and heart warming passages of time you are ever likely to see in any film. I was moved emotionally so many times in this film, it is that beautiful. So anyway Carl wants to live out his promise he made to Ellie and that is to live in Paradise Falls. He is sick of the workmen trying to buy his home and plough it down so he ties thousands of balloons to his house and they lift him and his whole house off the ground. He uses his house as the airship that will sail him to his dreams.


However he has a stowaway with him, Russell who is a young wilderness explorer has accidentally come aboard for the ride. They soon hit a storm which forces them to land. Luck would have it though that they are now facing the falls and Carl says that they can walk the house to the correct position quickly before the balloons deflate.


They meet new friends and also start a new adventure when they meet up with Carl and Ellie’s inspiration for their dreams of living in Paradise Falls – Charles F Muntz. This is one of the best films I have seen this year. It moved me to tears in some scenes. It really balances its deep meanings well with some great comedic moments. I loved every minute of it and would have easily put it straight back on. That to me means it’s a clear masterpiece and a 5 star film. Great animation with some deep philosophy.