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Ok so I am a huge fan of the original movie, and also I am a massive John Carpenter fan. I had heard some pretty bad things about this sequel and I have to say that I was disappointed. The reason for my disappointment is just that it is a very pointless film. The reason for that is because it is just a  rehash of the first film. There is nothing really new to add at all to the characters or the story. Which does seem a huge shame because if they really put some effort in, this could have been great. The plot is almost identical in that Snake Plissken is called upon once again and given a deal to save his life. He is in trouble with the law again but they say they will give him his freedom if he goes and rescues the presidents daughter, who has joined a freedom fighter in the cut off island of L.A. She has also stolen a super weapon that can destroy electronics anywhere on the planet.



Snake is still fun to watch as are some of the action sequences. I hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed the ridiculous surfing scene, its just silly and hilarious but somehow fun. This is nowhere near as good as the original but on the whole just comes off with enough fun stuff to make in an average film. It really is a shame that they didn’t take more time to make a more original idea than just remake the first movie. Having said that, its still worth a watch. On its own its a decent movie but because of its un originality compared to the first its kind of a disappointment.


Now this here is one amazing movie! its one of John Carpenters first and indeed one of his very best films. The setting, the tension, the acting and the music all come together so nicely that it grips you to the edge of your seat and doesn’t let go. I really couldn’t find any fault in this movie at all so I had to give it a full marks rating, it’s a masterpiece.


It basically follows a few characters who all end up arriving at the same destination and then have to fight for their lives to escape a ruthless gang that has waged a blood oath fuelled war. The first sequence involves a new officer of the law who has been assigned to take charge of a decommissioned police station that is near enough closed down. The second scenario follows the ruthless gang who have stolen some weapons and are now on the hunt to kill anyone after they lost some of their men in a shoot out with the police. They end up mercilessly killing an innocent little girl which leads the girl’s father to kill one of the gangs leaders in revenge.

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)

The father then ends up being pursued by the gang until he ends up in the very same police station that is now closing. Also ending up at the police station is three prisoners on their way to a new prison who have ended up having to stop at the same station as previously mentioned in order to gather medical supplies for one of the prisoners who is sick. things now kick into overdrive as the silent gang outside wages war and cuts all communication into the station.


The mismatched characters at the station must now pull together if they are gonna survive the night and fight back against an unstoppable foe. Well I can’t praise this film enough its all so well executed. It’s a perfect example of what you can do with a limited budget. In fact sometimes smaller budgeted pictures do often come out to be great because you can’t rely on anything other than your story and the acting. Its got a bit of a night of the living dead feel to it which I really liked. If you like thrillers or action movie then this is most definitely a must see.


Well, it’s yet another re watch for me here. I really enjoy showing movies to friends and this was one a friend hadn’t seen. Well John Carpenter is probably  my all time favourite director, if I really had to choose. The film is set in a bleak future where crime has got out of control. The government has decided to turn the whole Manhattan island into a giant walled in prison where prisoners are left to their own devices. Things go haywire though when the presidents plane crashes inside the huge island and the president is taken hostage. Desperate to resolve the situation and get the president back, the authorities send in a recently caught prisoner named Snake Plissken. they offer Plissken immunity for his crimes if he can get he president back, if not then after the timer runs out Snake will die from the implants they have injected into him.


Kurt Russell is perfect as the tough guy and plays it so well. Snake is seriously one of the all time cool bad ass characters from the movies. The acting is all top notch here with some Carpenter favourites like Donald Pleasence and Adrienne Barbeau. The overall feel of grimness in this movie is amazing, helped by the great music score.

escape from new york 1


Well, I love this movie, its one of Carpenters best. But then again I love nearly all of John Carpenters work. I think it’s because he has crossed a lot of genres and made great movies in nearly all of them. He is very good at utilising a budget too, for instance this movie is actually quite a low-budget film, but he makes it look amazing with what he has to work with. Check this one out  if you  like sci-fi and action.