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Well I definitely feel that slasher films are full of the same old clichés. Having said that; it can be part of their charm. This is a very typical slasher that has a lot of clichés, but still has some fun sequences. It also has quite a few cameos from franchise favourites.


The plot is quite simple in that a bunch of people end up getting slashed to death. It’s funny to say that but that’s basically it. The soon to be victims are all on a haunted swamp tour and soon cross paths with Victor Crowley. Victor is a deformed killer who stalks anyone that comes near his home. We have seen it all before, but there are some good laughs and some inventive killings. Also I have to give credit to the special effects team, as there is no CGI in this film at all. Well there’s not much else to say really, it’s a fun slasher that brings nothing new to the genre but can be fun in moments.


Well there’s not much that hasn’t been said about this film. It’s widely considered to be one of the greatest films of all time, and for good reason. The standard of storytelling, character development and acting is absolutely first class. Its tells the story of the comings and goings of a big gangster family. The family are the Corleone family and we are introduced to them on the daughter’s wedding day. There is much celebration but behind closed doors Vito “The Don” Corleone is doing business.


Things start to get stressful however when a Vito refuses an offer to help the drug trade. This starts off a vicious war within the five families that starts to spiral out of control. The other element to this is Vito’s youngest son Michael, who is played by Al Pacino. He has recently returned from World War 2 and has never been involved in the families “business.” However through the events that take place during the war of the five families, he soon sees no other option than to protect his family, and he changes dramatically as the story progresses.

Godfather 7 Vito Michael

This is definitely a wonderful film that really is very clever and really well executed. You get a sense of the real chemistry between the actors and they really feel like a real family. The only reason I didn’t give this a 5 out of 5 is because I do feel that it is slightly baggy in some scenes, especially the wedding. Fantastic film though and I was glad to watch it again. I am looking forward to part 2 because I think that used to be my favourite.

Well this is a pretty awful movie by Tobe Hooper. Tobe Hooper is responsible for the masterpiece “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” That film is one of the most gritty, tense and terrifying masterpieces ever filmed. How the hell did he end up making a shitty film like this? Its got a few fun bits in it, which is why it scores a 2 but over all, its pretty lame to be honest. Its full of the clichés that we all recognise, stupid kids go about being irresponsible and end up being stalked by a maniac. Yeah we have seen this kind of stuff before and done way better. It centres around a small theme park and after its closed down for the night, the kids decide to sneak in to a ride called the funhouse.



It is here that they accidentally witness a murder by the parks “Frankenstein” mascot. They end up being pursued by this guy who is actually a freakishly deformed monstrous looking guy. On the whole there is a couple of interesting sequences, but this film doesn’t really grip your attention for long. The acting is pretty terrible too and there’s nothing stunning in the visual department either.

I have been excited about this one for a while now as it is directed by Lucio Fulci, and I had heard good things about it. I was not let down in the slightest as this is a fantastic Spaghetti Western and I came really close to giving it full 5 stars. It’s wonderfully directed with huge style and some great camera work from Fulci. It also has some really amazing action sequences and a rather nasty bull whip beating. What more could you ask for?



Franco Nero plays Tom Corbett who is called back to his home town by a local friend. However when he gets there he finds that his father’s ranch has been sold and practically the whole town is now owned by the corrupt Scott family. He goes looking for his brother and when he finds him is shocked to learn that his brother is nothing but a drunkard. His brother is played by George Hilton. Man how can you get two better leading men in this genre!



He soon starts to realise that something isn’t quite right because whenever he is involved in any fights or battles the villains never try to kill him or his brother. He decides to go to the Scott ranch and investigate for himself but is set upon by Scotts son with a rather nasty bull whip attack.



The story is really well written with some good plot twists and the acting is top standard, as you would expect from these two stars. The action sequences and the style of the movie are just fantastic. I think on a second watch I might up the star to 5 it was that good a film. Loved it!

I’m notching up one Spaghetti Western per day at the moment and I am really enjoying the genre again. This is one of the better ones I have seen lately. It stars Giuliano Gemma as the main character. The film starts with a gang of bandits attack a local jail and spring the inmates out. The leader of the gang is Gordo Watch and he is one mean bastard. As the film goes on you soon find that this guy takes no prisoners. (no pun intended) He informs the escapees that they will now have to be recruited into his gang and be branded as a sidewinder. Those that refuse will be killed.


He doesn’t count on our guy Arizona Colt though. Played by Gemma he is a really tricky customer and refuses and outwits Watch a few times and this leads them to becoming enemy’s. Watch and his gang rob the bank of a local town, but when one of the gangs henchmen murders one of the towns girls Arizona offers to go and catch the guy who did it for 500 dollars and a girl of his own. They agree and what follows is a showdown and rivalry between Arizona and the gang.


I really liked this one a lot. It had a really nasty bad guy in it and some really nice well paced action. One of the best I have seen in a while and I am looking forward to the sequel which is directed by Sergio Martino. In fact its his first movie so I am really intrigued by it.

Well this is another George Hilton Spaghetti Western and he again is very entertaining to watch here. In fact this is a very fast paced action packed film indeed. Its got a really good storyline too with some rather unexpected twists in it. The two main characters and Lord and Bull and they are very tricky gunslingers. They have a good friendship and are on the trail of soe hidden gold that has been missing for years. When the guy that sent for them is killed they start asking questions of a local gang.

The Moment To Kill 2

They have just two clues, the name of a girl who is being kept hostage by a guy called Forester and a name of a book. There are elements to this movie that feel like a detective movie where our heroes must put the clues together. This makes it quite an interesting tale and a well written story.

The Moment To Kill 4

The action is really well done and the film skips along at a really fast pace. I really enjoyed this one, and it had some really nice twists, especially the ending which was clever and bizarre at the same time.

So it seems I am back on a Spaghetti Western kick at the mo and its nice to be trying to catch up on the amount of them I have upstairs. This one is a rather entertaining one starring George Hilton. He plays Johnny King who lives with his friend Steve who is also a pastor. Some local thugs want the ranch that Steve lives on and they try to intimidate him for it. However Johnny is quite the tough guy and shoes them off.


He soon gets into a bar fight and is framed for murder. While in the jail cell he gets into another fight with his cell mate but soon they weirdly become friends and the other guy who is called Meredith. Meredith accepts Johnny into his gang and they perform a bank robbery with no killing. The first half of this movie is pretty much a Spaghetti Western comedy and it does feel rather strange. However when Johnny returns home and finds his friend has been murdered by the gang that wanted the land, the film then shifts into a dark revenge movie. Its really odd but to be honest somehow it worked for me and I really liked its uniqueness. In fact its one of those movies that feels better after you have let it “settle in.” Looking back on it I like it more than when I watched it. It is a rather odd one but is still very entertaining. Hilton is as good as ever and balances comedy with seriousness rather well.