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So this is a film that I was very excited to see. I am a huge fan of action and I had heard really good things about this movies action sequences. Well the first thing to say is that the action scenes are pretty damn spectacular. That’s not to say that the story is lacking, but generally the reason you watch a movie like this is to see the amazing action scenes. The story is a basic set up in that it follows a 20 man elite police squad who have been sent to an apartment block. Their mission is to storm in and take out a crime lord who operates from the building.


There are a couple of plot twists and revelations along the way but the story is a basic set up and its the amazing action sequences that make this film so damn good. They are pretty breathtaking I have to say. They combine martial arts with gun fights and explosions. It’s very fast paced and keeps you interested throughout.


Theres not really much else I can say about a movie like this, it just kind of has to be seen to be appreciated for what it is. Which is a really fast paced, adrenaline fuelled, action feast for the senses. Great film, thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone that appreciates a good action movie.


Well this series certainly went out with a bang! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and am glad that it ended on such a high. In this last movie of the series we see Itto go up against a secret branch of the Yagyu clan who can burrow under the earth. We also get some really nice secrets revealed about Retsudo which I really enjoyed. All in all though the story is a lot simpler than some of the other films in the series, but it works really well. It’s basically Retsudos last assault on Ogami and Daigoro and its great.


As with all the films, the action is superb and really well shot. Its fast paced and very violent, and very stylish. It again features a huge end fight that is just beautiful with the snowy setting.


This film also has the biggest body count performed by one character ever! That’s pretty impressive, I believe that the official count is 150 kills. Itto is the man! The only thing that is a little sad with the series is that it is left un concluded. I would have loved to see it come to an end. Still these films have been such good fun I have thoroughly enjoyed them and will definitely watch them again some day!

After watching the first movie and absolutely loving every minute of it, it’s no surprise that I was excited about the sequel. While it’s a very good movie, it definitely didn’t quite get me going as  much as the first. that’s  not to say this is a bad movie, because this is still a fantastic martial arts movie. It pretty much continues on from where the first film ended with Ip and his family escaping Foshan. He wants to continue to teach his martial arts. He soon finds some students who want to learn and begins teaching them. Until one of them gets in trouble with another school. Ip goes to try to settle the issue but is soon attacked from the mob. After a really great display of martial arts Ip meets with the mobs master, who then tells Ip that before setting up a school he must test his ability in front of other schools masters.


Ip soon goes to the challenge and displays awesome skill and wins his right to teach. however he is only allowed to teach if he pays a monthly protection fee. He declines this but still continues to teach any way. After another set of tense situations between the school the master of the rival school ,Hung, starts to respect Ip and invites him to a British boxing match that he has helped set up. However Ip soon learns that the British boxer is very disrespectful to chinese boxing and tries to humiliate them by defeating Hung. This then sets Ip on his mission to prove that both styles deserve respect by challenging the British boxer Taylor “The Twister.”


Theres a lot to like in this movie. The directing and action sequences are great and its nice to see Sammo Hung in this film. He and Donnie Yen have great chemistry throughout and you really feel their eventual respect for each other. It definitely didn’t have quite the same magic as the first movie but you have to watch this if you liked the first one as this is still a worthy sequel.

Well this film is a really great drama film. Its set around the theme of mixed martial arts tournaments and involves the story of 2 brothers and their father. They are all suffering on some level to do with issues from their past. The father, played by Nick Nolte is a recovering alcoholic and would like nothing more than to redeem himself and make it up to his sons. The theres Tommy, played by Tom Hardy who is one of the sons. He is carrying a lot of anger and emotional trauma from his experiences at war.


Then there is Brendan who is the other brother. He is a school teacher and former UFC fighter. He and his wife are struggling financially and are in danger of losing their house. He decides to enter the Sparta competition where the best fighters in the world will face off and the winner will take away a fortune.


This is a real roller coaster of an emotional journey. It pulls no punches with its superb acting. All the actors are absolutely fantastic in this movie and some scenes are completely heartbreaking to watch. The action is brutal and realistic and you are left on the edge of your seat a lot.


There are so many layers of emotion and back story going on in this film. It is really well written and grounded in reality. I loved every minute of it and therefore it gets the stellar 5 star rating. I have been lucky lately with movies, giving quite a few 5 stars out!


