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Well I definitely feel that slasher films are full of the same old clichés. Having said that; it can be part of their charm. This is a very typical slasher that has a lot of clichés, but still has some fun sequences. It also has quite a few cameos from franchise favourites.


The plot is quite simple in that a bunch of people end up getting slashed to death. It’s funny to say that but that’s basically it. The soon to be victims are all on a haunted swamp tour and soon cross paths with Victor Crowley. Victor is a deformed killer who stalks anyone that comes near his home. We have seen it all before, but there are some good laughs and some inventive killings. Also I have to give credit to the special effects team, as there is no CGI in this film at all. Well there’s not much else to say really, it’s a fun slasher that brings nothing new to the genre but can be fun in moments.


Well this is a pretty awful movie by Tobe Hooper. Tobe Hooper is responsible for the masterpiece “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” That film is one of the most gritty, tense and terrifying masterpieces ever filmed. How the hell did he end up making a shitty film like this? Its got a few fun bits in it, which is why it scores a 2 but over all, its pretty lame to be honest. Its full of the clichés that we all recognise, stupid kids go about being irresponsible and end up being stalked by a maniac. Yeah we have seen this kind of stuff before and done way better. It centres around a small theme park and after its closed down for the night, the kids decide to sneak in to a ride called the funhouse.



It is here that they accidentally witness a murder by the parks “Frankenstein” mascot. They end up being pursued by this guy who is actually a freakishly deformed monstrous looking guy. On the whole there is a couple of interesting sequences, but this film doesn’t really grip your attention for long. The acting is pretty terrible too and there’s nothing stunning in the visual department either.

I was very disappointed with this film, considering i had heard good things about it. I think my problem with it is that it focuses too much on horny young guys that just what to bed the main character. I mean these teens are annoying as hell. It’s also extremely baggy and takes ages before it does anything remotely interesting. The story is just so “teeny” if that’s a term I can use. I think it just reminded me of a show like Dawson’s Creek or something along those lines, which is so crap its unbelievable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know that there are teens in slashers but these teens are just so boring! I love stuff like Friday the 13th because behind it all there is a depth to the story and especially the villain. In this there is no depth to anything, it’s so one-dimensional.


The plot is just this: a group of guys are obsessing about a girl called Mandy Lane who has a best friend called Emmett. All the guys wanna have her and they often invite her to parties. At the beginning Mandy and Emmet go to a party and Emmet convinces a guy to jump off a roof which leads to his death. I mean come on! this is just so dumb!  Nine months later Mandy is invited to another party at a ranch where the guys are gonna compete to bed her. And revolving around this night at the ranch they are all set upon by a murderer. The killings are even kind of boring in this.


Theres a couple of twists to the plot, one of which is actually quite good, which is why I gave this 2/5. But apart from that this film is boring, very baggy and drawn out and really dumb! It’s a really poor slasher that fails on nearly every level!

This is an interesting take on the slasher movie. It follows a camera crew around who are shooting a documentary with serial killer Leslie Vernon.  Leslie models himself on the cult killers from movies we all know so well. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. It is shot on documentary footage mostly and only occasionally changes to standard film when you need a different viewpoint. He goes about showing and explaining to the camera crew in detail his plans for a night of terror at a spooky old house.


It seems at first that the crew are not really sure whether to take this serious or not, but are soon shown that Leslie is completely committed to his plans.


From start to finish this is just one hell of a ride. Its got everything for die-hard fans, including Robert Englund who plays the guy that wants to bring Leslie down. There are a lot of in jokes and cameos from other well-known horror actors which adds to the fun. I loved the concept, it really did work nicely in this film and is one of the best examples of “found footage.”


If you are a fan of slasher films or horror in general, then I urge you to give this a shot as it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Well this was certainly a disturbing watch. It’s basically an Italian rip off of Wes Cravens “Last House On The Left.” But I have to say that I actually enjoyed this film much more than Cravens. The story is simple enough, following two high school friends as they travel over night on a train from Germany to Italy, in order to spend Christmas with one of the girls parents. They soon end up in all sorts of bother when they meet and flirt with two young lads, Blackie and Curly. Things go pretty bad for the girls from here on out as soon enough through a series of unfortunate events the two punks sadistically terrorise the two young girls whilst being egged on by a truly psychotic bitch.


The films theme is almost exactly the same as Cravens “Last House,” only delivered through different occurences. I think this movie works better because of the claustrophobic feel that a lonely train carriage gives. Also the music is quite haunting in this film, and Curlys harmonica becomes an eerie signal for madness.


You have to watch something nice after watching a movie this disturbing. Quite frankly I really don’t enjoy torture of any kind when it comes to films and I found parts of this movie very hard to watch. I have to give it credit though for being a well made shockingly, grissly tale of torture, depravity and revenge.


This is a nice little slasher movie that came out in 1981. It’s definitely got a lot of similarities with Friday the 13th, which came out a year earlier. Firstly, it’s a slasher film set in a summer camp. Secondly, the special effects were done by Tom Savini, who also did Friday the 13th. I actually think that this is a slightly better movie and the effects are awesome! It opens with a bunch of kids playing a trick on Cropsy the caretaker. However the prank goes horribly wrong and poor Cropsy ends up being set on fire.



He manages to get to a nearby hospital and spends the next 5 years being treated for his injurys. The plot is very simple from here on out as Cropsy gets released from hospital and goes on a killing spree with a set of garden sheers. He ends up going back to a nearby camp to prey on youngsters who are (as always in these kinds of movies) complete idiots.


Theres not much more to say really, other than it was actually a really good slasher film. The best part for me was definitely the special effects. Tom Savini does some great work in this movie and surpasses Friday the 13th easily. I absolutely loved the raft attack, a huge frenzy of violent deaths with blood oozing from the screen.


If you like slasher movies then this is a must see! I’m glad that it didn’t spawn tons of sequels and just remains as one of those good fun one shots