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So I haven’t posted in ages. My time has been really being eaten up of late and I haven’t had the time to put into this blog. It is frustrating for me as I really enjoy writing about movies. However I have come up with a solution to this. I now have a you tube account and have recently started posting more regularly. Please feel free to subscribe and watch my videos if you want. This has enabled me to talk about movies much quicker than writing about them. I think for now this is where I am headed. I will keep this word press open though in case by some miracle I can get back to it one day. Thanks to all who have followed me on here.


I don’t know how to feel about this Cronenberg film. It’s weirdly interesting and very well made albeit extremely bizarre. It’s very controversial as well. It’s about a married couple who, at the start of the film have sexual encounters with other people and then come home and tell each other about it While having sex with each other. It gets even weirder when James is involved in a car crash. The crash leaves the other driver dead and James in the hospital having a brace fitted to his leg. He soon starts an affair with the dead mans wife. With her he discovers that he is now aroused by car crashes.

Crash (1996) 1

They soon go and watch a performance where a guy called Vaughan is recreating famous car crashes. He is recreating the crash that killed James Dean. It soon gets broke up though and James runs off with Vaughan and is now opened up to an underground group of others that follow Vaughan in their sexual fantasies revolving around car crashes.


Ok so I don’t like this film anywhere near as much as I like Cronenbergs earlier works but there are definitely things in the movie that are interesting. Particularly the fantastic score from Howard Shore. It leaves you not knowing how to feel about the characters at all. Which I heard David Cronenberg say is the feel he wanted to convey in this movie. It’s a dangerous, dark and very depressing film where obsessions become dangerous.


You have to admire Cronenberg though. No matter the subject matter he will take it on and make it work. Its brave and that is one of the signs of a true artist. I am looking forward to watching eXistenZ, which is one of the films next in the David Cronenberg season. I know there’s a couple of films I havent watched in the perfect order. I will be watching M Butterfly on you tube as I am not sure it will be to my taste as this wasnt completely either.

This is where David Cronenberg started to move away from science fiction and fantasy quite a bit. This is definitely more of a drama based film. It follows the story of identical twins who go on to become highly successful Gynecologists working at their own practice. Eliot is the more aggressive brother and often seduces women who come to the clinic. He then passes them off to his brother Beverly who pretends to still be Eliot.

Dead Ringers (1988) 4

Things start to change for them both though when they meet an actress by the name of Claire Niveau. Eliot seduces her and passes her on to Beverly just as they have always done. Only this time it brings complications when Beverly falls in love with her. This causes an interesting tension between the twins and they struggle with this new rift.

Dead Ringers_1988_twins

This is definitely still a very well made interesting film. I don’t like it quite as much as Cronenbergs earlier efforts though. Having said that it has an amazing performance from Jeremy Irons who plays both twins. Its pretty amazing considering this wa made in the 80’s. A good film, but not a great film. It does deal with drug use and depression really well though and I say again that Irons is great in both roles. You are completely convinced that there are twins on-screen as their different personalities are made very clear. There are times though when you aren’t 100% sure who is on-screen and I have read that this was intentional.

So this is a film that I was very excited to see. I am a huge fan of action and I had heard really good things about this movies action sequences. Well the first thing to say is that the action scenes are pretty damn spectacular. That’s not to say that the story is lacking, but generally the reason you watch a movie like this is to see the amazing action scenes. The story is a basic set up in that it follows a 20 man elite police squad who have been sent to an apartment block. Their mission is to storm in and take out a crime lord who operates from the building.


There are a couple of plot twists and revelations along the way but the story is a basic set up and its the amazing action sequences that make this film so damn good. They are pretty breathtaking I have to say. They combine martial arts with gun fights and explosions. It’s very fast paced and keeps you interested throughout.


Theres not really much else I can say about a movie like this, it just kind of has to be seen to be appreciated for what it is. Which is a really fast paced, adrenaline fuelled, action feast for the senses. Great film, thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone that appreciates a good action movie.

I have been meaning to get around to watching this one for quite some time now. This is an enjoyable prequel to the X-Men movies that has colourful characters aplenty. It basically shows the beginnings of Charles Xaviers and Erik Lensherr friendship, and ultimate difference of opinions. It shows how they met and started training other mutants to reach their full potential. It also shows how, in the early days a small band of mutants were asked to work for the C.I.A.


Lensherr wants revenge for the death of his mother at the hands of Sebastian Shaw/Dr Klaus Schmidt. Shaw is on his own mission of terrorism and its up to the mutants working for the C.I.A to stop him.


This is a very entertaining film that keeps moving at a fast pace. Its well acted and well written as a film on its own. I say this because the X-Men films have tons of inconsistencies and plot holes running  through them. Now I’m reviewing this as a film on its own, and I really enjoyed it. My one complaint would be that I wanted to see more of Sebastian Shaw’s abilities. It feels a bit like a missed opportunity. Still that’s only a slight niggle.


Well here we have a very multi layered movie, that revolves around a simple set up. The story starts out in a prison where two convicts escape. One of the convicts, Manny is a legend in the prison, where he was confined in solitary in a welded up cell for three years. It is apparent from the get go that the warden and Manny despise one another and are each others arch nemesis. Soon after being set out of his cell, Manny plans to escape. He is helped on his way to freedom by fellow inmate Buck, who decides to join Manny in escaping the prison.


Soon after escaping and running through miles of harsh winter wilderness, they find themselves boarding a locomotive. Things now go very wrong for them as the train driver has a heart attack and falls off of the now speeding runaway train. This set up makes this film sound like your typical action movie, which it kind of is on the surface. But this is a deeper character driven film which explores all manner of the human condition. This has it all, a wonderful script, fantastic direction and visuals. Great dark characters that are fantastically bought to life by Jon Voight and Eric Roberts. This one really stays with you after watching it.



I think this is one of them rare movies where every single element is crafted masterfully. You simply feel every emotion with the characters as they go through many transformations as the ride moves along. The setting is just genius and gives the movie that sense of bleak grimness that grips you so tightly. The train itself works wonders and actually becomes a character itself, as a speeding ride to hell amidst freezing conditions. This one is really highly recommended from me. A must see! I can not leave it without further mentioning the acting. This is some of the best acting I have ever personally witnessed. All the characters are perfectly cast and give it 110%. This is movie magic.

After hearing so many good things about this film I was really excited to see it. I have to say that I was a little disappointed. Now I watched the ultimate cut of the movie, which contains the “tales of the black freighter” animation. This animation is actually a comic book story that a character is reading throughout the movie. It’s an interesting watch, but I have to say that I didn’t really see the point or necessity of putting it in. My main problem with the movie as a whole is that it is quite painstakingly slow at getting to the point. The story itself is interesting enough. It follows a few retired heroes who it seems are starting to be murdered. Rorschach is investigating the case, after refusing to give up his crime fighting days, long after masked heroes were banned outright.


The characters are all very interesting, and you can tell that this  is all very well written. They all seem to have their own demons and dark sides, and this side of the movie I definitely enjoyed. I have to point out that this movie was definitely made with a lot of care and style. The visuals are simply astounding and the faithfulness to Alan Moore’s comic book series is plain to see. The action is really well choreographed and the violence is at times quite shocking. This is definitely a well thought out, serious, adult comic book story. It is dark and deep and shocking.

Film Title: Watchmen

It is a shame really, because I feel like this had so much potential, but just fails to really grip like other comic book movies. I do think I may have enjoyed it more without the Black freighter stuff, as that definitely did not help you remain focused on the important issues and story.