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Well many people would have heard the name Akira Kurosawa, especially if you are into film. There is a good reason why, I mean this guy influenced cinema as we know it. He was a true visionary director who inspired so many other directors who came after him. This film here is an absolute masterpiece, and to me has everything in it that makes it so. You have deep and interesting characters, a fantastic story, great action sequences and even some humour. It is all balanced beautifully and for the whole 3 hours plus you just cant get bored. There so much going on! This is in my top 10 for a reason and since re watching it a couple of times it just seems to get stronger and stronger with every watch.


The story appears quite simple, yet woven into it is all sorts of history and depth of a 16th century life in Japan. Bandits meet on horseback outside a poor farming village and speak of how they will attack when the crop is ready. A villager overhears and brings news to the village. They are very poor and know that this attack could end up killing them all if their food is stolen. They debate about what to do and eventually decide that they will employ samurai to defend their village. They have nothing to offer the samurai apart from food. The film shows the sign of the times with the farmers being harshly treated because of their role within the country. We are soon introduced to the first samurai Kambei. He is seen cutting off his topknot to pose as a priest and save a kidnapped baby. He becomes the leader and master tactician as he and his new samurai apprentice employ the others.

seven samurai

To be honest I could write pages and pages on each samurai as they are recruited, but that would make a huge post. I will just echo what I said before in that each one is really deep and interesting. They soon find themselves harshly greeted in the village as the villagers are hiding from them. One villager wants to protect his daughter so much that he forces her to cut off her hair and pose as a boy. The film is divided into three sections really, first its the meeting of the samurai, then its life in the village as the samurai and farmers must overcome their differences as Kambei prepares them for the battle. Thirdly is the battle itself which is still epic even by today’s standards.



There’s even a sub-plot of a love story. Kurosawa gets so much done in this movie its incredible. You can tell you have watched a masterpiece when you can keep revisiting it and finding more things in it that you may have missed. I love this movie so much that even writing about it makes me want to watch it again. Its undoubtedly one of the best films I have ever watched and I am proud to have it in my top 10. I will actually be looking into doing a review of all of Kurosawa’s works, maybe even after I finish with David Cronenberg. Astounding cinema, a true timeless masterpiece!!




Well this film is absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed this, in fact it literally blew me away.  Its full of sentiment, comedy, charm and just great fun. It focuses on Carl Fredricksen who is an elderly widower living in his beloved home. Before we see him as elderly though, we are treated to one of the most beautiful montages I have ever seen. It shows Carl growing old with his beloved Ellie. This is seriously one of the most touching and heart warming passages of time you are ever likely to see in any film. I was moved emotionally so many times in this film, it is that beautiful. So anyway Carl wants to live out his promise he made to Ellie and that is to live in Paradise Falls. He is sick of the workmen trying to buy his home and plough it down so he ties thousands of balloons to his house and they lift him and his whole house off the ground. He uses his house as the airship that will sail him to his dreams.


However he has a stowaway with him, Russell who is a young wilderness explorer has accidentally come aboard for the ride. They soon hit a storm which forces them to land. Luck would have it though that they are now facing the falls and Carl says that they can walk the house to the correct position quickly before the balloons deflate.


They meet new friends and also start a new adventure when they meet up with Carl and Ellie’s inspiration for their dreams of living in Paradise Falls – Charles F Muntz. This is one of the best films I have seen this year. It moved me to tears in some scenes. It really balances its deep meanings well with some great comedic moments. I loved every minute of it and would have easily put it straight back on. That to me means it’s a clear masterpiece and a 5 star film. Great animation with some deep philosophy.

Now I will start this review by saying that I have already seen this movie before. I really felt like watching it again and when spending a saturday with my lady and Gaibrow and her fella. We all decided we would re watch it after going out.  Now Christopher Nolan is one hell of a director and story writer. In fact he is probably the best director making films today. Every film he has done has been amazing and thought-provoking. This is a multi layered, complex heist story where a team of dream stealers are hired to perform Inception. which means that instead of stealing an idea or secret, they are asked to plant one. Leonardo Di Caprio plays Dom Cobb who is an expert at dream stealing, but has issues of his own. He is not allowed to enter the US as he is facing a murder charge of his wife.  He is offered a clean slate by a very powerful businessman called Saito, if he can perform Inception on a rival businessman  Robert Fischer, to get Fischer to disintegrate his father’s company.


He starts putting together a team of people. He needs an architect, who is someone who can design the layers of dreams they need to use to plant the seed that will ultimately make Fischer think he had the idea himself. This is an extremely complex movie but by god it works so well. The acting, action, story, special effects and direction are awesome.


I love how this movie deals with emotional issues and the subconscious. It’s such a clever movie that requires repeat viewings. You will feel at times a little lost within it all but I think that’s part of the journey. The overall look of the movie is absolutely beautiful, top class cinematography.


I don’t often use the word masterpiece unless it’s deserved, but this is definitely a masterpiece. I just don’t get how Christopher Nolan can be so consistent. Every film I have seen of his has just been a great cinema experience. I look forward to every project he is involved in. This is definitely a must see.