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So it seems I am back on a Spaghetti Western kick at the mo and its nice to be trying to catch up on the amount of them I have upstairs. This one is a rather entertaining one starring George Hilton. He plays Johnny King who lives with his friend Steve who is also a pastor. Some local thugs want the ranch that Steve lives on and they try to intimidate him for it. However Johnny is quite the tough guy and shoes them off.


He soon gets into a bar fight and is framed for murder. While in the jail cell he gets into another fight with his cell mate but soon they weirdly become friends and the other guy who is called Meredith. Meredith accepts Johnny into his gang and they perform a bank robbery with no killing. The first half of this movie is pretty much a Spaghetti Western comedy and it does feel rather strange. However when Johnny returns home and finds his friend has been murdered by the gang that wanted the land, the film then shifts into a dark revenge movie. Its really odd but to be honest somehow it worked for me and I really liked its uniqueness. In fact its one of those movies that feels better after you have let it “settle in.” Looking back on it I like it more than when I watched it. It is a rather odd one but is still very entertaining. Hilton is as good as ever and balances comedy with seriousness rather well.


I have always been a big fan of revenge movies, so I was really interested in this film. The film stars Michael Caine in the lead role of Harry Brown. He is an ex royal marine and lives a quiet life in his London flat. Early on in the film we find out that his wife is seriously ill in hospital. Harry also has a best friend called Len and the two often meet up at the local pub to play chess together. Pretty soon into the film Harry’s wife passes away leaving him a widow. His only comfort it now seems is his best friend Len. However things go wrong for them both when Len reveals to Harry that he is being harassed by a local youth gang. He wants to sort it out himself and shows Harry a bayonet he is now carrying to defend himself. Harry warns against this and asks Len to inform the police, which Len says he has already done but they did nothing.



Pretty soon after this Len is murdered by the gang in an underpass. This leaves Harry really upset especially when he learns that the suspects are released due to lack of evidence. This sends Harry into a vigilante mission of revenge. Michael Caine is simply brilliant in this role. He is completely convincing and you really do side with him when you see some of the disgusting things the gang have done. In fact this is a very disturbing movie and I was actually shocked and appalled by some of it. It hits hard and is very realistic and brilliantly performed by all the actors in it.


The films realism is amazing and the direction is also very well done. This is a movie that will stay with you long after and is quite upsetting. You definitely side with Caines character and want him to win. I was so damn close to giving this a full 5 star, it is that good. I think I probably would on a second visit. If you are a fan of revenge movies like the Death Wish series or Vigilante then you will love this.


So back in the 80’s there was a run of revenge movies. You had stuff like Death Wish 2,3,4 and the lesser known vigilante. All of which I have really enjoyed. So I do enjoy a good trashy revenge fueled film. It’s no surprise then that I enjoyed this movie. It follows similar themes to the above mentioned films but does it a little differently. It follows a music teacher Andrew Norris who has just started a new job at a rough school where kids have to walk through metal detectors to get in the building in the mornings.


He soon meets the main gang of the school who are led by Peter Stegman. He is a complete and utter psychopath. There is even a scene in this movie where he completely beats the shit out of himself in  a toilet room to claim the teacher attacked him. He is a bad kid and Andrew tries really hard to get through to him and his cronies, but sadly these kids are just too way gone, which you find out as the film goes along. It leads to a part in the film where they do something that makes Andrew come face to face with them in a no holds barred war.


So yeah this film is super trashy and gritty. But I like these types of movies and this is a really good one. I really did get quite angry at the kids in this for their inexcusable behaviour and really wanted Andrew to get his revenge. I like the gritty trashy style in these movies. It is well acted throughout and directed nicely. I really want to see the sequel now “Class of 1999.”