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So back in the 80’s there was a run of revenge movies. You had stuff like Death Wish 2,3,4 and the lesser known vigilante. All of which I have really enjoyed. So I do enjoy a good trashy revenge fueled film. It’s no surprise then that I enjoyed this movie. It follows similar themes to the above mentioned films but does it a little differently. It follows a music teacher Andrew Norris who has just started a new job at a rough school where kids have to walk through metal detectors to get in the building in the mornings.


He soon meets the main gang of the school who are led by Peter Stegman. He is a complete and utter psychopath. There is even a scene in this movie where he completely beats the shit out of himself inĀ  a toilet room to claim the teacher attacked him. He is a bad kid and Andrew tries really hard to get through to him and his cronies, but sadly these kids are just too way gone, which you find out as the film goes along. It leads to a part in the film where they do something that makes Andrew come face to face with them in a no holds barred war.


So yeah this film is super trashy and gritty. But I like these types of movies and this is a really good one. I really did get quite angry at the kids in this for their inexcusable behaviour and really wanted Andrew to get his revenge. I like the gritty trashy style in these movies. It is well acted throughout and directed nicely. I really want to see the sequel now “Class of 1999.”