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So I haven’t posted in ages. My time has been really being eaten up of late and I haven’t had the time to put into this blog. It is frustrating for me as I really enjoy writing about movies. However I have come up with a solution to this. I now have a you tube account and have recently started posting more regularly. Please feel free to subscribe and watch my videos if you want. This has enabled me to talk about movies much quicker than writing about them. I think for now this is where I am headed. I will keep this word press open though in case by some miracle I can get back to it one day. Thanks to all who have followed me on here.


My Top 10

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Film Review
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Ok so I have been thinking about doing this for a while. These are my personal top 10 movies. I refuse to order them though as it’s just too hard. It was hard enough to name the 10 best films. Of course this list is personal and is open to change. I might do a post in the future where I break down my favourite films of particular genres. But here you have it my 10 favourite movies.


The first part of the best trilogy of all time.


The second part!

Return of the King

You guessed it! The epic conclusion to the most amazing story!


Simply the greatest samurai movie ever made. Still as epic as ever!


Sergio Leones epic masterpiece!


Such an amazing journey! This is a very personal film for me. I remember falling in love with it when I was very young and didnt know much about native Americans.


Del Toro’s masterpiece. His best film and such an amazing film. This has it all.


The second part of the second best trilogy ever filmed. Stunning piece of work that still blows me away!


As good as, if not better than the “dark knight.” That is an astonishing feat.


Fantastic Science fiction film. This has only recently come into my top 10. A deep brilliant visually moving work. Ridley Scott’s best work!


So there you have it my 10 favourites. It will be interesting to see if anything can knock any off in the future.

I don’t know how to feel about this Cronenberg film. It’s weirdly interesting and very well made albeit extremely bizarre. It’s very controversial as well. It’s about a married couple who, at the start of the film have sexual encounters with other people and then come home and tell each other about it While having sex with each other. It gets even weirder when James is involved in a car crash. The crash leaves the other driver dead and James in the hospital having a brace fitted to his leg. He soon starts an affair with the dead mans wife. With her he discovers that he is now aroused by car crashes.

Crash (1996) 1

They soon go and watch a performance where a guy called Vaughan is recreating famous car crashes. He is recreating the crash that killed James Dean. It soon gets broke up though and James runs off with Vaughan and is now opened up to an underground group of others that follow Vaughan in their sexual fantasies revolving around car crashes.


Ok so I don’t like this film anywhere near as much as I like Cronenbergs earlier works but there are definitely things in the movie that are interesting. Particularly the fantastic score from Howard Shore. It leaves you not knowing how to feel about the characters at all. Which I heard David Cronenberg say is the feel he wanted to convey in this movie. It’s a dangerous, dark and very depressing film where obsessions become dangerous.


You have to admire Cronenberg though. No matter the subject matter he will take it on and make it work. Its brave and that is one of the signs of a true artist. I am looking forward to watching eXistenZ, which is one of the films next in the David Cronenberg season. I know there’s a couple of films I havent watched in the perfect order. I will be watching M Butterfly on you tube as I am not sure it will be to my taste as this wasnt completely either.

Another great movie here from Cronenberg. A really strange movie as well I might add. It follows a guy called Max Renn who is the president of CIVIC-TV. They show sleazy late night TV programmes and Max is looking for something new for his channel. One morning he is called to talk with Harlan. Harlan operates a pirate satellite dish which can intercept international broadcasts. He shows Max Videodrome which is just a seemingly staged snuff torture show. Max immediately falls in love with it and asks Harlan to start recording the show. Meanwhile Max is appearing on a TV show to defend his station. It is here he meets Nicki Brand, a sadomasochistic Psychiatrist. The two of them end up sleeping together whilst watching a recording of Videodrome.


After Max finds out that the show is actually being broadcast from Pittsburgh and not from Malaysia where he and Harlan thought it was coming from. He tells Nicki and then she decides to go try audition to be on the show. When she doesn’t return Max goes investigating the origins of Videodrome himself. This is where the film becomes really mind bendingly¬† trippy.


