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Ok so I am a huge fan of the original movie, and also I am a massive John Carpenter fan. I had heard some pretty bad things about this sequel and I have to say that I was disappointed. The reason for my disappointment is just that it is a very pointless film. The reason for that is because it is just a  rehash of the first film. There is nothing really new to add at all to the characters or the story. Which does seem a huge shame because if they really put some effort in, this could have been great. The plot is almost identical in that Snake Plissken is called upon once again and given a deal to save his life. He is in trouble with the law again but they say they will give him his freedom if he goes and rescues the presidents daughter, who has joined a freedom fighter in the cut off island of L.A. She has also stolen a super weapon that can destroy electronics anywhere on the planet.



Snake is still fun to watch as are some of the action sequences. I hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed the ridiculous surfing scene, its just silly and hilarious but somehow fun. This is nowhere near as good as the original but on the whole just comes off with enough fun stuff to make in an average film. It really is a shame that they didn’t take more time to make a more original idea than just remake the first movie. Having said that, its still worth a watch. On its own its a decent movie but because of its un originality compared to the first its kind of a disappointment.


This was one of the biggest films of last year and I have been looking forward to watching it for ages. Well I was certainly not disappointed. This is a fantastic movie that really grips tight. The story is quite simple really, it’s a disaster movie that follows two astronauts after they are left stranded on the edge of space after a freak accident.


The beauty of this film is not in its storytelling but its overall white knuckle ride experience. It has wonderful special effects that are simply breathtaking and literally out of this world (no pun intended.) It is also an extremely beautiful experience as the shots of the earth are magnificent and it makes you feel as if you are there with them. This is also thanks to the way some of it is shot. It’s extremely well crafted, with some magnificent camerawork that at times literally takes you into the visor of Sandra Bullocks character.


Another thing I have to mention is the music. It is absolutely stunning and really helps create huge moments of tension. Especially when the debris is coming to hit them! It is also at times rather epic and beautiful. This is a film all about experience, it takes you into the situation and grips you with tension and thrills at every turn. Alfonso Cuaron got the oscar for best director and I think he deserved it. The scope and technicality of the shots in this film are wonderful, he is on top of his game. Look out for the sublime opening long shot which goes on for around 13 minutes without a cut! Brilliant movie that I will enjoy again and again.

Wow, this one really floored me. This is seriously one of the best Sci fi films I have ever seen. It’s an incredibly emotional ride and I was really quite affected and choked up by it. Its set in the future where mankind has destroyed the planets resources and all plant life no longer exists. This is except for some biodomes which have been placed aboard giant spaceships for preservation. The idea is that eventually these remaining forests will eventually be placed back on earth for reforestation. We are on board one of the ships where our main character is a very caring individual and personally tends to the gardens and animals aboard.


The other crew members aren’t as caring as Freeman and when they all are told from headquarters that they must abandon the mission and nuke the domes, they are more than happy to do it and return to their families. However Freeman is deeply affected by this and I might add so was I. He seems so different from their selfish ways and really understands the deep connection to nature. He decides to take matters into his own hands and kills the three other crew members when they threaten his forest. He then flies off leaving just himself and three service robots called drones.


He then tries to stop himself feeling lonely by programming the drones to be more human and teaches them how to play cards and tend to the gardens. The film is genius in that the drones are so believable in being human that they become their own characters. It is such a sad film and the music is absolutely perfect for the tone of the film. The music stayed with me for days after viewing this film. It’s a heartbreaking deep emotional film that is put together in a beautiful way that makes you want to re watch it straight after viewing it. This is probably my second favourite science fiction film after Blade Runner and one of the best films I have ever seen. Absolutley beautiful, a masterpiece.

Logan’s Run 4/5

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Film Review
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Well this is an interesting science fiction movie from the 70’s. Its got quite a bit of cheesiness to it but an underlying theme of government control that shadows our own lives. Its set in the year 2274 where the human civilisation live under a sealed off dome city. All of their life is controlled by computers and as they are born they are implanted with a crystal in their hand that changes colour as they grow older. When reaching the age of 30 the crystal will tell them their time is up. When this happens they will undergo a ritual called “carrousel” where they will be vaporised. Most of the residents accept this, but some do try and run away. To catch the runners the system has sandmen in place, whose job it is to track down and kill the runners.


Logan 5 is a sandman who one day finds an ankh on one of the runners. He takes it to the head computer where he is told that it is a symbol of a secret group who help runners find sanctuary. He is asked to track down sanctuary and destroy it, however the twist is that the computer sets Logan’s life crystal off to flash four years too early. This then forces him to become a runner and he runs with Jessica 6 who seems to know more about sanctuary as she herself has an ankh symbol.