Well I have to admit that although I enjoyed this film, the series is definitely starting to feel tired. Its got some interesting ideas, but others just start getting a bit repetitive. This time around Ogami is tested by five messengers who all try to kill him in different ways. After dispatching all of them he is hired by the clan and sent to kill a young girl who is posing as the heir of a local Daimyo. The real heir is a boy who is kept locked away. Ogami is also asked to stop a document that reveals this deception, from reaching Yagyu Retsudo, his mortal enemy.


Daigoro gets separated again from his father in one part and protects a local pick pocket called quick change. He refuses to give her in and receives a beating from the local law enforcement.

The film is definitely enjoyable, it just comes off a bit repetitive and this makes it the weakest of the series so far. I am looking forward to the final entry in the series, which I will try to watch this week and round-up the entire series. An average film compared to the other entries.

Here is a really well made post apocalyptic movie! Denzel Washington plays Eli, who has been wandering since a nuclear fall out some thirty years ago. He is an expert in survival tactics and an amazing martial artist. He displays this many times throughout. I particularly enjoyed the fight under the bridge near the beginning of the movie, it was very savage. It is later revealed that Eli carries with him a very important book, which he reads from every day. He soon enters a town that is being run by a man called Carnegie. It turns out that Carnegie has been sending motorcycle gangs out to look for a powerful book that he desires to control people on earth.

Book of Eli - Following the Trail

Eli is set upon by a gang in a bar and he quickly dispatches them all with his unmatched skills. Carnegie, seeing this asks Eli to join his gang, an offer that is clearly non negotiable. Eli is soon given food and water. Carnegie sends in his mistress’s daughter Solara to seduce Eli, but Eli refuses and instead offers Solara a share of his food.

The Book of Eli

Before eating the food Eli says grace and soon tells Solara of the book and his quest to get it to where it needs to be. However the next day Solara accidentally lets it slip to Carnegie about the book that Eli carries. It so happens to be the last known copy of the bible. This leads Carnegie to go after Eli to get the book for himself to create a new controlled civilisation. This leads to a war between Eli, alongside Solara and Carnegie alongside his mob.

The Book of Eli movie image Gary Oldman


This is a fantastic movie that has it all, great story, cast, characters and some expertly filmed fast paced action sequences. It also has some great subtle clues that lead to a great twist. It actually makes it really interesting to watch a second time and I plan on seeing it again soon, if I find time.


Oh man this is one hell of a movie right here! and its based on a true story. It’s a  biography of the life of the legendary Yip Man who was a martial arts master. The film focuses on events in Ip’s life that supposedly took place in the city of Foshan during the Sino-Japanease war. Its set in the 1930s and we meet Ip, who is known throughout Foshan as the greatest martial artist in the area. He is a very polite man and keeps a low profile, while only competing in private friendly bouts with local other martial artists.


One day a new fighter comes to town and tries to humiliate and defeat all the fighters in Foshan. He nearly manages it, until he meets Ip. After this bout Ip becomes a local hero and is widely praised. Things soon become hard for Ip and all the people of Foshan when the Japanese invade and take over. Ip and many others lose their homes and poverty strikes. Ip is soon forced to start work at a coal mine to support his family. Soon though a local Japanese general starts offering the workers bags of rice if they will compete agains Japanese martial artists.


At first it seems fair enough and Ip goes along to watch. But soon he is enraged when a fellow Foshan master is executed for picking up a bag of rice that he didnt manage to earn. Ip goes in and takes on 10 of their fighters and displays an amazing spectacle of fighting, only this time its no friendly and Ip holds nothing back. Striking furious blows and knocking his opponents out clean.


The general is extremely impressed with Ip and desperately wants to fight him to prove himself, Ip at first refuses so the general has plans to force Ips hand. This truly is one of the best martial arts movies I have ever seen. It has everything, a fantastic story, great cast and superb fight choreography. I can speak for how accurate it is to the man himself, but I have heard that it is mostly faithful, only throwing the odd bit of drama in for effect. Donnie Yen is fantastic in the lead role and just gives all the emotions needed for the part. I really cant wait to see part 2 after the ending of this movie. I will be watching it at the weekend hopefully so a review will be coming real soon.