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I was a bit disappointed by this movie. For one, I personally felt it was definitely more of a wolf man movie than a crossover. It seemed to me to take ages to get Frankenstein’s monster involved. Its pacing is quite slow and the characters are starting to feel tired to be quite honest. Its starts with some grave robbers who accidently release the wolf man. Talbot ends up in a hospital and escapes to leave Britain and find Dr Ludwig Frankenstein in the hope that the doctor will help him end his life. Ultimately though he accidently sets Frankenstein s monster free and they end up duelling.



The script seems really weak and it just feels like they were coming up with any old idea to get the monsters to meet up and its feels weird to say it but it felt far-fetched. That sounds crazy considering the content, but it really does. Yeah this one definitely doesn’t have the magic that the previous movies had.


The fourth in the series of universal Frankenstein movies sees Ygor rescuing the monster from the  sulphuric tomb as the villagers come to destroy Frankenstein’s castle. He flees with the monster, who is revived but not yet his full self. He decides to take him to the second son of Frankenstein Ludwig. Ludwig is a doctor himself and has a practice alongside  his assistants Dr. Kettering and  Dr. Theodore Bohmer. As Ygor and the monster arrive in the town of Vasaria they end up getting into trouble and the monster is captured.



The town prosecutor asks Ludwig to examine the monster and soon Ygor pays Ludwig a visit and bribes him into helping to heal the monsters sickness. When Ludwig meets the monster at the police station the monster appears to recognise him before breaking free and going berserk. Ygor helps lead the monster away. Ygor and the monster break into the Frankenstein home and the monster kills Dr Kettering. However Ludwig subdues and captures the monster and asks his assistant Bohmer to help in dissecting the monster to end its reign of terror. However Ludwig is soon visited by his fathers spirit who instructs him to perfect his creation and not destroy it. He decides that he will put Dr Ketterings brain into the monster to give it intelligence. Ygor has other plans though and tries to get Bohmer to help him with his quest for power.



I did enjoy this take on the story. It felt fresh and new and was entertaining enough. It doesnt quite match the first 3 but is still a really good film. Its the first one not to have Boris Karloff playing the monster. This time the role is given to Lon Chaney Jr. Legosi does another great job as the crazy Ygor as he gets more power hungry. I am looking forward to completing all these early classics, they are great fun.

This is the third entry into the universal “Frankenstein” series and its really entertaining. It follows the story of Frankenstein’s son Wolf who, years after the events in the last movie is returning to live in his fathers castle with his wife and child. He is however met with a bit of hostility from the locals who remember the monster and the chaos that his father had unleashed years ago. His only friend it seems is a local policeman Inspector Krogh. While searching his fathers castle he meets the demented Ygor who has survived a hanging and now has a deformed neck.

Annex - Lugosi, Bela (Son of Frankenstein)_02


He soon shows Wolf that he has been hiding the monster and now he wants Wolf to revive the monster. He does so trying to restore his family name and prove the genius of his father in that he was a maker of men and not maker of monsters. However when the monster is revived it will only answer to Ygors demands and he uses this to exact revenge on the jury who sentenced him to death.



I really enjoyed this entry and particularly liked the character Ygor. He is completely insane and really well played by Bela Legosi. Really well written and nicely filmed, I am really enjoying this series so far.

Yet another 5 star film here. This is a real kick up in gear for the universal Frankenstein series. It follows on directly from the first movie. We see the burning windmill and Henry falling from the top. After it is burned down the father of the little girl from the first movie wants to make sure the monster is dead. He falls into a flooded pit under the mill to discover that the monster has survived the fire. The monster strangles the man to death and escapes. He goes on to have a few kind of mini adventures and eventually meets a blind musician in a cabin who welcomes him and tries to teach the monster to talk. This is a beautiful scene as we find that the musician has really needed a friend. Meanwhile Henry is coaxed into another experiment by a former mentor, Dr Septimus Pretorius. Pretorius wants to work with Henry to create a mate for the monster. Henry doesn’t want to but events take a turn when Pretorius wins the trust of the monster.


This is a great film and widely considered to be a masterpiece of classic horror. I can see why, there is lots of character development in this movie and some great heart warming moments. This movie does have a lot of heart and also some great action scenes.


Boris Karloff gives an amazing performance as the monster and really leaves a legacy behind him. I really am enjoying this series so far and cant wait to watch more. I received all of the Frankenstein series and Dracula series for Christmas so I will be watching more soon.

This is my last film of the year. I have been wanting to go right back in history to the beginnings of horror. This is the 1931 version of Frankenstein starring the legendary Boris Karloff. Now I have never seen these classics so this was very new for me. I have to say that this film is so hugely enjoyable and was definitely ahead of its time.


It starts out with Henry Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz the hunchback performing grave robbing. They are collecting body parts for Henry’s experiment, which is to create life. He has a lab situated in a tower where he has constructed all sorts of electronical devices. Henry’s fiancée is worried about him being locked away so long with his experiments so she and her friend Victor go to see Dr Waldman who id Henry’s old medical professor. He tells them what Henry is up to and this leads them all to go up to the tower on the night that he will launch his experiment.


The monster is born and unknowing to everyone has received the wrong brain, due to a mistake by Fritz. At first the creature seems quite docile but when the creature sees fire it goes berserk through fear. Of course they all think the creature is now dangerous and actually misunderstand what is wrong with the creature. All sorts of mishaps happen which eventually lead to the creature being pursued by an angry mob towards the end.


I really enjoyed this movie and one thing I particularly liked is the fact that you can tell this was filmed on a set. You can make out the curtains in the background often but this just adds to the charm of the movie. Its kind of like going to see it on stage at a theatre. I am so glad I have decided to pick these old movies up because if it wasnt for these classics horror wouldnt perhaps be what it is today. I will be watching and reviewing the entire series of these films so look out for these in 2014. 


on another note, I will be writing my top 5 films of 2013 tomorrow, all being well. Its been a fantastic year for movie watching for me and I have given out a lot of 5 stars, so it will be a hard decision!