I don’t want to actually talk more about the plot as halfway through something really interesting happens and makes the film feel like a completely different movie. Its like a rebirth and works brilliantly. Logan’s run is a very trippy, cheesy looking sci fi but I really enjoyed it. It has interesting characters and set designs and features a pretty serious undertone. I feel this movie will get better with each watch and do want to re visit it some time.


So it was nice to re watch this movie for my look into the works of David Cronenberg. This guy is one of my favourite film makers who is not scared to try anything, but makes such intelligent films that you have to pay interest. Now if you view my blog regularly you will know that I started watching and reviewing his movies last year. Well I didn’t have time to fit them all in so the other day I decided to pick up where I left off and watched eXistenZ. This is a film quite similar to Videodrome, in that it explores how humans react and interact with technology. Its set in a futuristic environment where gamers are able to be plugged into a gaming experience through a port in their spines. Games are run by a game pod which is a weird fleshy thing that moves as if its alive.


The greatest game designer in the world is called Allegra Geller and she is testing her new game experience “eXistenZ” on a group of people at a seminar. While there an assassin comes in and tries to assassinate Geller for “deforming” reality. She is shot in the shoulder by a very weird weapon that shoots teeth. After the incident Ted Pikul agrees to help Geller on the road to fix her pod which she thinks may be damaged. On the way she discovers that Pikul hasn’t got a bioport due to being scared of “surgical penetration.” She eventually convinces him to have one installed as she wants to experience and save eXistenZ with him.


On the way they come up against all sorts of problems to do with people being out to get Geller. They start to not know who they can trust as they are deceived by a few people. However they are also getting lost in the game itself and Pikul begins to question each reality and his own personality. This is a really interesting film, as with all of Cronenbergs work. It is wonderfully acted, Jude Law gives a really interesting performance as the naieve Pikul. Its got clever twists along the way that will spin your head. It also features some great “body horror” special effects that the director has become known for. It’s a really interesting film that will spin your head!

This is a very weird movie from Cronenberg. It deals with drug use, writing and hallucinations. William Lee is a bug exterminator who is also using the bug powder to get high. His wife is also using the powder. He comes home one day to find her having sex with one of his friends. He doesn’t seem bothered though as he and his wife play around and try to reenact the William Tell routine. This involves her placing a glass on her head and him trying to shoot the glass. However he accidentally shoots her in the head and kills her.


This leads him to have more and more hallucinations. This leads him to a place called Interzone where he sets about doing what his Clark Nova tells him to do. His typewriter is a big talking bug! I will be honest this is my least favourite Cronenberg movie so far. It’s just so weird that its hard to make head or tail of any of it. It’s probably his weirdest film as well and that is really saying something. I found it quite hard to connect with this one I have to be honest. It’s still really well made though but I just struggled to connect with it. I prefer his older movies I have to say.

This is a re watch and I have to say that I am learning more and more about how my perceptions of films can change with time. Now I remember watching this film many years ago and not liking it one bit. In fact I swapped my then dvd of it for something else with a friend. I then re watched it about roughly 2 years ago and to be honest my opinion hadn’t changed much. I do have to say though that when I watched it for the second time there was a lot of emotional turmoil in my life at that point. Now I decided to buy the “Final cut” of it for myself and give it another go. It completely blew me away so strongly that it is now in my top 10 films of all time. I can’t believe how amazing a film this is and how I missed it before.


Both visually stunning alongside with a fantastic soundtrack, Blade runner is set in a dystopian future in Los Angeles. We meet Rick Deckard who is a burnt out blade runner which means his job was to hunt down escaped replicants and “retire” (kill) them. Replicants are androids that are so human like it is hard to tell them apart.


Deckard is sent to track down 4 of them who have escaped and come down to earth. He visits the Tyrell corporation which is where these Nexus 6 models had been made. Whilst there he meets Rachael who Deckard discovers is a replicant with implanted memories who is unaware that she is not human. He begins to understand that these are no ordinary replicants and are so human its scary.
Theres so much going on in this movie. Theres the absolutely stunning visuals and soundtrack. A fantastic bleak and dark storyline. Fantastic performances from all the actors and a mesmerizing and heart breaking stream of deeper meanings. This is without a doubt my all time favourite Science fiction movie. It is an absolute masterpiece on every level.


I think this is a film that you can get something more from every time you watch it. I certainly will treasure this film for the rest of my life. I have to add that I think its important to acknowledge the Final cut as the definitive version of the film. I know its Ridley Scotts favourite version and as he is the director, who are we to argue?