Max starts having some really strange hallucinations. He soon finds out that Videodrome isn’t what he first thought it was. No its much more dangerous than just a TV show.


Yet again this is very intelligent film making. Lots of twists and themes happening here, as it all revolves around such weird imagery. You can tell Cronenberg had a bigger budget this time, and he uses it to full effect. This is definitely a weird movie and probably his strangest film so far in my little run of his movies. James Woods and Deborah Harry give great central performances. The special effects are great and really quite fun. It’s a very in your face movie that doesn’t really hold back. Its visceral and haunting at the same time. It’s really great and gets you thinking long after it has finished. Up next in this run is The dead Zone!



Continuing my David Cronenberg run of films, Scanners is a science fiction,horror movie that follows a group of people called scanners. These people have been born with strong telepathic and telekinetic abilities. They are often social misfits and are bombarded daily by other people’s thoughts intruding in their heads.


Cameron Vale is a scanner and is seen at the start of this movie being picked up by a corporation called ConSec, who have been abducting other scanners and try to rehabilitate them. However their plans have not been going well lately. At a press conference they try to convince the press that the roundup of scanners is a good thing for everyone. The company’s senior scanner offers to scan someone to show the press what scanning can do. However the volunteer is an extremely powerful scanner by the name of Daryl Revok, and he has declared war on ConSec and instead of being scanned, he makes the senior scanners head explode! This scene is awesome and very gruesome! Cameron Vale is then asked to seek out Revok for ConSec and put an end to his crimes. what follows for Vale is a series of discoveries that will shake his world.


This is a great film that combines intelligent science fiction with some rather gruesome images. It is superbly acted and directed. I have to give particular praise to Michael Ironside, who plays Revok perfectly.


So yeah this is one of my favourites from Cronenberg. It is highly intelligent and really well crafted. Cronenberg is definitely a fantastic director who combines real intelligence with thought-provoking movies.

This is a fantastic emotional rollercoaster of a ride. It follows a man and his son who have survived an unspecified world shattering cataclysm that has ravaged the planet. The man is leading his son south to the coast where he hopes to find a better climate for them both. In a series of flashbacks we learn about the fate of the mans wife as she struggles to cope with the new life after the catastrophe. On their journey to the coast they have to face many dangers including cannibals and thieves. It’s an extremely harsh world and this is shown wonderfully in the bleak set pieces.


This really is a great film that is so emotional I cried. I had actually seen it before but really wanted to re watch it. You can tell a good film, when you re watch it you take something different from it. I actually was affected deeper from it on a second watch. Its directed wonderfully and also has outstanding performances from Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smitt-Mcphee.


It leaves you with a lot to debate about, that’s for sure. But ultimately though it is a story of morality and love. I absolutely loves it and actually think its Viggo’s best performance. It leaves you pretty gob smacked and emotionally wrecked, it’s so compelling to watch.



A really great David Cronenberg movie here. I think his films seem to be getting better and better. This one was made after he went through a tough time with his marriage ending. This leads to inspire a lot of the events in this movie. The plot revolves around a father and daughter who start to experience strange goings on in their life. The mother of the girl is mentally unstable and is under the care of Psychotherapist Hal Raglan. He runs the Somafree Institute where he performs a technique called “psychoplasmics”, encouraging patients with mental disturbances to let go of their suppressed emotions through physiological changes to their bodies.


The parents are caught in a custody battle for their daughter and frank, the father believes that the mother is harming her daughter when he finds bruises on her back. This leads him to try to stop Nola, the mother from even having her weekend visits. This causes tension between Frank and the psychotherapist. Things start to get a little stranger when some deformed dwarf child starts attacking and killing people that are around the young girl. Frank investigates Hal’s methods and he soon uncovers some very strange findings.


I really enjoyed this movie, its got a lot more going on in it than his previous works. The characters are really interesting and there is some shocking moments of brutal gore and violence. Oliver Reed is fantastic as the Psychotherapist and gives a rather chilling performance. Next on my Cronenberg list is Scanners, so look out for that one soon.